Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Getting back to normal for WOYWW

The spring break is over (sigh of relief)
and you have no idea
how good it feels to hold a paint brush
and actually paint on paper.

I have spent the last two weeks
doing no art at all.

I have been fertilised,
yes been fertilised not fertilising.

I got in and cleaned out our duck pond
which had over a foot of sludge
from 17 years of ducky doo doo.
I had welly boots on but I'm sure I have grown and inch since I shovelled
out all that stuff.

I did get to wield a paint brush though.

I decided to repaint some garden pots.

This is the before shot
and this is the after shot.

It really brightens up the garden and patio area.

Today I am getting back to normal
and painting a commissioned
pet portrait (my first).

Here is a peek

I have only just started so there isn't
much to see yet.  I've just put in some darks
and I'm developing some colour.

At least I have brush to paper,
I really missed that.

Now you have seen mine,
and see what everyone else is doing
on their desks this fine wednesday.

PS. I have some pet portraits advertised in my Etsy shop now (see side bar),
if anyone is interested in having one done.


  1. Oh Vonny your painting already looks gorgeous, wow I would love to have my sweet pooch done.....
    Love the new paint colour on your pot's looks all fresh and new....

    Have a fab day hope you get to create this week from another Brissy gal...

    Maria #7

  2. Wow, how do that? Your commission piece is so good. I wish I knew how to draw. Thanks for sharing and your pots look really great.

    Belinda (7)

  3. Hi Vonny, your paintings look fab as do your transformed pots, think I will pass on the pond though lol. Happy WOYWW! Gillian #23

  4. Yes, the new paint on the pots does brighten up the garden! And the dog portrait really is coming along nicely!! :)

  5. So glad to hear you have some time to enjoy painting. Your pet portrait is great. A great talent which I have none of..Some of lifes work sucks!!! but always fun to see the end results are so nice.

  6. Your drawings are great! And I don't mind those pots either!
    RosA # 42

  7. Hi Yvonne
    I like the newly painted garden pots they look really vibrant and the pet portrait is brilliant. Hope those Doodly Birds are keeping good time for you.
    Love Lynn xx

  8. looks and sounds like you have been busy even if it hasn't been doing the paintings I love. Hope that you don't have to redo the sludge removal soon. Vickie #41

  9. Congratulations on getting your first dog portrait commission. It's coming on really well. The painted plant pots add much vibrance to the surrounding. :-)

  10. The pots look fabulous - but the commission is even more exciting! Looking really wonderful already... Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  11. Love the look of the pots! Hope you get on well with the commission- it is looking good so far! Helen, 6

  12. wow! your desk is so inviting! wonderful dog portrait. cheers, alpha shanahan #92

  13. Your repainted pots look very on trend as they say. Love the acid colour. Great desk. Francesca #61

  14. You are so talented doing that pet portrait. It looks as though it is developing really beautifully. You say you have not been doing art, but painting those pots counts as art as you are beautifying your lovely garden. You are so luck to be in Spring now, we are heading fast towards Autumn and Winter - we seem to have missed out on Spring and Summer this year. have a good week. xx Maggie #88

  15. Your pawtrait is fabulous. We love your garden pots too. Good luck with the etsy selling.

  16. Vonny, your painting is just so fabulous. What a talent to have. I love the colour of your pots,there so cheerful. Hugs Rita xx 79

  17. Love those lime green pots, so zingy (is that a word?).
    Beautiful painting, I can't paint so envy anyone that talent so you are on my 'Envy List' - at the top.

    Late this week so number 118 - how did that happen?
    Ann B

  18. I really love your pet portrait, very nice so far!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Zildara #98

  19. Zingy is right!! They look so much better and give your patio PZAZZ!!

    You have such an ability to capture the character of the animals - the eyes are amazing, just completely spot on!

    Hugs, LLJ #50 xx

  20. your repainted pots look fab and loving your portrait of the dog :)
    have a great woyww
    kay #48

  21. Love your painty desk ...and the pots are brilliant much fun xx#70

  22. Pots look as refreshed as getting back to the canvas must be making you feel. Am very impressed (should I say deeply, har har) that you cleaned up the gawd, what an effort! happy back to painting!

  23. Love the new pot color and your sketching is awesome!Tamika #14

  24. Hi Vonny love your paintings. So glad to have found your blog on WOYWW
    Crafty hugs from your newest follower Annie x

  25. Hooray! A commission - you're on your way now. That's a dynamic color you chose for your pots - I love it!

  26. Finally getting to catch up on some visits... and the portrait is coming along awesome... love the pots too... great time to do a good spruce up isn't it... don't envy you the duck pond cleaning though... not nice but at least it doesn't have to be done again any time soon!!!

  27. Love the new colour on the pots! They look lovely.

    Sounds you have been busy shovelling the er, em, poop! You need to make yourself one of those arty tyle cards...maybe something tat says b l o o m

  28. First, your pet portrait is fabulous. I wish I could draw also. But, you got some talent. Second, That green on the pots surely does brighten things up. And remember you can create in many ways. Cleaning the duck pond really does not sound like any fun at all. Thanks for stopping by. I am trying to make the rounds no matter how long it takes. #9

  29. I didn't do WOYWW this week but wanted to stop by and see what you were up to, and I see you've been up to a lot! Your repainted pots look great! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  30. Your desk looks so busy - I know what you mean about getting back to painting. mine has been due to lack of mojo for so long. It's so good to welcome it back. And reclaiming my desk from the girls over the summer hols!

    When you said you'd been fertilised I thought you meant something else entirely... :D

    Happy (belated) WOYWW!

    Carmen #113


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