Sunday, 22 July 2012

Strange Girl just appeared.

I just had to make this post 
as the strangest thing
has happened to me.

Now those who know me
know that I don't do people,
apart from Egbert that is.
I love to paint fish and flowers 
and all sorts of things
but people,
no way, nada, nut,
and no how.

My people always look like aliens
with weirdly placed eyes and noses
and don't get me started on the bodies.
So as a rule
I have always avoided the human form.

Just to clarify,
Egbert Bookman
isn't human, he is a book elf
so I can paint him, although
you may have noticed
he doesn't have a body
and probably never will.

I digress.

As a rule I don't paint or draw on the weekend
as I am too busy with cleaning and playing
with little miss, but last night
as I sat on the couch just about to watch TV,
I had this weird urge to get my art journal.

Normally any attempt to pick
up a pencil is met with aww mum, play with me,
 or can I draw with you.
Meaning can I draw all over
your picture.
But this time utter silence,
so you don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

I grabbed my journal and just started drawing.

I kept seeing this girls face
and felt compelled to draw it
and draw it I did.
I have no idea who she is or where
the face came from
and I drew her completely from my imagination.
So weird, especially as I can't draw faces.

Here it is,
not anatomically perfect
but for me, it's good.

 If this is you,
I'd like to know how you got into my head
and what are you doing there.

My cheeky little miss said
it can't be a picture of you, mum 
because it doesn't have wrinkles!!

Thanks darling!

Gotta love kids.


  1. well I don't know who she is but she sure is purrrrty. Great job, so now you can't claim you can't do faces.

  2. She is not me(she doesn't have wrinkles LOL). I agree with Jenn - she is purrrrty! Great job -

  3. I don't think you can claim that you don't do faces now... this is pretty awesome despite miss A's cheeky comment...xx

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What a very pretty face! I agree with the previous comments - you cAn draw faces :0)

  6. Unfortunately, she is not me. She is beautiful. Yes, you can draw faces. How exciting.

  7. Dear Vonny
    Next time you look in a mirror
    you will clearly see who this
    pretty girl is...YOU of course.
    Angie GB

  8. Well it's not me, maybe it's your muse and she came out to see you!waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)


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