Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ink, Pens and Paper for the Artist's Playroom

I've decided to go with
black and white for the
Ink, Pens and Paper theme
this week.

Mainly because I haven't got time to colour it.

Sorry about the photo, the sun keeps going behind the clouds when I take it,
I'm up to about shot number 40.  This is the best you are going to get.
I'm sure the sun is watching me and laughing.
I need one of those light box thingys that Tracey Fletcher King has :)

When I think of ink,
I immediately think of my dad
who was a draftsman.
Not the cheating kind that you get today,
you know, all they do is push a button and 
something is drawn for them
and figures calculated.
Oh no, my dad was a real draftsman,
who drew by hand on a huge drawing board
and calculated things with a sliding rule.
Dad retired many years ago
and recently gave me his pens.

There are heaps of goodies in here
but I don't know what half of them are!
I was really excited until he told me that you have
to wash them out at the end of each day.
This entails pulling them apart and cleaning
each bit.  
Sounds too much like hard work to me,
so for now, I just like to look at them :)

I have to admit that the hand
doesn't really look as if it is drawing,
this is because I don't draw with that hand.
I'm a leftie and just held the pen in that hand while I drew with my left
but in doing that I didn't hold it as if I was drawing.
Silly moo that I am!!

I wasn't sure about the wrist action
of a rightie either,
so sorry if it looks weird,
you should all be left 
like me then there would be no problem.

You can't see it in the terrible photos
but the paper is so old and mouldy
that you could easily call it 
old parchment.
It must be at least 15 years old,
and it's itchy,
but we won't go there.
That's what I get for cleaning out old cupboards.

Now you've seen mine,
hop on over to Jenn's
and see all the other 
Ink, Pens and Paper art.

PS. If the sun comes out I will try to get a better photo
and replace the one at the top.


  1. This is fantastic and you're wayy to hard on yourself. I think the hand looks FAB, I'm a lefty too by the way. it makes us smarter ya know! I'm envious of Trace's light box too, maybe matt'll make you one, I'm thinking he would make me one but I'm thinking shipping it would be kinda hard, LOL.
    Much love,

    PS, my Canadian Egbert arrived in the post today!! I love him, he's so adorable! Thanks so much Von, you rock!

  2. The light is driving me nuts as well... even with the light box thingy... love the hand and impressed with thinking to hold a pen in your right hand while drawing... one advantage of being a lefty... but cleaning out pens is waaaaay too much hard work... bugger that...

    Any chance want to come over and make dinner for us... so not wanting to cook.... and you are so close by... please... save me from the hungry hoardes xx

  3. I think the picture is brilliant and just perfect in black & white. I think the hand is perfect too. Your dad's pen box is very exciting, and I too would just spend time only looking at it, hehe :0)

  4. WOW!!! This is magnificent and the hand position looks fine to me. What a treasure to get all your Dad's drafting tools...SO cool!! I must admit that I wouldn't like the idea of having to clean them thoroughly after each use either. Maybe on a day when you're feeling in a cleaning mood?? ;)

  5. I should have guessed that you are a leftie...I heard that lefties have hidden talents and that's obvious when looking at your art Von.
    I would be so thrilled to be able to draw a hand like that!
    I also think it's wonderful that you have your Dad's pens to treasure even if you don't use them.
    We've had a hoolie here today (really strong cold winds) but we've seen the sun at times thankfully.
    Thanks for sharing xoxo

  6. Old paper! Ick! I learned my lesson about hoarding paper that way-hoarded great stuff but then it was ruined when I finally decided to use it. No more of that! I know what you mean about the wrist action of righties and lefties. You lefties crook your hand around all weird; it is a wonder you don't all have carpel tunnel. Anyway, I think your hand looks like it drawing and I think it is great that it is drawing the same pen holder. I'm glad you didn't draw it drawing itself as I think my brain would have exploded.

  7. This is really wonderful drawing, Vonny, what a talented lady! Really wonderful! How inspiring to have a father who encouraged you I am sure, and I am sure you inherited his talent, too.

  8. You and Tracey are SO SO talented.
    Lynn x x

  9. So that's where you got your talent from! It must be nice to have his pens, although the washing out after use is tough, I can barely clean stamps without inner moaning and groaning! lol Love your drawing! Just thought it would be nice to get him to sign his name on it and have it look like it was him signing it... waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  10. WOW, I love it. I thought it was so clever to use your non-dominant hand as the model. Reminds me of an Escher print I own. And your shading is perfect, too.

  11. Must be Rapidographs or something similar. They recommend that you should clean them out every day. When I was using one often I didn't clean it out at all for months and it was fine. Started up right off the bat, too. But if they clog you have to soak them a long time or use something like a jewelry cleaning machine to clean them, I guess. They come with special cleaning apparatus, too--a bulb and such. I have never had a problem with them clogging...even when I had it laying there for several weeks without using it! I do only use their ink, though. Your dad took better care of them than I do--LOL! I actually lost that favorite one (03) that never clogged on a trip to Minneapolis years ago.

    These are really great and your drawing certainly does them justice. :):)

  12. This is great VonnyK. I think it does look like your drawing with your right hand. I sometimes take a photograph of the hand pose I want to draw, and that helps. I love your Dad's pens, and rather you use them or not, they'll be an heirloom. Although I love technology, I agree that we're loosing a lot of hand and brain skills in with this generation. Have a great week. Blessings!

  13. You are far too hard on yourself! This is fabulous! As a "righty" it looks perfect to me. What a perfect gift from your Dad, even if you never use them. The picts. look good to on my laptop so I wouldn't worry too much about trying to get a new one. I need a light box too so I understand taking a gazillion photos to get a really good one.

  14. Very cool Vonny!!!

    I have a few "age spots" on my hands.... guess I could rub them off with an eraser..... tee hee


  15. I just absolute love this! Love the straight lines, it looks so realistic, and the hand is absolutely stunning! My wonky inkpots look like a child's drawing next to yours!


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