Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy Birthday Canada on APR

This weeks theme for Artist's Playground
is Canada, in honour of the 
wonderful Canadian, Jenn
and Canada's Birthday.

I just had to join in as my brother lives in Canada
and is married to a beautiful Canadian lady
named Fran.

My last trip to Canada was in 1976
when I was just fifteen
and I still have a few momentos 
from that time.

These are from 1976
and still going.

About five years ago my brother
finally got married and as we
are a family of five, it was too expensive for
all of us to go, so just my eldest daughter went
with nanny and grandad.
These are some of the mementos
she brought back.

This was going to be all I had for Canada,
until I looked down and there was
cheeky little Egbert Bookman
checking out the flag
and I just had to paint him.

So here, after all that, is my entry
into the Canada APR.

I was going to call it 
Egbert does Canada
but that sounds a bit rude.

So Egbert with the flag will have to do.

If you are wondering why Egbert is a little wobbly,
it's because it's so cold over here
that I can't feel my fingers and keep
dropping the brush and pen!!!!!

Okay, it's not Canada cold
but it is bloomin freezing by
sub tropical Brisbane standards!!!

I would like to send a huge, huge
thankyou and hugs to Jenn
for making me her featured artist,
I feel very honoured.
Now head on over to Jenn's 
and see what everyone else has done
for Canada.


  1. A great make ! Have a great week trace x52

  2. That's a cute little painting. Blessings!

  3. What lovely Canadian goodies you have and such a shame you couldn't all go to your brother's wedding. I love how you came about your APR entry tho'. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Jenn and think your art work is amAzing!
    Also, I'm new to discovering Egbert and I think he is very cute indeed :0)

  4. Okay...I take back my earlier comment, because I've just seen that tonight Brisbane is colder than Melbourne!
    I must say Egbert looks very dashing in his mounty hat...Don't you just love a man in uniform.
    Congrats on being Jenn's featured artist...the interview was brilliant!
    Have fun ;D

  5. The moose is my favourite - he's got real personality!! Well done for being featured artist - that's really wonderful and well deserved.
    Hugs, LLJ #60 xx

  6. So cute!! the moose and your Egbert. ;)

  7. Okay, this is totally adorable! Nice effort to recognize Canada and with a touch of whimsy!

  8. I think Egbert does Canada is waving hi from the hills of North Carolina, ohhhing and ahhhing over the fireworks! :)

  9. Hi Von
    Can we please have a British Egbert
    as well, all part of the Commonwealth as it is the Queens Diamond Jubilee ....
    would love to see what a British
    Egbert would look like in red, white and blue!
    Congrats by the way......
    Luv Angie GB

  10. I loved seeing all your treasures from the trip so long ago! Great Egbert is awesome!!! :) I'd gladly send some heat your way. We are having unusually hot weather here in the northern climes of the US.... over 100! Not heard of here... ACK! :) Warmly, Tracy

  11. Egbert is very cute:-) I loved your interview with Jenn. You really amaze me!

  12. A really fun post. I love Egbert!
    I will take some cold! 102 here for the last three days!(in Chicago, IL).

  13. you so should have gone Egbert does Canada... that is classic... and great take on the topic...the article was great and so glad you are still making some time despite the holidays... only a week and a bit to go xx

  14. I just noticed you're from Brissie too! Yep, it sure has been cold this past week...more to come too. Brrrrr.....

    I love your 'Canada' post, Vonny! Egbert with the Canadian flag looks great...what wobbles????? :)

  15. He is just so cute!
    Hope your daughter had fun in Canada!

  16. Hi is such a cutie and I can't wait to have him framed! My own bookman, and dressed up like a mounty, always did love a man in uniform!

  17. You pulled out all the stops for Jenn's Canada Day challenge. And your drawing is absolutely adorable. I love your art.

  18. Great Job creating RCMP Egbert.....Love it!



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