Thursday, 19 July 2012

Painful pear and no good mail.

This weeks theme for Artist's Playroom is pears.

Easy you might say,
just draw a blob and colour it green, red and yellow.

My blob decided to be a nasty blob
and just wouldn't play the game.
I thought I would try subtlety in colours
and it looked blah.

So then I coloured the background in a 
pinky orangey red,
looked okay.

When it came to darkening
the shaded area, 
trouble began.

The paint kept spreading to one side or the other
and wouldn't fill the middle. I dried it with a hairdryer
but that made it worse.
 Then I blobbed it and got a tide mark 
and I dropped some red right in the middle of the pear.

So, blow it, that's all I'm going to do.
Just having one of those days.

Tried putting it in a frame to see if it would look better
but no, now a framed  blob gone wrong.

My concentration just wasn't on the paint today
because I was keeping an eye out for the postman.

I have three Egbert books ready to put together
and I ran out of double sided tape.
Can't get that stuff anywhere, so ordered
it from Sydney on tuesday and still don't have it.
I could have flown down picked it up and been back in four hours,
but it takes up to three days to get something by post.
Drives you nuts.

So, while I sit and wait for the postie
have a look at some better pears
and while you're at it,
check out the paintings on
Paint Party Friday.

Don't know why the post has a 
gap up the top, can't get rid of it,
I think Blogger hates me :(
The gap is now fixed
with a huge thankyou to Serena Lewis,
who told me how to fix it
and I still haven't got
my tape from the post man :(


  1. That's not what I'd call a blob Von, I think you did a brilliant always! Unlike myself :$

    I think I'm just about there with my entry...but I'll not say too much here.
    I'm not sure if the shop I visit would be better for you...I visit them frequently and thankfully they're not too far but their on-line store may be a better option for's the link

    Good luck with the postie.
    Love your signature by the way ;D

  2. Oh Vonny I adore your pear! I totally understand where your coming from though.. when you've got that idea in your head and things just aren't flowing the way you want.

    I hope the post gets delivered soon. I'm waiting for an order from Korea of all places and it's taking forever!! I hope someone invents the teleporter soon.

    Warmly, Tracy APR#10

  3. We are always so much harder on ourselves than anyone else! I think your pear is lovely - but I understand how you feel. Sometimes we just feel like things aren't going well and nothing we do seems right. I am always amazed when I look at something I hated and suddenly see it with different eyes -

  4. It is soooo frustrating when it doesn't match up with what you have in your head... and blogger is bloody temperamental at times... but I like the final result... shouldn't have told us about your hassles and we would have been admiring your work... hope the tape has arrived... bloody Aust Post...xx

  5. Random gaps, blogger is known for that. I think your pear looks pearlike and not quite as blobby as you think. I don't think it is as crisp as your usual work though. Darn, non-crispy pears anyway.

  6. Well I think it's just pear-fect ;0)

  7. We are our own worst critics. I really like your pear! I hope your tape has arrived by now. :)

  8. well geez, I guess I just either have terrible taste or i'm blind because before I read your struggle I loved it, then one of my favorite colors is pink and you KNOW how I feel about pears!
    Really von, love that pear. try seeing it through our eyes, it may not be your best piece but damn, I'd hang it on my wall proudly!!

  9. I think you're being way too hard on yourself, Vonny! I think your pear looks great!! I love the pink background...fills in the negative space....shoulda thought to do that with mine.

    I hope that double-sided tape arrived otherwise it means waiting out the weekend. :(

    If you know HTML coding, you can go to your HTML tab via your Post Editor and rectify the blank space there by removing anything above your starting words to the paragraph. :)

    Have a lovely weekend ~ xo

  10. Pear looks lovely ~ well done ~ and hope your post arrived ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  11. I think your pear is beautiful! I don't see any "blobs" or mistakes - just a lovely pear.

  12. Hmmmm - I think your inner critic is on overdrive! I actually like LOTS about this pear: the shadowy section is varied and I like the way it's not a solid color; the contrast between the dark pink and the highlight on the pear is perfect; did I mention the highlight? excellent; the touches of yellowy in the background tie the whole piece together; the splotch of red in the pear looks like a perfect bruise. Etc. I love such attractive blobs!

    BTW, thanks for asking about my son - he's doing much better and on the mend. No solid food for 6 weeks! Yikes.

  13. Me thinks thou doeth protest too much. If you had not said a word of discord about your pear I'd have said what I am saying now. It's an admirable painting of the pear, in fact I like the colors chosen and each blob makes sense to me. I think paints paint for us sometimes and you just have to accept their viewpoint. Sometimes they are right.

  14. Wonderful painting!
    Beautiful colors both in the pear and the background!
    The textures are great!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  15. You are not alone with Blogger. Am I the only one who couldn't get on Blogger yesterday? Very frustrating, since I could get on other blogs and web sites, just not BLOGGER. So I'm right there with you on frustration.

    However, if I could draw and paint as well as you, I would not complain. Of course, I am well aware we are our own worst critics at times. I love what you made!!

  16. I think the colors in your pear painting look great! Maybe you're being too hard on yourself??

  17. You definitely must be talking about some other pear! This one is just beautiful. Rosy colors. I think you were just looking through anguished eyes!

  18. :) I wish my blobs looked like yours, but I know how disappointing it is when the image on the paper is not the image in our heads!!

    Hopefully your tape arrives soon.

  19. I am sure we are all our own harshest critics, but your pear in my eyes is lovely. I really like the coloring!

  20. I think your pear is terrific, but I do know that feeling of disappointment so well. When you aren't happy with the way something turned out, no amount of compliments will help. But usually when I look at the failed painting later, it's not nearly as heinous as I first thought. Sometimes it even becomes pretty good.

  21. Your pear is great. Frames have a way of finishing things and making them look like a million $$. I definately don't see the blob aspect here. That's because I'm not looking at it with the same critical eye that you are looking through. However, I do understand what you are feeling. I have to say that I'm feeliing the same about my artwork lately - my stuff looks like blobs to me. i think we both need our some sort of eye adjustment :)

  22. haha! sorry about your tape - maybe it's there by now? i think your pear is wonderful and the touch of red on the pear itself - fits, that color works with pears, some of my have a touch of red in them straight from the grocer :) beautiful work!

  23. I think it's fantastic! It doesn't show you had trouble with it at all. :)

  24. I think your pear looks great, but I know the feeling of not feeling happy with a piece. I love your new Egbert signature - need to make one for myself. :/. Hope your tape came in!

  25. Ha, sometimes it just doesn't work... But anyway, I find your colors very beautiful and fresh and recognize it's a delicious pear without any difficulties. :)

  26. I think your pear is lovely and the pink background suits it very nicely.

  27. I'm with everyone else here. I wouldn't have known anything was wrong with this pear. And it certainly isn't like you could mistake it for anything else. I think there's some beautiful shade work here too.

  28. I think you did a fabulous job, you are way too hard on yourself! Hope your tape gets delivered soon! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  29. Well, I think your pear is lovely! I know what you mean about a day when the paint just refuses to cooperate, but I also know that sometimes the paint knows what it's doing... I'm a big fan of letting go of the controls as much as I can (which is very hard for me ;)

    The drop of red really looks to me as though it adds a touch of that changing color that is so beautiful in fruit.

    Hope your double-sided tape arrived!

  30. I think your pear looks fabulous, the light and shadows are just right, and the gorgeous pink background just makes it shine. It's always frustrating, when you can't get it the way you imagine it. But we only see the result, and that looks good!

  31. Hmmmm, well if it is a blob, it is a beautiful blob indeed!


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