Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A bit potty for WOYWW

It's been one of those weeks
for me, 
won't go into details
but I haven't been in my room to play until
tuesday afternoon.
Sorry to everyone that I haven't been to visit,
I hope to be able to do more this week.

I had planned to start a painting this week,
yes a real painting on canvas
but that hasn't happened,
so all I have are some drawings
done yesterday afternoon for this weeks APR
theme, which is "in series".

 Yes, I know the mess is creeping across the desk again.
I promise to clean it up soonish, maybe.

Since I love coffee
and everyone says I'm a bit potty,
I chose coffee pots
as my series.

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down and drew some sketches of
the pots, while drinking coffee, of course.

This is the result after many boo boo's
and lots of rubbing out!!

See, I could have let you think I just did it straight off, 
but unlike Tracey Fletcher King, who is brave enough to ink first,
 I'm not that good.

I have begun adding the paint  and
hopefully, the two drawings on the right
will look like shiny silver, when I paint them,
fingers crossed.

How sad are my hand painted circles
on the blue pattern.
I should use a template
but that is too much like hard work :)
Still a long way to go so
while I keep painting,
 why not hop on over to Julia's
see what is on desks all over the world
this wednesday.


  1. I am in awe of the pencil first thing because then I make a million mistakes and rub them out and keep starting again... takes me forever, and then I get distracted... the series is going to be great... can't wait to see it when it is done...xx

  2. The coffee pots look gorgeous and you can draw which makes them doubly wonderful.
    Sandra @36

  3. Von the coffee pots are perrrrfect!
    (that's the perrrrculator on the go ~ hehe ;D)
    I love the blue pot...it looks so real.
    I'm struggling with my idea, which I think is a good one but it's the execution that's troubling me.
    Hopefully I'll get there.
    Have fun desk hopping ~ Happy WOYWW
    Neesie #37

  4. Just the sketches were fabulous; then you added color. Gorgeous! Dani#26

  5. Vonny your drawings are inspiring.As for the painting of that blue pot...who hoo!!!(that's"Computer speak" for Very Good!!Love coming to your site.
    Judy #20

  6. Your drawings look fabulous. I am a bit hopeless in that department but i can recognize talent...they look great!

  7. Don't knock any of it Von you are truly gifted.
    Lynn 74 x x x

  8. Oh these look so perfect to me. Envy the talents to sit and sketch and then paint it perfectly.
    Wishing you well in having more time this week. Sometimes LIFE just gets overwhelming, so hang in there. One day at a time. Have a fun WOYWW

  9. Good grief Von - I could reach out take that blue pot off the page, it's amazing. Beautiful stuff.
    And by the end of the day...we should have a couple golds. *gulp*!!!

  10. The Oldest Daughter1 August 2012 at 20:06

    Mother. Get off your blog & feed us, honestly my stomach will growl at you soon!

    1. Cheeky monkey, it's not my fault you didn't eat what I cooked.

  11. You are very hard on yourself - those coffee pots are amazing!! I love the Portmeirion (?) pot on the right, lovely patterns of the blue concentric circles. I love them!
    I shall raise a toast to your 40-11th birthday. We are girlies of a certain vintage :D
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  12. Blimey that blue coffee pot is fabulous!! Love it so far! Trish #10

  13. Sorry "life" has got in your way this week, but you'd never know... Your art work is nothing short of stunning. I could put out my hand and pick up the blue pot, and pour myself a nice cup of coffee - can almost smell it! I love them all... You are very, very talented.

    So glad you like my projects with the kitchen paper. So much goes to waste and we need to look at our rubbish with new eyes and give it a new lease of life! I'm thinking of doing some blog posts on this subject, to give people something to think about, and challenge us all to go in new directions with our art!

    Hope this week is a better week for you.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #7

  14. I love that blue pot! Even when it was a mere pencil version it really stood out to me. I like the flowers on the one pot. It reminds me of this ceramic cookware my mom had when I was little. Cornell? or something...

  15. Hi Von,

    Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. I really appreciate all the loving I've received.

    Now, you may think that your blue circles are wonky but I think that one is my favorite! Yes, it is. I just love it. How great to have a series of coffee pots. I bought some 5 x 7 canvases and want to make a series but can't decide what yet. Something will come....

    Kay #31

  16. That blue pot is just amazing! It reminds of a pot my grandma had :)
    Mary Jo #107

  17. Your art work is amazing... But you really should feed your children!! tee-hee.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#12

  18. I think you are potty perfect! lol Gorgeous drawings and I love seeing them colored in, that blue one is awesome! I don't think anything you draw could ever be wonky!! waving hi from the awesome hills of North Carolina :)

  19. WOW, I love that blue coffee pot, it is amazing - Helen T #90

  20. How cool! You are a for-real artist!! Your drawings are divine and that center blue painted pot, yummo! You have the shading just right. I'm very impressed!! Thanks for coming by to visit me earlier. Have a great week! Darnell #34

  21. Love your coffee pots! Well done! And thanks for sharing at Woyww so I could visit.
    Catherine 137

  22. I enjoyed seeing your work in progress - what happened before the APR entry. While the blue is my favorite I think the silver might have been the hardest to do. Would be for me anyhow.


  23. Love love love your coffee pots!! I can't wait to see the series finished!!

    I'm having a giveaway, open worldwide this week. Come check it out if you get the chance!

    Amy E. #30

  24. Oh wow, that coffee pot is handsome! I just love those shades of blue and it really comes to light after you've given a doing with the brush.
    As I write, I'm just opposite your Charlie boy. He's a very handsome fellow - has he been around long? And does he talk? I just mentioned to someone else that my aunt had a sulphur-crested cocky for about fifty years and I suppose corellas live for a long time too. I remember seeing them playing in the sand dunes along the Birdsville Track. They were hysterically funny, squawking and somersaulting down the slope then flying back to start again.
    Take care,
    Ros. #60

  25. You are very talented, we'd love to be able to draw but alas our paws are too fat!

    The bears #98


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