Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Something special on my desk for WOYWW

Something very special
is on my desk this wednesday
(although I'm doing this on tuesday 
as we are going to the museum tomorrow).

Yes, it has arrived
no, it's not an empty desk
as right in the middle is this
my WOYWW badge.

Thankyou so much Julia.
My Mr Crab will guard it 
while I have a few weeks break.

I did finish my journal over the weekend
so here are the last few things.
and the cover page

That's about it for a few weeks.

Now you've seen mine, hop on over to 
Julia's Stamping Ground and see all the other
desks around the world.


  1. Minimal desk but what great stuff to share! Have a nice day out... Helen 18

  2. Von - you're welcome - am loving the last coupla pictures, you're so good at it! Have a great break.

  3. thats a great button and Mr.Crab is a handsome fellow, lovely nest desk as well.

  4. Love wee Mr Crab, the keeper of the badge... Happy Easter, Hugs May x x x No11

  5. i've just posted my first ever WOYWW (i'm no. 108) and there's more linking every minute, it seems... wow! what a gathering! anyway, what a cute badge and a splendid crab keeping guard :)

  6. Fab pictures love the sea horse. Take care, & enjoy peeking at the WOYWW desks this week. Zo xx 78

  7. love Mr. Crabby-great clean desk space. dani133

  8. Love the wavy sea grass in the seahorse piccy and the emus(?) just made me laugh!!
    Hugs, LLJ #7 xx

  9. Lovely work - jealous of the badge!!!


  10. I like that the desk is clear but you can see some stuff piled off to the sides. Mr. Crab is such a sweetheart. How nice of him to guard your badge. I love the Zentangle seahorse! And the ostriches!

  11. Awesome seahorse, just stunning. Thanks for sharing your

  12. How was the museum? I hope you enjoyed it.

    Your desk looks super clean.

    Have an enjoyable Easter break.


  13. Love your pictures, they are great. Very jealous of your WOYWW badge!

  14. hahaha.... what a bunch of cute faces at the end there....hahha..... too funny....oh....and...I have that same IKEA set of roller drawers! Soooo handy!!


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