Thursday, 26 April 2012

Step by step flower painting part 1

I was asked if I could take photos
of my progress of a flower painting
that I am doing for the Artist's Playroom,
so here are the pics up to my rough in stage.
I am a self taught artist, who likes to annoy others
to find out how to do things,
and so I am rather slow to say the least.
This took me all day to do.
 These are all the paints I have,
which makes a bright painting very hard to achieve.
Being new to watercolour,
I play with the colours on a spare bit of watercolour paper.
I lightly place the darker colours in
Then go over again and darken it more.
Putting in the pink.
Now the daisies
The colours are in for the flowers
Last for today, I put in the dark green to make them stand out.

If I knew what I was doing, I could probably leave out 
heaps of steps, but I have to try them a little at a time
until I like the colour.  

Tomorrow I will try to brighten up the colours and
make more contrast with heavier paint
and water colour pencils.
Fingers crossed
I don't mess it up.


  1. That is intense mummy! I think we need to swap lives, clearly you've got far too much time to yourself (which is totally unfair!) Looks great :) can't wait to see it finished!

  2. OMG Vonny... are you KIDDING ME?!? This work of art is absolutely fabulous! You are one talented self taught artist. Isn't it interesting how we all work differently? There's no right or wrong way... i put my light colors first, and obviously, putting the darker colors first works for you! It's so beautiful... Watercolor is obviously a great medium for you. Thank you for sharing! xoxo

  3. Friend, to be autodidácta you do very well, has followed co perfect flowers. Saludos

  4. Such happy beautiful flowers! I appreciated your tutorial as well. thanks

  5. Hi Von
    Hope the digestive wasn't a chocolate one! those for
    my next visit.
    luv Angie GB


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