Saturday, 31 March 2012

I've been tagged, it didn't hurt too much!

Earlier this week I had two emails,
one from Jenn at Just add water silly and one from Tracey Fletcher King.
Being the expert blogger I am (cough, cough), I had no idea what that was.
After a quick SOS to Tracey, I found out what it was.
Here are my answers to Tracey's questions.
  1. How would you rate your breakdancing ability.... 1 being a demented spider and 10 being a drunken sailor???   20 Extremely drunken, demented spidery, sailor.
  2. What is the worst book you have ever read??? The Sundowners, I was made to read this depressing book at school.
  3. George Clooney or Brad Pitt???  No contest Mr Hunkybum Clooney all the way
  4. Do you prefer Chocolate Eggs or Bunnies???... chocolate bunnies that is... I mean of course you would eat chocolate eggs rather than a real bunny.... or at least I hope you would.... Anything, as long as it is chocolate, it could look like a do do and I would eat it.
  5. What is your guilty TV watching pleasure???  Dr Who, but only when David Tennant is the Doctor
  6. If you could change your name, what would it be???  Never really thought about it, I've always liked Lucy
  7. What is the worst.... and I am talking the absolute worst present you have ever received???? My dear husband gave me a pair of stretch jeans, that were covered in the brightest blue and green ferns(yes the plants) on a white background.  You needed sunglasses just to look at them.  Mind you I was in my mid forties and much as I like to paint with bright colours, I don't tend to wear them.   I wore them just to spite him.
  8. What song do you sing at the top of your lungs when no one is listening??? More than a feeling by Boston (and stop saying who are they, one of the greats in the 70's).
  9. Mummy/Mommy issues or Daddy issues????  Love them both dearly, dad's a bit of a hypochondriac though.
  10. How good are you at parking a car.... 1 being you could reverse park blindfolded in the world's smallest parking spot and 10 being any car in a three spot radius is in danger of being bumped????  Being rather short and driving a big car about a 30.  I drive out of my way to get an easy park.  In my defence however, when I owned a Celica, I could put that baby anywhere.  Had to sell it when Audrey made 5 (boo hoo).
  11. The perpetual catered function dining question.... Chicken or Fish?? Fish, they never cook the chicken enough.
 Here are my answers to Jenns questions
  1. Coffee, tea or me - What's your FAVORITE drink?? I would have to say coffee, but I do like tea too. White and two sugars of course.
  2. Where does your inspiration come from? All around me, but lately from Tracey and bloggers.
  3. Where is your favorite place to be? In my little office where I paint.
  4. Did you have a stuffed animal when you were little that you loved to death? Bunnykins, a stuffed rabbit, I still have him in my bedroom drawer, he is 50.
  5. What's your weirdest trait? My husband says I never grew up, so being 50 and acting 12.
  6. Tell me something no one else knows about you but you wish they did! If I still had a secret like that, I doubt that I would want anyone to know about it.
  7. If you could buy a new pet right now, what would it be and what would you name it? We were at a pet shop today and I saw a beautiful Indian Ringneck parrot, I wanted to bring him home.  I would name him Fred.  Couldn't do it though as I already have a 22 year old Long billed corella and he would not appreciate competition.  Plus , so no room.we have a guinea pig, three chickens,  a tank of mixed fish, a fish pond inside the house (yes inside), pond of fish outside, heaps of wild birds and a wild lizard, so there is no room for more.
  8. Are you vain about something? I used to be podantic about my hair. It was past my waist, long and blonde.  Then I had it cut really short and I don't care now.
  9. Have you found your niche, in other words, would people be able to recognize your artwork without your signature? How did you find that comfortable place? I am still looking and it is driving me crazy.  Just wish I could find it.
  10. What style of art do you WISH you could do but don't or can't right now? Realistic but really bright colours in water colour.  I'm hopeless at watercolour.
  11. Favorite kind/brand of art supply? Unfortunately, just the cheapest, wish I could afford the good stuff in any brand. 
Now I have to do the same thing to more people.
Here are the rules:
The Rules

  1. Post the rules for playing along in this game of tag! 
  2. Answer 11 questions the tagger posted for you. 
  3. Create 11 questions to ask the people you tag. 
  4. Tag 11 people who you think would love to participate. 
  5. Let your tagged bloggers know you've tagged them! 
Caveat - If you don't want to participate in this game of tag, no worries, or if you can't come up with eleven people you think would like to participate, just tag as many as you want, lol.
So here is my list of victims.
  1.  Blue Chair Diary Illustrations (Creator of Morris the Mouse)
  2.  Julia over at The Stamping Ground
  3.  Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover
  4.  Robin at Robin Panzer Art Studio
  5.  Bridget at Photography and Me
I won't annoy anyone else.
Here are my questions:
  1. What is your favourite craft/art tool?
  2.  If money was no object, what item would you purchase for your craft/art room?
  3. Do you create better under pressure or when you have plenty of time?
  4.  Coffee or tea? (This is very important)
  5.  What is your favourite time of day?
  6. Chocolate is a vital part of creating.  Agree or disagree?
  7. Do you tend to use a particular colour in your craft/art.  If so what is the colour?
  8. If you could live in a different country, where would it be?
  9. Do you read real books or e books?
  10. What is your favourite type of paper/card cutter? (Yes, I know, I just want to know for myself)
  11. Glue or double sided tape?
Sorry to do this to you all, but hope you have some fun with it.
I'm still trying to finish my journal.



  1. Thank you Vonny, I feel very honoured, let me think about both sets of questions and find people

  2. so nice to get to know you better, Vonny! I totally agree with you about Tracey, she's a gem, LOVE that I can call her a friend. I think it's so cool how we seem to be making a little blogging community, there seems to be a small enclave of us that I see on all the blogs I read and am friends with!
    If you can't find time to do the APR this week, I totally understand, I mean between buying bunnies and eating the chocolate we all squirrel away we're all busy before Easter!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, it is always so nice to see you.
    Jenn of

  3. Just catching up now I am back from hols and I love that we are on the same Clooney and Tennant page.... can't get into the new doctor at all.... but oh my giddy aunt David Tennant does it for me... some great answers and good questions too... and I am going to answer them... just cause I can...
    1. I love my watercolour wheels... don't care that they are cheap... I love em
    2.I would purchase about three metres of space... just double the size of the room basically so i could sneak in a reading chair so I could hide in here forvere
    3. I work better with pressure, even though I like to think it is the other way
    4. Tea, tea and more tea unless Sinus is in full flight then I need a coffee to get going
    5. I love that quiet time just after school drop off when the whole day stretches out ahead of you in peace and quiet... glorious
    6. Didn't know that people even attempted to create without chocolate!!! how weird
    7.I use a lot of blue... lots and lots of blue
    8. I always thought it would be Italy, but I kind of think it wold be nice to be in Canada as there are many bloggy friends there and it would be fun to visit and I have heaps of nieces and nephews living there at the moment so I could visit them
    9. I like real books...have an e reader but never seem to use it
    10.I have one that is attached to a ruler and I love it... works a treat
    11. Love double sided tape... no danger of glueing fingers together... xx


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