Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Back to art for WOYWW

What a long two weeks of school holidays that was!!!
It feels like I haven't painted in months.

For those who asked where all my junk went,
it is now in the spare lounge room that hubby
wouldn't let me use as a studio (serves him right).
One whole cabinet was full of his sporting trophies
and a lot of the books were not about art.
All the bottles, boxes and art bits n bobs are in the shelves,
they are just spread out now.
Amazing what you can do when you clean up!

I started my day with a little watercolour painting
to make an original bookmark for Julia
as a thankyou for my WOYWW badge.

Julia, please look away for the desk photo 
or you won't get a surprise. 
Mind you, with our postal system
you will probably have forgotten it by then anyway.

There isn't much going on with this desk, just some water colour
paints left out to dry, plus my badge on the calendar.

The real action is here
No, not the cupcakes, although I would like that just as much.

I have finally been able to get my easel out, now that the room is tidy
and I am going to finish a painting I started years ago.

This weeks Artist's Playrooms theme is coffee or tea,
so I figured I would finish the coffee cups.

I must be insane trying to paint a crinkled satin cloth
but it is getting there.
I still have to paint in the glass vase and the Oreo cookie (yum)
on the plate and finish the cups.
Just hope I finish it before saturday.

Now you've seen what I've been up to,
and see what everyone else has been doing
on this What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.


  1. Love that painting.Your studio looks very calm and peaceful.

  2. I was thinking it looked peaceful too! Love the painting, and your desk that looks so tidy this week - I am envious!! Helen 10

  3. Love the keep calm and eat cupcakes, excellent advice!
    Sophie x

  4. A gorgeous painting and I love the idea of the cup cakes :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #11

  5. Oh wow I am just learning how to paint so I am in awe of your crinkled satin - I know how hard that must be to achieve! Sounds like you are having fun now that the easter break is over - my two are still off until next Monday....... Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 5

  6. Wow, gorgeous painting, the crinkled silk looks so real! Love the Keep Calm ....Cupcake piece you have there too. Happy Woyww from Anne #30

  7. Beautiful painting. Julia is a lucky lady with that tag to look forward to..~#40

  8. Beautiful painting. Julia is a lucky lady with that tag to look forward to..~#40

  9. Gorgeous art work, those cups and that material is super! Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop. Zo xx 17

  10. Love the cupcakes sign :)
    Laura 73

  11. Hi, I missed your room last week and I have just a look, it is gorgeous and doesnt it feel good when you no longer see all the clutter, or at least when clutter is presented nicely.
    Well done to you and the now understanding other half. Mine sits in my room eating his breakfast every morning, says he loves it so much.
    One I Made Earlier Today

  12. fantastic painting, you done a great job on the background!
    Thanks for my snoop! Have a great crafty week! HaPpY WoYwW!
    ((Lyn)) was #56

  13. Gorgeous artwork. Tidy workspace - thanks for sharing - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  14. Look at those awesome mugs they look so real love the colors :)#38

  15. The painting is looking good. Love the big window above your space. Dani #104

  16. Your painting is beautiful, I love how you've painted the crinkled silk, very hard technique you've mastered. I have several unfinished watercolour paintings,thank u for inspiring me. Happy WOYWW, Angel Greetings #111

  17. Oh, you clever, clever girl - that painting is AWESOME!! I adore the coffee cups and the satin is just gobsmackingly good. But why an Oreo?? Are you a particular fan? Perhaps it should be an Anzac biscuit instead!!
    Hugs, LLJ #7 xx
    PS I'll come and do your veggie beds anytime :)

  18. Such a peaceful air about your room, thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing the pic finished

    Lisa #113

  19. I so envy folk who can paint and you certainly can. Couldn't help but see the sunshine and yukkas? outside. Oh for summer here.
    Hugs Joanne xx #15

  20. Lovely view from your window, very tropical vegetation, and your workspace looks very calm. I can't imagine how you begin to paint crushed fabric - amazing - and those cups are eye-catching. Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #27

  21. Amazing painting, more than amazing, stunning! And yes, your window does look lovely!

    Have a great week and enjoy this special WOYWW!

  22. wow! that blue satin look amazing!!
    i so wish i had space for an easel... not that i've plucked up courage yet to actually paint a canvas... :)

  23. Love your Workspace, but your Art work is Stunning and beautiful. You are so talented. Have a good day. Hugs Rita xx 55

  24. Love your workspace. You mean that cloth is not real???!!! Amazing! Wish I had a 10th of your talent.
    Happy WOYWW

  25. Love your art hun :D

    Ger x
    WOYWW #91

  26. A golden fishie....and ...warm weather plants wonderful.


  27. Von, I failed! although I didn't enlarge as I usualLy would, so that's still a surprise then, huh! Am giddy that you feel like I deserve a piece of your art, thank you, I cannot say no!!
    I love the coffee cups..and goodness, I had to do a double take over the amazing!

  28. WOW!!! I think your crumpled satin is a winner! I was enlarging and trying to figure out how you did it cause it looks so real! Have a great week and thanks for visitng my blog! Vickie #32

  29. Your painting is AWESOME! That background! That is some serious talent there. I hope it didn't make you too loopy trying to get it all right. I'm not Julia so I peeked at the bookmark. Looks good. Hey, I'm thinking about doing a bit of tidying myself... something about not being able to find my favoritest acrylic stamp blocks. Plus it will be all around useful. Maybe I'll just go to bed until this feeling passes.

  30. I love it! I think the satin looks incredible and the cups are wonderfully quirky. I would love to do more water-colouring and you have inspired me to search my paints out. Happy WOYWW #45

  31. You are a true artist. I wish I had just a small amount of your talent. #95

  32. Now that is what I call an artist. Thanks for sharing your desk

    Eliza #103

  33. Your window almost looks like Julia's lol, I would love one of your painty ATC's when the time comes


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