Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Making cards but needing help on WOYWW

For the last few days 
I have been slaving away
making up cards

Here are just a few.

This may sound easy for most of you
but for this little
painting person
it is no easy task.

I don't even attempt 
to add the pretty bit and bobs
that most of the people do. 
 All I want to do
is to add a print of
my artwork to a bit of card.

Simple you might say
but no.

A while back I was moaning about my cutting machine
and some of you lovely people 
suggested I take a picture of the cutter
so that I could get some advice.
Well here is that nasty little machine

that I have named evil
Mr Green.
I was taken in by that cute little cricket
smiling at me
but if you look closely
it is an evil grin.

I use the lines on it
but it never cuts straight.

I press hard or soft
but it leaves 
fluffy edges.

I hold on tight
when doing card
but it bends the edges
where it cuts.

The darn thing cost me over $30
and the lady in the card shop assured me
that blondes can use it.

So this is where I send out an 
What am I doing wrong???

I've tried holding my mouth in all different ways,
sticking my tongue out and in,
humming a tune,
but all to no avail.

It just won't cut neatly. 


Now I have had a whinge,

I did do a little drawing this week.
I used a photo from an ad
to get the bits in the right places
and then did my own thing
with this little ink drawing for my journal.

 Turned out okay
but I did mess the mouth up
at the last minute (typical).

I quite enjoyed this
and might do some more.

If you want to see some fabulous
desks from around the world,
hop on over to Julias Stamping Ground
and enjoy.


  1. Your cards are so beautiful and elegant .Some times less is more !Not sure about your cutter i get that sometimes with my friska's one not all the time .Is it new or does the blade need changing?
    Hope you get it sorted.
    Have fab wednesday and creative week
    judex 17

  2. Love the ink drawing!!!
    If the edges of the card are fluffy, you really need a new blade in there!
    Also, check there isn't any cardstock debris (teeny bits)in the groove where the blade should slide down, that can distort the cut. Otherwise, I hate to say this but it might just be you don't get on with that type of cutter! I know loads who don't, and have gone for the guillotine style instead with more success! Trish #31

  3. I don't like that paper trimmer either. I have a Tonics and love it.Have a fun WOYWW.

  4. I dont like that paper cutter either, I gave mine away I used a fiskers, as long as you change the blades every few months I had no trouble and it cost £19.00 english pounds which is quite cheap for a decent cutter, In England anyway!! Hope that helps, maybe changing the blade will help!! Hugs May x x x

  5. Quickly watching all those lovely desks!!
    Have a happy WOYWW Wednesday :)))
    Watch mine too, I've an awesome announcement on my BLOG(click)
    Hugs Marleen ;-)

  6. Oh, I have a cutter similar to that and fight the fluffy edges all the time. Sometimes it helps to run the blade through a layer or two of aluminum foil (it sharpens it a bit - this type of blade dulls far to quickly). I also keep a fingernail file at hand to smooth those edges with it takes less off the edge than trimming does. Not sure how to adjust for the mismeasuring.

  7. Great cards and I love your picture you did. Take care, enjoy snooping around the wonderful desks & enjoy this WOYWW. Zo xx 33

  8. Your paintings are fabulous!!!! paper trimmers just want to be loved, maybe if you talk nicely to it? lol Mine is a Fiskars and I've had for years, love the thing dearly! waving hi from the warm and sunny hills of North Carolina :)

  9. Your little works of art on cards are fab. Having read all the tips about paper cutters I think I will get a new blade for mine! We live and learn. xJo

  10. How frustrating that your paper cutter cuts so wonky ! I use a Woodware trimmer which has interchangable blades - straight cut, scoring & perforating as well as various wavy & scalloped styles - it is very good as long as I keep the blades sharp & replace the base strip when it gets too deeply grooved. Hope you get a solution one way or the other !! have a fun week with your card making ! Ali #157

  11. I have the Woodware trimmer too and have never had a problem, sorry to hear of your troubles. Fabulous cards!

  12. Beautiful cards!!! I always enjoy looking at your work!

    I'd say that if a new blade doesn't work, toss it. It's not worth the frustration and waste of money and paper.

  13. Have you tried using swear words while using the cutter? Sometimes that does the trick. Otherwise, maybe the cutting blade is dull... or maybe it is just a lemon. Not all cutters are for all people, you have to find the right match. And simple in crafty does NOT mean easy by a long shot. I love your cards just the way they are, no need to add bits and bobs.

  14. Your cards are great. Especially love the ink drawing one.

    For me, I'd either get a new blade or a new paper cutter. I stick by those for cutting my cards or prints when needed. :)

  15. Your cards are gorgeous Yvonne, in spite of that evil Mr. Green...your painting and that ink drawing are have so much your work! Hugs, Fran

  16. loving your artwork,think you need to bite the bullet and get a new trimmer then,have a great week,x

  17. Von, I read your post on Wednesday, but did not end up commenting as something came up, as it often seems to lately.

    Your cards that are off to The Collective Store look great, I really like the poppy ones, I'll have to keep an eye out for them when I'm in next.

    I have a similar cutter, not a mean great one though :) It was tearing the paper because the blade was not sharp, maybe that's the problem you are having with the fluffy edges, when was the last time you changed the blade? I'm not sure why it's not cutting straight, possible it is not perfectly square?

    I hope you work it out.

  18. Amazing cards you are very talented. I honestly believe all cutter never seem to cut straight. no idea why but seems to be all the ones i've used never make a straight line.

  19. I am sure the blade dulls too quickly. I am a quilter, so I tend to use a mat and rotary cutter. Even then I use rubber tips on the see through ruler to keep the paper from sliding. I use a separate blade for fabric as paper will dull the blade faster than the fibers will.

  20. like everyone else, I agree that you need a new several, you'll need one after every card making session! Also when you position the card and drop the cutting guard into place, hold that bit down firmly as you pull or push the blade , that's the part that determines the card stays stillamdherefore the cutting line stays straight. I have to concurthatitis a bit of a weedy cutter....and blimey, 30 bucks!! I used to have ones a demo tool, but these days I use a office depot guillotine for card and the cutter for bits of paper.but I wouldn't if i had to pay for the blades!
    Meanwhile...the cards continue to be lovely...andI see no messed up mouth - you are hard on yourself!

  21. Love your cards - they are beautiful. Regarding the craft cutter I say you can't beat a steel rule, cutting mat and a good quality Stanley knife, plus a large supply of fine-grade blades - it doesn't take long for paper to dull a blade. It's more hassle but the end result is worth it!

  22. Hi Yvonne,
    Stopped by to tell you that the Artist's Play Room is now LIVE, since you'd been kind and signed up to participate!

    Jenn of

  23. I'm having a terrible time getting Blogger to cooperate with me this week. You made some gorgeous cards. There was NOTHING simple about them. They are fantastic and genuine works of art worthy of framing. I think they are superb.

    I am sorry I have NO advice for your cutter. I have a guillotine cutter and would NOT have one of those like yours for any reason. So, I'm no help at all.


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