Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A busy week on WOYWW

My little miss is at school camp all week
and yes I miss her,
it's so quiet it's eerie.

On a good note
I am getting heaps done in my little room.
Here is my desk right now. If you need to know why I am showing my desk,
go here to the lovely Julia's to see all the other desks
around the world this wednesday.

I am still trying to finish my journal on time and here
is a fish that I have just started, plus the completely
necessary cup of coffee (keeps me sane).
To the left of my desk I am also working on this little tulip
in watercolour. 
This is Mr Fish a little earlier, not much to see yet.
If I get him finished I will add him to the bottom of the post.

I also did another pen drawing
Not my greatest but it will fill a journal page.

On to the most painful piece of art I have ever done.
This weeks theme on the Artists Playground was doodle your name or initial
and dummy here thought she would try Zentangles.
I really enjoyed doing it but I now have bulging blurry eyes.
Be warned if you attempt this stuff, do it BIG not small like I did.
If you would like to see some close ups of this

If I finish these two pictures today, I will still have 3 more pages and the cover
to go in my journal, which I have to post off
friday or monday at the latest, 
so it's all go for me this week.

Finished Groper,  not a great photo, it's actually darker on the bottom.
I would normally refine him heaps more
but no time.

I apologise now if I don't get to many people this week
but I'm sure you will understand.

Little miss returns on friday afternoon
and then she is on two weeks school holidays,
so don't know when the next post may be.
Have a great week.


  1. Your fish turned out fabulous and your zentangle is lovely, I can imagine how your eyes felt!!Annette #22

  2. What an amazing fish! I'm totally impressed. And that is MY color of coffee, too. Happy WOYWW from #3.

  3. wow! Mr Groper is amazing! You did a great job on him. Love the layers and the feel, well done. He'd make a great card too.

  4. Great work, you are filling your days beautifully!! Helen, 9

  5. ...your art work is absolutely stunning, I'm always blown away by the Talent on all the desks we visit today...I so wish i had that gift...Mel :)

  6. Love your Zentangle, great work. Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 77

  7. This is just brilliant, love the fish there a bell on your blog?? I'm thinking it's the telly, then the back door, coz we have a hanging bell there, I've not turn off the telly and there's still A BELL RINGING!! How weird! any way, your art work is amazing...going now to hunt out that bell again!! Have a great crafting week. HaPpY wOyWw!!
    ((Lyn)) #19 now!

  8. Gorgeous pen drawing. That is stunning! So pretty. Happy WOYWW 147 - Tammy #47

  9. You are one fabulous artist!! that fish is amazing!! and your pen drawing you should make it into a digi, as I would love to colour her, Fantastic work!!! Hugs May x x x No14

  10. Lurrrrve your zentangle name, absolutely brilliant. I'm really getting into it but have decided to keep a pattern journal like Shoshi, because I keep seeing all these fab patterns and then promptly forgetting them. Old age...*sigh*
    Your groper fish is amazing too, love the light and shade on him.
    Hugs, LLJ #74 xx

  11. Your fish is lovelier than the original and I adore your zentangle - not tried this before but I might just be tempted to have a go.

    Ann B

  12. Vonny,

    OMG, I want some of your drawing talent. Have I mentioned that before? Do you know of book that would be good for an absolute beginner? Even a doodling book - which is probably more my style -- easy doodles like flowers.

    Your artwork really blows me away. I love the fish - he's so much prettier than his photo!

    Thank you for your lovely comment about my little miss Daisy. Yes, I can see how you understand. I'm amazed that you had a duck that lived to the rip age of 17!!

    #48 (you've already visited)

  13. Enjoy your time off to play. The first thing I noticed on your desk were those FISH! Big fish! Very neat looking but kind of spooky (big fish lurking in dark waters spook me, good thing I live in the desert). The Zentangle doodle is awesome, but oh my, the work that went into that. My hand would cramp!

  14. Love the zentangle but I would have been cross eyed for a week, I can hardly write in my day planner at the moment, really need to visit the optician!! Absolutely LOVE the tulip, just beautiful.

    Brenda 30

  15. I love your zentangle, but I agree, it can wreak havoc on the eyes. dani42

  16. I have to say, Mr. Fish is one handsome fellow!!


  17. Vonny the fish turned out beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Love your art. Love your workspace. I've tried zentangles too. *smiles* Norma

  18. Von the grouper is amazing... just beautiful... you are soooo great at realism... I love it... hope you get the journal done!!! good luck...xx

  19. Hi, I'm revisiting because of your comment about my cutter. Only problem I have with it is the blades don't stay sharp for long and will pull at the paper rather than cut cleanly. OK with card though so I just replace blade often - when I can get hold of them.

    Ann B

  20. Love your work and yes coffee in a necessary evil to be creative. Oh and I fed your fish by the way. LOL


  21. Great art! I think I'm in love with the Groper. :)

    Susan #136-ish

  22. what a fabulous painting of the fish and your zentangle is brill
    have a great week :)
    happy woyww

  23. love your drawing and I cannot get into zentangles but love to see it
    Bridget #79

  24. Vonny,

    Tria's are alcohol ink pens similar to copic but better you only need one pen not multiple ones in the same family. With Tria's you also have a huge ink tank and 3 nibs. I have copic and never use them anymore.

    Thanks for dropping by. Just fed your fish again, so they can fatten up. LOL

    Happy crafting

  25. stunning pen drawing, you are awesome! so wish i could draw. Happy belated WOYWW x
    Sophie no.183


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