Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lots happening on the desk for WOYWW

It's wednesday already
and that means a trip around the desks of the world

I have been quite busy this week 
and have actually produced a few things.

This is my desk at the moment.
I am putting my pictures
into my journal.
As you can see
I have given up on glue 
and using double sided tape,
much easier.

The green splodge up the top is 
my painting using the theme of
Green, for my entry into the Artist Playroom,
it is also going into the journal.

I was playing with my ink pens last week 
and came up with some more people.
I'm quite pleased with how they are coming out.
This is a random face, I will add something to the other page.
Don't know what yet.

Here is one I really like.

I swapped the sides when I taped it into the journal,
thought it looked better.
Then I decided to scan it in and print it on regular paper
and coloured it with a little water colour.
 The paper was still wet when I took the photo
but it dried okay.
This is my green theme painting
with a daggy poem I made up.

I am now playing with a pencil sketch
for the last ink lady in a hat
I still have to work on the eyes
and the mouth.

Little miss is away at camp for a whole week
next week (can't control my excitement)
so I will get to paint and draw
to my hearts content and
I hope to finish my journal.

Roll on next week!

Thanks to everyone who 
helped me out with that naughty cutter of mine.
Seems the darn thing blunts very quickly.
If my cards start selling
I will invest in a guillotine.

Also, I would like to thank Jenni
for making my cute button
that is near the top of my side bar.
It makes me feel
very official.


  1. Those pen and ink people are lovely and the random face is great... love the lips especially and I like your daggy poem... you are way too harsh, I think it is lovely...and you have a button now...yay... have added it to my blog and looking forward to next term when we can catch up... and camp next week... lucky you, though I bet you miss her by about day 2... hope she has fun and can't wait to see all the work you get done!!!

  2. Great looking desk and I love the faces you have created! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #48

  3. OMG those line drawings are just fab..but the green leaf trums it Von, really wonderful piece of work, and I love the poem!

  4. Such wonderful drawings... and I too love your green leaf. Happy WOYWW, Helen 21.

  5. Those drawing would make great stamps - you want to find someone and submit them. Love your green cover too.
    Hugs, Neet #4 xx

  6. Stunning sketches, I agree with Neet, they would make fabulous stamps x
    Sophie no.88

  7. I love those pen and inks, they seem so sharp and clear. Love the green leaf too and the poem is what now?? Green is my favourite colour so I was drawn to it as soon as I clicked on your blog. I heard about the rain in Australia again, a blogger friend in Northern California go 11" of rain in four days too, it's either feast or famine.

    Brenda 2

  8. Hi Vonny,

    Now, if I could only draw like you!!! I love all your girls; the sleeping child is just beautiful! You asked me if it was difficult taking an e-course - it isn't, at all! I must admit, the only e-courses I've taken are from Christy Tomlinson
    The videos are vary from 20 - 35 minutes. The classes I've taken are "She Art Workshop" and I'm currently taking "The Art of Wild Abadonment". The main instructor is Junelle Jacobson from Yes and Amen Blog. I'll have access to the videos for the entire year! To me, the class cost is cheap since I do have access for a year and can go at my own speed (which isn't too fast). If you want more information or have questions email me at

    #15 (you've already visited!)

  9. Wow, your pen and ink drawings are superb, thanks for sharing. Anne #66

  10. Your drawings are great. Love your pages. Thanks for sharing for this WOYWW, I'm nosing my way through the list! Take care Zo xx 22

  11. At first I was having a terrible time leaving comments on blogs last night. They didn't want to post. Now your blog link seems to be wrong. It's really frustrating. I see others having trouble with MY link, too.

    I love those line drawings. So truly lovely. Happy WOYWW from # 7.

  12. I love your pen and ink people. I would be terrified to use something as un-rubbable-out (Iknow that is not a word, but never mind) as ink for my drawings, and your poem is great. Having read back through your posts and seen all the info on cutters, I think mine might take a walk to the great bin _ I am also suffering from fluffy edges which have to be trimmed off. Thank you for your visit and your kind comments about our new stamp. Have a good week. xx Maggie #5

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed your "daggy" poem! It was nice to see what you created for APR and take it a step further with a poem. Your ladies are beautiful! Making my rounds of the WOYWW desks... onward eyeballs onward... Warmly, Tracy #34

  14. Your ladies are wonderful! What amazing sketches. Very impressive and inspiring! :)

    Happy WOYWW! #38

  15. gorgeous drawings, I think my favourite is the sleeping child you have coloured slightly. your link seems to have 'disabled'.
    good luck with that and the res tof your week
    janet #13

  16. I love black and white pen drawings - been having a go myself this week - but yours are really good. I must get myself a thicker nib pen, the one I'm using is very fine which takes more patience than I've got to make the shadows work!
    BTW, your poem is not daggy, it's great :)
    Hugs, LLJ ~68 xx

  17. your drawings are amazing :)

  18. a great post and pics - and fabulous faces - love the eyelashes! Thanks for sharing your desk and a bit of your life! Sarah (a late WOYWWer at no.1)

  19. Thanks for hopping my blog (I'm a little late to the party but better late then never visiting). Your faces a fabulous! LOVE! The softness of the watercolor is a little magical. xoxo Lori #115

  20. I'm a newie to WOYWW and so late in visiting your workdesk, but I'm so glad to have managed to take a peek.
    I love your art work and couldn't believe your underwater paintings.
    I've painted tropical fish on silk and it reminded me so much of mine, but I haven't painted any for about 12 years.
    I'm hoping WOYWW will help me get my mojo back and I think seeing your work has certainly helped.
    Neesie #37

  21. I just love the sleeping child and still am in love with your leaf!
    I tagged you on my blog! If you want to participate in this game of tag come on over!

  22. Hi VonnyK -- You left me a message on my blog a few days ago and I'm just now catching up. Thanks for the comment and I've been practicing eyes and lips myself. I really like the girl resting, closing her eyes, I don't think she's in a full sleep, do you?


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