Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Doodling for the Artists Playroom

The theme for the Artists Playroom
this week is doodle your name 
or initial,  
pop on over to
to see all the entries.

After a lot of pain 
and bulging, blood shot eyes
here is mine.

 It's quite small,
only 12cm x 17cm
and I'm half blind anyway
so that didn't help.
Plus the super magnified
glasses I'm using are 2 scripts behind
my regular glasses.

I look like I've been drinking all night,
just without the benefits!

I had heard of Zentangle but didn't really know what it was
and now I love it, but my eyes don't.
I'm sure they were invented by an optometrist 
who wanted more customers.

I'm not one of those people who measure
everything and plan,
I just do things and hope for the best.

So I guess, you could call them

The fish is there
because it is me,
no I'm not a fish,
I just love to paint them.

I am putting this at the front 
of my journal.

Here it is next to my Micron pen,
to give you an idea of size.

Well, I'm off to make an appointment
at the optomestrist !


  1. I'm totally in love with your fishy. Especially his scales and tail!
    Thanks so much for playing along this week, I love having new friends stop by. It's cool that you know Tracey fletcher King too. It's such a small world.
    Are you guys in the same area of Australia? I hope your not in a flood affected area, Vonny. I have another bloggy friend who's originally an Australian, has been there for more than a month for vacation visiting family. She now lives in Ohio, I think. You might want to check out her stuff, blog is www.diondior.blogspot.com, you'll love both her and her artwork!
    Talk to you later, so glad you played this week, Thanks for stopping by,

  2. OH that is very creative! You are so witty too:-)

  3. love the fish Von and happy to see you are using the microns... this is a great tangle... they do your head in don't they!!!! nice work
    Trace xx

  4. Beautiful beautiful fish! I haven't tackled zentangles yet... I have an idea for one but alas I'm afraid I'd go cross-eyed permanently!

  5. wow! this is awesome!! LOVE it!! :)

  6. I could have warned you Vonny sorry...been there done that asw they say!
    I love drawing them but my eyes don't (%.%)
    Not sure how many more I'll do before moving on, but for now I'm loving them.
    Your fish is brilliant. I love the shape.
    Rest your eyes and enjoy having your daughters return :D

  7. first attempt at zen tangles? Amazingly well done! Love your fish. May your eyes get the rest they sorely need now!

  8. Love your tangled fishy! So cute! Can't believe it is only your first tangle. Great job!

  9. wow.....totally kewl...such patience....I'm with you on the "lack of planning"....I find miscalculations usually result in a more interesting product anyway.


  10. This is an awesome "doodle"! I can't believe all the details & the shading looks great!


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