Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A not so creative week for WOYWW

Before I start on my week
I would like to thank Bridget for
helping me to get rid of my 
word verification.
Until she let me know, I had no idea that it was even there
on my comments and of course I had no idea how to get rid of it.
Bridget spent some considerable time
emailing back and forth until the rotten
thing was gone.
If you have encountered the nasty devil on my blog, I apologise
but it shouldn't rear its ugly head again (I hope).

This week has not been good for me, creatively speaking.
It seems every thing I have touched has gone wrong and
I can't seem to think of anything to paint and on top of all that
the jeans I fixed with an iron on patch have split further down.

 Okay, so maybe it's time to get a new pair but with me being short,
they will need taking up and so they will sit in my room for months before
I absolutely have to take them up, so what's the hurry.

Here is my desk today, complete with all the failures for the week.
Yes, that is a teabag in a dish of water.
Probably the biggest mess up this week.
I decided to try and tea stain the picture,
not the best idea on ordinary paper,
especially when you don't know what you are doing.

As you can see, the paper has curled up and the stuck on words
have come unstuck, plus waterproof
archival ink pens aren't waterproof.
I found that out the hard way.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
I will let it dry and try to stick the words down again.

I also tried to draw up some ideas for cards and a painting
This is for the card, supposed to be two ladies at a cafe,
not looking too good yet
and here is my plan for a painting
 It's very hard to see.
There is a groper (fish) and he is 
in the dark water with just a few
water ripple patterns showing.
He will be on a canvas
60cm x 90cm
or 2 feet x 3 feet.

I did do a nice little journal page last week.
I used the butterfly from an IA challenge
and added a poem.

Last of all just a flower for a card
I blame the form slump on my friend Angie who
visited from England.
She led me astray for two weeks,
making me go out and have
cake and iced chocolates
everyday for two weeks.

How am I meant to get back to painting,
when I am suffering severe
chocolate withdrawals.

Let's hope I can get over this withdrawal soon,
before I ruin my entire journal. 

To see some people who really are creative,
hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground and
see what people have on their desks
all around the world.

I'm going to patch up my pants again!!


  1. While you're not happy with how the tea staining turned out, it wasn't a failure, it was an experiment and you learned something, right? :) Your desk looks like creativity lives right in the middle of it!

    Thanks for the comment on my projects - and yes the decorative tapes are just masking tape torn and stuck to the slick paper, decorated, then pulled off and used in a journal or card, etc. I'd suggest using them toward the end because I don't know how they'd stick if they got wet w/ paint, etc over top. Have fun with it!

  2. Wow! What an abundance of projects! I especially like the two ladies drinking tea- I think it'll turn out fabulous! I ike how the legs and shoes are drawn- for some reason, I have a hard time drawing shoes! Patsy from

  3. Sorry about the slump! You might be able to iron your tea died page and gesso it (which would stick down the words). Love all your painting and art this week! It is all so fabulous! Thanks for the peek at your space and your creativity! Have a great WOYWW! -Amanda 36

  4. Now that your friend has gone home, you need to cultivate a new sho likes to sew...and especially hem new jeans!!!

  5. Hi Vonny, an enjoyable post today, even it is filled with your, as you see it, failures. Love the piled up teacups - the colours are vibrant and I'd love to drink tea from cups like those. For someone who can't paint/draw to save herself your paintings are just gorgeous - love the butterfly and the yellow daisy.

    My advice re chocolate withdrawal ... I suggest a trip to the sweetie (candy) shop to stock up :))

    I'm feeling much better today,k thanks for your good wishes. I hope you have a lovely WOYWW. Elizabeth x #22

  6. Busy desk Love your pages , your art work is fabulous, the butterfly is beautiful, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  7. A lovely creative desk this week with lots of fantastic pieces of art, I especially love your 'tea' journalling pages :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  8. They are not failures, just happy accidents - one day you will get them out and use them again. Your drawing of the ladies is very impressive, don't give up! Regards, Anne #85

  9. Thanks for visiting my desk all the way over in South Africa. Hope you get over your slump soon. Otherwise, eat more chocolate and when you get round to buying those new jeans...the bit you cut off...could you post it to me, I am too tall and nothing is ever long enough!

  10. Had a few days like that too and huge rants at my matt medium for not sticking....sigh - know how you feel - but you'll get there. I'm still refreshed by your wonderful colours and tones! Thanks for sharing with WOYWW...Sarah at 1

  11. ohooo I love chocolate too...can't do without a nibble! Fabulous art wrok love it all! Happy Crafting
    Happy WOYWW too! <]:o)

  12. I'm a chocolate girl too, can't go without so am loving the new Philadelphia with cadbury spread! Your work is amazing love seeing how you plan it out. Take care, enjoy this WOYWW & I'm off to snoop some more! Wonder how many I'll get round today? Zo xx 60

  13. Wow- I think your projects are turning out just beautifully!

  14. Tea staining will get there. love the flourishes did you draw that yourself? You are so talented and awww so glad I could help you with the WV. Not many people know they have it. Love that tea cup and teapot stamp or did you draw that too.
    Bridget #57

  15. Forgot to say your colouring is exquisite, I am fighting to colour in and will keep trying if it kills me
    Bridget #57

  16. I too had to get help from a friend to remove the dreaded WV thingy, I had no clue how to do it myself!!

    As for the chocolate withdrawal...I'd give in and go buy some!

  17. Your art is amazing, even your failures are 100 times better than my triumphs! You do realise that rubber stamps are for people who can't draw!! Lol, not quite perhaps, but if I had your talent I wouldn't be investing in rubber stamps that's for sure!

    Brenda 6

  18. your desk looks very creative,hope your have a better week now,happy crafting,x

  19. wow what a lot of brill projects going on a fab crafty space. I had that same thing with my word verification I had no idea it was on until a fellow WOYWWer told me.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Becky @44

  20. Beautiful colours.

    Thanks for the peek at your desk.


  21. Not mistakes, just learning experiences. I love tea dying fabric, but haven't tried it with paper, yet. Now, thanks to you, I will know not to use ordinary paper.

  22. I actually like how the tea stained paper looks.... and yes, you can re-stick the words! It seems that we are always our worse critics -- maybe you should go out for a piece of chocolate! hee hee

    I also like the drawing of the two ladies in the cafe - very nice. I couldn't make out the fish too well.

    The flower at the end is very nice - love the color yellow!

    Thanks for visiting me earlier today!


  23. Cake and iced chocolates? Iced chocolate? OMGee, no wonder Angie made you go out. Tough!! You've just got the post visit fidgets, your routine will come back. You've still done three times as much as I have at your desk this week! The journal page is great...yeah, stick the words down again, but huh, it tells the story!

  24. I feel for your sewing woes and the slump after Angie left, but you are being way hard of yourself... your tea pages are awesome and the cards are just lovely and I must admit that I have actually dumped the tea bag in my painting water by mistake too many time to mention, and if it goes with the colours I am painting I just leave it there for a while... not a great habit, but I am trying to change my ways I promise...xx


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