Tuesday, 14 August 2012

APR - Make Me Laugh- A Ditty

This weeks Artists Playroom theme is
Make Me Laugh.

So here goes.

Four little Blogger friends went to the sea.
Can you guess which one of them is me?

I love the ocean but you won't get me in.
I just like to dress the part, right down to the swim fins.

 There's somebody on the phone,
she comes from down south, where your teeth chatter
and she always loves a NATTER.

Who's that in the chair reading and sipping on her favourite TEA?
She loves to read and paint and lives very near to me.

Last but certainly not the least,
we have a girl who loves TURQUOISE and LIME.
She's wearing togs with maple leaves that are truly sublime.
She comes from the top of the world, you know
and has to come down under, cos we've got the heat and all shes got is snow.

Get us all together and Mad Cows we certainly are.
But Neesie, Trace and Jenn are the most fabulous cows by far.

They make me laugh and keep me going.
Three blogger friends that are certainly worth knowing.

Okay, okay, so a poet I am not
but these mad cows are the best of the lot.

That's my terrible take on this weeks APR theme
now hop on over to Jenn's
Artists Playground and see what 
the real people do.

 PS.  Please don't yell at me guys


  1. Ohh, Vonny, you made me both laugh and cry. That is just the sweetest thing ever, and I feel just the same way about you, my friend.

    I love, love, love it and it really made me laugh out loud! So much so my hubby and son jumped wondering what had happened!
    What a clever talented girl you are.
    Just one thing...I love my full lips but not so fussy on my full waistline! Can you sculpt me a little more next time please? LOL

    Can I ask a cheeky question too...would you allow me to take a copy for my inspirational wall?
    It'll certainly make me smile or even giggle every time I look at it! :D
    Bless you Von...I'm thrilled that you call me your friend...the feelings totally mutual...I assure you ;D

  3. You succeeded - wonderful illustrations - silly poem - add it up and you made me laugh!!!

  4. OMG! This made me laugh and I loved it!! They are all great ladies, for sure. :):)

  5. Awesome!! You are so totally clever and I had all but Trace figured out from the clues!! Made me smile :) waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida ;0

  6. This is just hilarious!! Such fun - and I bet they all love it :0)

  7. Oh Vonny, that’s just fabulous, Lol.

    Happy Crafting!

  8. OH man, this is so cute! And I guessed them all before i came to the last paragraph - which mans you did a great job portraying and describing them:-) A great celebration of cow-ship...I mean FRIENDship!;-)

  9. You know when you have had one of those really long days and nothing seems to go right, and then one thing brightens your whole day... well that is this poem... I love it... and I had a cow of a day so it is just perfect.... you made me laugh out loud and Phantom came in and had a read... then Sinus... and we all got a chuckle... thank you my friend... like Neesie I would like a copy for my wall as well... a great celebration and thanks sooo much!!!

  10. Love your beach babes and their story! So fabulous! This put a big smile on my face for sure.

  11. What fun, what great art, what a great gift for your artsy friends including Jenn!

  12. Very creative Vonny. Great job. Love your take on the theme this week.

  13. I recognized each of these ladies immediately! You're beyond clever....the drawing is fun but the ditty is ridiculously hilarious. Great job - AND I can't wait to watch your new fish painting evolve. I just am so in awe of your ability!

  14. This is gorgeous! I love it:) Did you use inks?


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