Thursday, 23 August 2012

Humutts for Artists Playroom

This weeks Artist's Playroom
theme is
Illustrate a Word.

I've gone one better
and made up a word to illustrate,
just had to be different.

My word is humutt,
(pronounced hewmutt)
it's a cross between a human and a mutt (say it with love).
Now a mutt doesn't have to be a dog,
(as it's commonly known)
it can be a parrot.

Oh yes, a parrot can easily be a mutt,
just take mine.

He loves to play ball

toss that ball

Even plays football

and has his spot on the couch.
He is a humutt in so many ways
but I think you get the idea.

I was going to break up the illustration into two words,
humutt for dogs and humrot for parrots
but humrot sounds too much like
something you would put hemorrhoid cream on,
so humutt for both it is.

You've seen my portrait of Charlie parrot
a few times, so I decided to paint Tracey Fletcher Kings

Okay, I've made Tracey wait long enough now.

This painting is a gift for you, Trace.

I did a one hour (made it a time limit)
watercolour of Tracey's gorgeous
little woofy dog,

Gee, after all the teasing I hope it isn't disappointing Trace.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you
humutt, my very first doggy painting!!
(Shame about the lousy photo,
this is shot no. 2343483754 and still can't get his @#%@#  brown eyes to come out )

A close up

I used a photo from Tracey's blog
(thanks for letting me Trace)
so had to improvise a bit.
I've seen the real thing and I can tell you,
he's the cutest little fellow,
even if Traces often calls him Snart!!

So there you have it,
an illustration of the word

Cos, if you own a pet
you know that they are all
part human.
Actually I know some humans
who are part mutt!!
Not bloggers of course!!

If you want to see more words illustrated
just hop on over to Jenn's
Artitst's Playground
and see what everyone else has done.

I'm going to try and get
a decent photo of Mushu,
wish me luck!


  1. OOh, I'm in LLLUUURRRRRVVVEEE with your birdie. He's just the cutest and reminds me so much of Berkley. She used to love to chase pens across the dining room table, I loved to watch her run, parrots run so funny it just makes you laugh.

    Mushu is looking mighty cute too, Trace is gonna love it Von. What a good friend you are. :o)
    Good word, can I be a humutt?? Hehehe.

  2. OMG... I LOVE it... you have caught his eyes so perfectly.... I showed Phantom and she was mightily impressed... got a why can't you draw like that comment... I love it so much... can't wait to show Sinus.... you clever thing you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I adore this post!! You have caught the personality of that little pooch just can tell what he's going to do next, almost!! What a gorgeous gift :)
    And your parrot can probably play better footie than most of the English Premier Overpaid League.... *grin*
    LLJ #71 xx

  4. Great painting of an adorable humutt. I like that made up word. Your parrot looks like a lot of fun.


  5. More than PART human, I say. Once those cats grow thumbs we're going to find ourselves in serious trouble. Great puppy sketch. I think it captures his personality. He looks like he could get into some mischief but is too cute for any type of punishment.

  6. What a fabulous take on the theme - and making up a why didn't I think of that? Your painting of Mushu is just adorable and SO very good. Those goodness. So much talent, and used so perfectly - Tracey will love it.

  7. Your parrot is just THE cutest!! And SO very clever, love his red collar :)
    The pooch is AWEsome Tracy will be gobsmacked - what a fab gift! :0))

  8. I adore parrots!! I have a humutt cat, as you know. ;)
    Love that you made up a word! How cool is that?!
    I think you did a wonderful job on Tracey's MushuSnart, too. :):)

  9. You are so very clever! Both Charlie and Mushu are adorable humutts:-)

  10. Tracey should now call Mushu......Mushy....
    as this is how I reacted when I saw him...such a cute humutt!
    Well done Von...another triumph.....
    LOLuv...Angie GB

  11. First off I would like a Charlie of my own - he's very handsome!
    Secondly, awww! You've captured the human-ness in his eyes fabulously.

  12. This is simply brilliant!! What a grand idea, make up a word, illustrate it marvelously, and then go and gift it for all to see and enJOY!!


  13. Wow, Vonny, just wow! I'm sure Tracey will be thrilled, it's a really wonderful portrait...his eyes look brown from here!! Loving your step by steps for the fish on WOYWW, for non understanding amateurs like me, ,it's fascinating.

  14. That's a wonderful painting of Tracey's dog. She's going to love it. Blessings!

  15. OH LORDY Von, how did you do that?
    I've tried to draw Mufftypup numerous times but it's so hard that I've now put that idea in the too hard to do box!
    Mushu looks so handsome and those eye's ^,,^ Brilliant!
    You've done such a fantastic gorgeous painting Von...Tracey is going to be so thrilled. I know I would be.
    But not forgetting Charlie...he's a star too. xoxo

  16. Lovely pictures having lunch with Angela in Westfield shopping centre Anon

  17. You have really captured Tracey dog, well done Von!


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