Thursday, 9 August 2012

Turquoise and lime for APR

How yummy does that sound,
turquoise and lime, turquoise and lime
kinda rolls off your tongue.

Makes me think of sipping some
tropical cocktail on a warm sunny beach.
Dang this cold winter, 
I want spring!!

I decided to paint
a summery scene
(even though my fingers are
freezing off)
using the theme colours for this
weeks Artist's Playroom,
yes, you guessed it
turquoise and lime.

Okay, it's pretty obvious that this poor girl
has had some work done.
Fake tan, nose job and too much filler to the lips
but hey that's the way the young girls go these days
(cough, cough, not my bad painting).

I have to admit, I had heaps of fun
and lots of panics with this piece.

I started by playing with goopy stuff
to make it stand out in places and
ended up wearing most of the goop.

Then the horror movie stage
where I add a bit more paint
She looks really freaky
with the white eye.
I'm sure this put me off because
I had lots of little oopsies,
like when I had two palettes on the go
and way too many brushes in my mouth and hands
and used the wrong colour across her cheek.
Then there was the, it's time to get a new 
tube of paint moment, when I squeezed out the paint and
it came out all over my hand, 
cos it has an extra hole in the old tube.

After all the fun and games
she turned out kinda okay

Love those lumpy bits of hair and the eye is okay too.
I might refine the hair more, but I sorta like it straggly.

It was fun painting something I don't normally do,
but I think I will steer clear of people.

I think that she looks better from a distance,
I took this shot first but realised you can see my mess.

So don't look at that
try this one

Looks better from here, than it does up close.

Now I have my goopy stuff I might do some underwater scenes
and have the fish tails standing out and the coral,
Oooh I can feel some more fun coming on.

While I go and find a scene to paint,
why don't you hop on over to Jenn's
Artist's Playroom
and see what everyone else
has done with
turquoise and lime.
Sorry, had to say it just one more time.
Turquoise and lime (he he).


  1. So is that righht it's turquoise and lime then Von ;D (LOL)

    I was thinking of painting a cocktail and beach umberella first but then changed my's allowed I think.
    But I don't know whether I agree with your statement that you will stay clear of people...why?'s brilliant!
    How clever to use gloop and come up with something like this! WOW!
    I mean I have to say here and now...I hate her...why? Well for her lack of wrinkles, full lucious lips, flowing locks, and beautiful clear blue eye, but then that's me and my own personal issues. :$
    I think an underwater scene with coral will be fantastic and can't wait to see what you do.
    I'm away to finish my lime and turqoise...just added it one more time just for you :D
    Have a wonderful creative time until we speak again!
    Neesie xoxo

  2. I agree, turquoise and lime - it sounds just sooo delicious :). What a classy girl, love that big turquoise hat and her flowy hairs!

  3. Another success......the lady is a beautie for sure.
    Love the turquoise and lime theme....
    Happy Glooping !
    Angie GB

  4. Pretty lady in a great hat. Wasn't it fun to work with the turquoise and lime theme?


  5. My gosh, I guess we all have unfounded insecurities, but I can't imagine why you wouldn't paint more ladies - she's gorgeous! And oh-so-summery! I love the way her hat tilts saucily over her eye (then you only have to paint one!:)) and her full lips (I wish I had) and I'm with the lack of wrinkles! ha. I for one vote for leaving the hair straggly - I like that it's windblown and messy, exactly how it should be for a summery day. Oh, and great use of jenn's colors.....your lady rocks!

  6. She's styling with the hat! The colors work for her don't they? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Barb

  7. It's so fun seeing your canvas finished, last I saw you had goop in your hair! I think she turned out beautifully! Her hair is awesome, looks like a gentle breeze blowing through it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  8. Hi Von,
    It's every artist's prerogative to see their own work however they see it. But just so you know, that woman is really lovely. I see that you wish you had the right color acrylic to do more shadowing but that doesn't change her beauty. Your heart shows in your art just as it shows in Trace's and Neesie's etc. It really is a very cool painting and it might help if you try to see it the way we do, not such a critical eye for the "mistakes" you see and the beauty we see instead. you are so talented and you have a right to revel in that.
    Ok, I'm stepping off my soapbox now and go do my turquoise and lime, of which I'm sure I'll be critical of, lol.

  9. OMGoodness, she is just beautiful!! All ready for her role as bridesmaid, or set for the Queen's Spring Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. Whatever she's doing, she'll be the envy of all! :0)

  10. I love to see your process. Nose job or not, she makes me smile for the beauty captured. And I want her hat. Surely if she can afford a nose job she will hand me her hat? ;-)

  11. I think this is quite clever, Vonny. I mean, it's clearly outside your "comfort zone" to paint a people painting, so you say, but here's what I see:
    1. daring and boldness to breech unknown territory.
    2. clever use of colours for APR which I see can BE mighty effective in small bits as opposed to my all turquoise and all lime everywhere at once.
    3. a generosity of great value in sharing the process and your thoughts about that in-BEtweenish part which I sometimes refer to as BEing 13 when everything's changing and nothing's quite right.

    I am glad, too, to read others' comments BEcause I learn from their perspectives, too.

    Just saying...

  12. Hi Vonny..she is absolutely breathtaking...her eyes mesmerizing and she carries a powerful energy and elegant essence..she is a hats!! Love your space..fabulous pictures! Wonderful entry for APR!! Shine on..

  13. Lovely lady I say! Really neat texture and nice clear colors. You can "paint" my face any day!

  14. She is stunning, Vonny. I read you WOWW post, and you made me laugh at your antics during the process of working with the goop. I always say, a true artist always wears paint.

  15. I have to admit I expected to see a beautiful underwater scene when I came to your blog, but I am not disappointed by your turquoise and lime lady! There is an air of mystery about her and her pouty lips makes one wonder who she is thinking of!

  16. Vonny, your girl is perfect. I just love her. Very inspiring.

  17. It looks great Von despite all the hassles... and I want SPRING... sick of being bloody cold... saw this morning we are going to be 27 on Thursday!!!!! Love to see you working on canvas again...xx


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