Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WOYWW # 159 Great week.

It's been a busy but exciting week for me.
I have been trying to get my sick mother
to rest, mission impossible (but she is much better),
and helping my eldest daughter
with all the painful paperwork
and running around,
associated with buying a car.
Somehow, I managed to get some time to myself
and did plenty.

All weekend (much to little miss' annoyance)
I drew and painted these
Egbert Bookman bookmarks.
Little miss stole all four of the ones I made earlier,
so I had to start from scratch.
Why so many bookmarks you ask?
Well, (drum roll please)
I have an Etsy store!!
After much trouble and copious
amounts of swearing,
it is up and running and
I even managed to get it onto my blog
(still can't believe that).
You can see it on my sidebar
if I haven't done something and lost it!!

I can't say that the store is all my work
as the wonderful, lovely 
(and anything else nice you can think of)
took pity on my terrible efforts
and made my store banner. 

It is beautiful,
thank you so much Jenn, I really
couldn't have done the shop without you.

Another other exciting thing this week
was my gorgeous clock arrived from 
Lynn, of Doodly Bird fame.

These little birds flew right across the globe
and landed in my room.
They are now proudly sitting above my desk.
Lynn, I hope you house trained them,
I don't want any extra bits on my artwork!!!

As well as that, all of my ATC's swaps have arrived
and here they all are.

 From Sandee

From Bella

From Sylvia

From Kay

From Bridget

They are all so beautiful,
I really am lucky to receive such gorgeous things.

Sorry Julia, I know we should keep
these posts short
but so much fun has 
happened, I just had to share it all.

If you are still awake after that 
post, why not go on over to Julias
Stamping Ground
and see what everyone else is doing
around this big old world.


  1. Hi Vonny Great to see all your work this week & the ATC's are lovely - I'd never done or had them before - now have three since the swap - how do you store them - any tips ? Ali #39

  2. Your desk sounds like my desk! If I leave it unattended and someone likes it it tends to walk off! Love all the ATC's and everyone in this group is so talented! Have a great week car shopping...that's not a favorite thing of mine to do. Vickie #@#

  3. What wonderful ATC's Von,
    I think it's a great idea to receive such lovely things through the post.
    Really special ;D

    Now Etsy shop! congratulations, I didn't know you were struggling like me. I think I should have had a word with Jenn because I had such a struggle too. What a steep learning curve.

    I'll nip in and have a peep.
    Enjoy WOYWW and good luck with Etsy! Any tips just let me know ;D
    Neesie #26

  4. beautiful ATC's. Your bookmarks are so colorful! Nice workdesk! Valerie #36

  5. Hello from across the pond. Those Doodly Birds look so settled and happy Yvonne, I am sure they are on their best behaviour.
    Well done you on getting your Shop up and running, I will pop over and have a look.
    Have a lovely week and I hope you get some crafting done.
    Lynn x x x
    Doodly Bird mama

  6. Good luck with your Etsy store, I am sure Julia will forgive you this once (I can't do short either so....) happy woyww, from Helen #33

  7. congratulations on getting your etsy store up and running. all the best for it's success. those are cute bookmarks!
    what lovely ATCs you got!

    happy WOYWW!
    blessings and hugs from #15
    peggy aplSEEDS

  8. Lovely ATC's.
    Good luck with your etsy store.
    Laura 94

  9. Good luck with the Etsy store! Beautiful ATC's

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #57

  10. Hi Vonny, good to hear mum is on the mend and well done one getting the etsy store up and running!! Thanks for popping by tosee me and have a Happy WOYWW Cindy #8

  11. Gorgeous ATCs you've received. Love the clock and the bookmarks. Thanks for the opportunity of having a peep at your workspace - trying to make a few visits early this week! Hazel, WOYWW #87 x

  12. Everything on show is just fab. The bird clock? fab. All the ATCs? Fab. The Ollie brooch? Outstanding. Just too much to see - I'll be here for ages....feeding the fish LOL!

    Happy WOYWW

    Mary Anne (4)

  13. fabulous work - thanks for sharing

  14. Happy woyww, I always like stopping by here, there is always something going on, good luck with the etsy shop thing, mark

  15. Lovely bookmarks - off to check out your store. Dani22

  16. Great post Vonny those bookmarks are brilliant and well done in setting up the shop! Love everything you've received this week and I hope you mum is feeling better soon. I would have brought that goose home with me if I could! Have a look at this cute little video of a retired man who befriends a goose in a park...

    Weather is too hot for me, close to 100F makes it difficult to do anything after work, I'm happier in the low to mid 80'sF.


  17. Fabulous ATCs and I love those bookmarks
    Sophie no.93

  18. Lovely ATC's and beautiful bookmarks!
    Good luck with your new store :)
    Mary Jo #123

  19. congrats on your etsy shop,hope you sell loads and what a fab set of atcs you have received,thanks for visiting me
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #63

  20. Not sure how you find time to do this fantastic art work.
    You recieved wonderful ATCs.

  21. Congrats on the etsy shop!!! It takes a lot of work to set up and love the border Jenn made for you. Cute bookmarks. Best of luck with your new venture. :):)

    Lots of pretty ATCs and a very cute clock. A feast for the eyes today.

  22. Congrats on the new Etsy store, I hope you do very well at it. Please let us know! Lovely ATC's, always surprises me to see something I made on another person's blog, lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  23. Hi Vonny,

    Love the bookmarks! The doodly clock from Lynn is great! Isn't she something!!!

    What a nice collection of ATCs you've received also.

    I'm not linking up today but wanted to pop in and check out your desk -- snoop that I am!


  24. Congrats on setting up the shop - I hope it does really well for you. Good Luck!!
    Look at those lovely ATCs, great to see all that WOYWW warmth and friendship.
    Hugs, LLJ #72 xx

  25. Lovely post!!! love those ATC's... super doodly bird clock.. Hugs May x x x#62

  26. ...your bookmarks look gorgeous and how wonderful to get your own Etsy shop up and running too...loVe the beautiful little works of art you recieved...thanks for sharing and stopping by me...Mel :)

  27. I LOVE the bookmarks!! And congrats on your Etsy shop!! You're a business owner!

    Yay! You found the badge! I thought I would keep it earier this week!!

    Thanks for your sweet words on all my projects lately! It means so much to hear them!!

    Amy E. #17

  28. Glad to hear that you snuck in some time to play! Good luck with the Etsy Store. How nice to have a friend help you with the banner. Thanks for sharing the lovely ATCs that you've received.

  29. We're glad you didn't keep it short!

    Congratulations on your new store!

    I didn't have much I could show this week, so went with
    the WOYWW--Daughter Edition!


  30. You have been busy! Your store banner looks mawhvelous too! I couldn't resist taking a peek. Love your bookmarks and all the goodies you received. :)

  31. got some lovely ATC's!

  32. Love your bookmarks and hope the shop does very well - am sure it will with all those lovely pieces of art.
    Great collection of ATCs - good swap wasn't it?
    Bit late getting round the desks this week as we were out all yesterday, enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.
    Ann B

  33. Hi Vonny, you really did get some beautiful ATCs in he swap. Just gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog. #14

  34. Great bookmarks, lovely clock, super ATC's what a great week for you. Thanks for stopping by BJ#47

  35. I love your bookmarks! Great work. Take care, am still snooping on Thursday. Zo xx 73

  36. Thanks for visiting my desk, Sorry i'm a bit late.
    Great selection of atc's received. And your bookmarks look cool too, good luck with your store
    Hugz Minxy #11

  37. Your work is beautiful, and so are all the ATC's you received through the swap. I need to get involved in one, but not sure how to. Blessings!

  38. Lovely bookmarks. Hope the Shop goes well too. Love the name "just add water silly". Having a look around.
    Take care,
    Ros. #51

  39. So glad you enjoyed the summer joke. Som e of those gorgeous ATCS puts mine to shame, they are so beautiful.
    Bridget #13

  40. Congrats on your etsy store - the bookmarks are very sweet, and your new banner is lovely....

    Morti #58


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