Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WOYWW 158 and smiling.

At last I can smile again,
even just slightly
as the weather has 
reached back up into the 20's C.

Now I only have 2 jumpers on
and might even get down to one this afternoon
if the sun stays out.

My fingers are no longer
foreign objects
refusing to move or hold pencils.
They are feeling a little creative
and want to play, so play I did.

Did you notice that the picture is quite clear???
My sweet husband took pity on me 
let me use his work camera,
it's one of those point and it does the rest
type cameras.  Gotta love that.

The theme for this weeks APR
is drawing, so out came the old pencils
and I am having a play with some 
It's still very much a work in progress
but getting there.

On the long weekend my little miss wasn't
terribly well, her tonsils were playing up
and she just laid on the couch, poor little thing.
This gave me some time to play
and I did some more Egbert bookmarks.

 At least they brought a smile to her little face.
Her tonsils went down just in time
to go to school on Tuesday
and she wasn't too happy about that!

When I use my winter studio,
oh okay, the family room,
I have a little helper who sits on my chair.

He has to stay on the chair and not the desk
because he loves to shred pencils
and mine would be gone in seconds!

Something wonderful happened
a few minutes ago.
The postman came and I received my first ATC.

Isn't it gorgeous and such a beautiful card too.
Thank you so much Kay (505whimsygirl)
this is my first ever ATC, I shall treasure it.

Now I have shown you all my excitement for the week,
hop on over to Julias Stamping ground
and see what wonderful things
have been happening on desks 
all around the world.

I have to go an save my pencils
from a certain parrot.


  1. Morning Von,
    So glad that its warmer your way...the sun is out here, but it's very weak so the heatings on.
    I'm getting feb up already wearing my fleece! ;D
    You're drawing of the tomatoes is fantastic and I've now decided (although I already thought I'd be too late anyway) not to enter this weeks APR. I don't seem to be able to make it every week only every other one. Well we'll see after today....
    I hope poor little miss is okay. I remember having trouble with tonsils and it's no fun. Love the bookmarks ~ they are so cute. That goes for your little helper too :D
    I thought I'd start desk hopping earlier today to get a head number yet but then I think you know me by now.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday...Happy WOYWW Neesie xoxo

  2. Love the tomatoes! Glad it is warmer so your fingers are working again. More cute bookmarks, too. :)

    I'm jealous that you have a parrot! I miss my greys. Had to sell them when I lost my job, car, and couldn't afford to take decent care of them. They went to an excellent home, but I still miss them 13 years later.

    Have a lovely day!

  3. Happy WOYWW Vonny! Great pics today, that tomato sketch is delicious! Oh your birdie friend is delightful, what a sweet face!

  4. glad you're feeling brighter know it's warmer over there :) it's still cold and damp in Blighty and my right side gets so stiff in such weather....
    great images and a wonderful tomato sketch!
    have a great week :)
    no. 46

  5. WOW! LOVE that drawing of the tomatoes! Wish I could draw like that, it's gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing

    Happy WOYWW

    Jackie #89

  6. Some great art on your desk! Have a great week hugs trace x

  7. Awesome drawing!
    Have you tried parrot pencils? ( for example, not that I have bought from this site before)
    My Budgie likes to throw my pencils around and beat them up so I bought her some of her own. She wasn't fooled though, she doesn't touch her pencils but still is after mine!
    Laura 78

  8. I just love those Bookmarks Vonny. Your desk looks so nice and bright and tidy too. The tomatoes are amazing, you are so very talented. Hope the wee one is better too. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xx 33

  9. Thanks for the peek!
    #153 on this week's WOYWW

  10. I love those bookmarks!!! They are fantastic... and your atc's too. Have a great day, Helen #3

  11. I love the bookmarks the little character looks soo cheeky :) Helen T #48

  12. Glad to hear that you are starting to defrost a little bit. I hate being cold. Icky, icky! I'll bet your little helper is quite the help despite a shred pencil or two. I love the Egbert bookmarks-so sweet and spry.

  13. Happy WOYWW. I think I would be very happy to have your temperatures - around 18 is a warm day here! Love those bookmarks - so bright and cheery. Ali x #84

  14. Hi Von, I'm all snuggled up in our caravan in the Cumbrian lake district, it was 16 degrees today which was warm for us. Haha. Hello to your little feathered friend, I hope he doesn't attack the Doodly birds when they arrive.
    Lynn x x x

  15. Just hate being cold!! It certainly isn't flaming June here either!! Lovely drawings and hopelittle miss is better soon, tonilitis is a big pain, my youngest still suffers and it makes him quite ill. Hopefully he'll grow out of it. TFS Happy WOYWW Cindy #39

  16. Glad it is warming up for you!
    I hate being cold, too!!
    And sorry your little one was sick, but glad she is feeling better!

    Mary Jo #119

  17. You are quite talented! Glad it warmed up enough to do some creating! What a pretty bird! Sorry to hear your little miss is sick! hope she is better soon! Its so fun to get things in the mail. Your ATC's you received are beautiful! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Valerie #26

  18. love the tomatoes!! I love the book marks too! You do fantastic work. Glad to hear your fingers have defrosted enough to be able to. It was 25c today and tomorrow it will be warmer. I love summer! Have a good week Vonny! Vickie #42

  19. I have read these in the wrong order but have to say I love the tomatoes in their half finished state and your desk is so neat and full of wonderful...xx

  20. Parrot pencils, lolol, now I've heard it all. Charlie looks full of beans to me, a real cheeky chappie!
    Love the drawing of your tomatoes, quite wonderful. I love black and white drawings, prefer them to colour actually...and pattern really float my boat which is why I love Zentangles so much!
    Have a good week,
    LLJ #1 xx

    PS I was also 18 in 1979...!!

  21. Love your Galah 'charlie' ? he is one fine looking man. Tomatoes drawing is so good too. Love your work.

    Have a great crafting week
    Eliza #65

    Please use this link when replying or the stamping Ground blog link.

  22. happy woyww. as always love the art. Hope your mum starts to feel better. mark

  23. Hi Vonny, those tomatoes look delicious! I think Charlie has a twinkle in his eye for those pencils. :)

    Susan # 116

  24. Aw Von, you would hate it here. Midsummer and it hasn't reached 20C all week!! LOVE the bookmarks too...I have your beautiful poppy card to gaze upon and radiate colour and heat on me while I type, how often do I have to mention my love for use of colour?! A pencil shredding parrot huh? Oh boy, we do live different lives!

  25. Love your tomatoes drawing.Isn't drawing the most satisfying things to do.Those bookmarks are just so sweet!!
    If ever you'd like to do a swap with me just let me know!
    Sorry you've not been well, and hope you can thaw out in some sunshine.
    Judy #22


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