Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilant WOYWW no 157

What a huge week Britain has had.
The Jubilee was fabulous
and yes, we watched it over here in Australia.

I was born in England but I am an Aussie now and
 I still love Royalty.
The closest I have to a British flag 
is hanging in my room.

It was sent to me by my wonderful
friend Angie, who lives in Essex.
She knows me well!

Today is the first day this week I have been able to 
do any art, so not much going on yet,
just my usual mess.
Just noticed that I haven't turned my
calendar over,  I've fixed that now.
Had to mention that as I forgot
last month too and got told off for it.

I have started a zentangle/mixed media pic
for this weeks Artists Playroom.

Just up to the left are my new bright watercolour wheels.
You can see the vibrant colours on a bit of paper just
below the right wheel.

I can't wait to play with them
but I can't use my fingers much
as it is freezing here
and they could snap off.

I have so many layers of clothes on 
that I can hardly move, it's only
18 deg in the house!
This is the sub-tropics, people
and we don't have heaters.

When I finish this post
I will wheel my other desk into the family room and sit
in the sun to thaw out.
Then I might be able to do more of this picture.

How on earth do you people in the northern hemisphere survive
in the cold???

While I go and thaw out
why not hop on over to Julia's
see what people have 
on their desks
around the world.

I finished my water droplet
painting from last week
and if you are interested


  1. Congrats on making it to number 1 this week. As always, I love your zentangles, although it's a bit hard to know what the finished piece will look like.

    Our winter was quite mild last year, but our summer was BRUTAL. Looks like our spring has followed through and it's been hot here already for days. Happy WOYWW from #4

  2. lucky you #1 enjoyed by trip around your desk love the zantangles. have a great day!

  3. Hi Vonny from me on the Gold Coast. It has been a bit chilly hey?
    I so admire people who are artistic and if I had one (spare) wish it would be to be able to draw/sketch/paint.
    Love your desk.

  4. Been watching as much of the festivities from here in the US as I can. I'm a sucker for the monarchy.

    Fun looking paints on your desk!

  5. It's wet and drippy cold here today too Vonny and it's supposed to be our warm time of the year! I love how the basket came out in your zentangle, very cool! Happy WOYWW!

  6. Love what´s going on on your desk!
    Hmm... maybe it´s good to have long cold winters - so we do have good heaters too!

    From Finland with warm hugs!
    Tuire #14

  7. Very cool basket of fruit! Have tons of fun with those new watercolors!
    We enjoyed the Diamond Jubilee very much here in northern Minnesota where we keep warm in winter by having woodstoves, propane heat or electric heat, lol!
    Have a great WOYWW and I hope it warms up where you are! It was in the 80's here.

  8. It's been chilly here too, actually am wearing socks, lol Guess that's not too cold, huh? Love the sentiment on your flag, 3 cheers to that! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  9. Great Desk Vonny. TFS. Happy WOYWW day. Rita 17 xxx

  10. I forgot about you being left in the cold while our weather is warming nicely! Congrats on being #1. Love your busy desk and that basket of goodies!

  11. Love your zentangle basket Vonny. Gosh 18 degrees is so mild!hehe We are in Adelaide, and I thought our weather was/is quite's then heat that i find difficult.Love your desk.
    Judy 26

  12. ...great looking desk with the paints all at the cool your Zentangle Basket looks like a walnut shell, I've not ventured into the world of Zentagles but they look for 18' thats what my temp is always set at, i'd like it a tad higher but that would mean not eating as the bills so bloomin high...thanks for sharing...Mel :) #27

  13. Vonny love your zentangle basket...yes the cold sucks! this year in Athens we economised a bit and did not burn the heating a lot so i pulled out all the fleece and the pure wool jerseys from yesteryear!!keep well keep to check out your link with your art!!

  14. We should really have a WOYWW get together for Australians LOL.
    Bridget #21
    I live in Canberra brrrrrrr. Love your English flag, love your zentangle

  15. congrats on number 1 and the zentangle if fab.

  16. lovely art works and your water droplet painting is very, very good ..amazing !
    I live in Ohio USA and it is chilly here today. (60's) but tomorrow the temps are going to head back up into the 80's which is more normal for this time of year
    I love the sunshine and spending some time outside

  17. WOW!! That zentangle basket looks fantastic.... love the flag.. I hope you thaw out soon brrrrrrrrrr Congrats on being No1 Hugs May x x x#34

  18. Hiya, happy WOYWW to you. Hope you have a good old creative week. Thanks for the peek into your world. Your desk looks good and busy, hope you don't get too cold!
    Neil #44

  19. I have enjoyed watching the jubilee also, something to remember. Loving your pots of colour, have a fab crafty week
    Kay #52

  20. Wow that looks a fantastic zentangle Von,
    I'm definitely going to have to do some with colour soon.
    I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Have a great WOYWW ~ stay cosy...I am!
    We do have heaters here in Melbourne but it's still afa cauld here ;D
    Neesie #7

  21. Wow, cannot believe that you are cold in Australia! You are right about the British weather though, it was a shame for Her Maj this weekend. Love your flag/banner, it is brilliant and your zentangle is coming along nicely. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

  22. Well done on top spot. Your Keep Calm offering is one I've not seen before! Have a lovely day, Helen 16

  23. Sorry to hear you are so cold down there already since you still have several months of winter to go. A friend who moved here from Melbourne tells me that the weather isn't much different here just backward...
    ;-) Australia. I dread the heat in summer and the cold in winter but it is better then further north from here! Love the zentangles you show us. Looking forward to seeing this one done. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #51

  24. Congrats on the #1

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #60

  25. Good day Von, hope you've got your vest on. Look at you at number 1, did you sit up all night waiting to pounce. Haha.
    The zentangle looks fantastic. Mo Allan said she was having a go at one and I didn't even know what it meant. Maybe I could do a Doodly Bird one.
    Lynn x x 61
    One I Made Earlier Today

  26. We get cold here in Cape Town but we kid ourselves that it is not really THAT cold, though we don't have snow, it was 9 degrees at 7am when I went to gym and will only get colder till the middle of JULY! We do however have heaters. THANK GOODNESS!

  27. Loving the zentangle! I so get the freezing your but off at 18 degrees LOL
    We just put wooden sliding doors in the family room and the wind keeps howling through the gaping holes to the side.
    Happy WOYWW

  28. fantastic zentangles! (they always are!) well, it's not too cold here, but it's still a bit cloudy, we had three days of lovely hot sun last week, so that must have been our summer!
    Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn)) at #64

  29. Hi there Vonny, thanks so much for sharing your desk with us and its crafty zentangles - do love them too! yes I adore the Queen too as you will see on my post - and found another Aussie so did not know you were - and joined you blog to encourage you and cos I like what I see! :D
    Now re. the Northern hemisphere and the cold - having just come back from there and it was 2 to 8C my first week in UK (the wind was bitter - went right through you!) and even colder in Finland. The cope because their homes are built for the cold - double glazing, super insulation and proper heating. The Finland lakeside house had it in the floor and was awesome! toasty, that is how they cope! we just shiver - well almost! Happy WOYWW, Shaz in oz.x #8

  30. If it's any consolation, it's supposed to be about 20 degrees in a normal UK June - it's about 12 at the moment! Brrrrrrr. But it's summer so the heating is NOT going on!! Love the fact that you enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations :)
    Hugs, LLJ 70 xx

  31. You;re unintentionally funny! I wish it was 18 here...and here it's midsummer!Don't let your fingers snap off though, I need to see you work out those watercolour wheels..I have one tucked away somewhere, I bet you get far more out of yours!!

  32. We have heaters in the house, lol! Or we just keep moving. Or like my mother, who is 86 this year same as the Queen, we put on more clothes. Is that a drawing on your desk? It looks awesome!
    Helen S #77

  33. Super stuff going on, love the colours of your paints. Heating! That's how we cope, & when we venture out, thermals! Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 65

  34. You are freezing and we are in the 90 degree range here. Hot and sweaty. I'll trade you some of our heat for a little of your cold! Love your desk this week! I adore Zentangle and this one looks like it is going to be glorious!

  35. 18C cold? It's all relative, I'll invite you to come and stay with me in Michigan in February if you'd like to appreciate real cold just once, lol! It's currently 11C and I'm wearing a tshirt.... just say'n. Hope you "thaw" out soon cos I'd hate to see your fingers drop off, no more beautiful art for us.

    Congrats on being No1.
    Brenda 94

  36. Your zentangle drawing is looking really interesting. I look forwards to seeing the finished product. :)

    Ali #74

  37. Whoa...18 degrees IN THE HOUSE?!! That's awful. I hate the cold. We live in the sub-tropics too. Guess you need some "global warming" eh?

    Love your watercolors!!

  38. I think this temperature stuff is just what you are used me 18 is a pleasant day....21 is warm...25-28 ....a heat wave. An indoor temp of 18-20 would mean wearing t-shirts ...and my daughter would have the windows open lol xx
    Love what you are creating.btw.

  39. Love the flag!!

    Oh my goodness, that is cold! The only way I survive our winters is with heaters! I can't imagine not having one :)

    Hope it warms up for you soon!
    Mary Jo #99

  40. Hi Vonny,

    Congrats on being number one! I "scheduled" my post today but it didn't work - again. I'll forever be in the triple digits!

    I hope the weather does a change for you. I can't imagine not having heat, but it you don't need it. Most of the older homes here don't have air conditioning.

    I mailed your ATC off this morning. I also noticed that I wasn't a follower - I don't know how that happened.... am now following.


  41. The pots of color and the texture of the basket - Love it! We could certainly trade some heat/cold with you! It's only 8am and it's already in the 60's F. I'd rather be cold than can only get so naked, but you can layer on the clothes! lol

    Happy WOYWW!

    Angi ♥#73

  42. Congratulations on being the first to post. Hope you have managed to get warm. I love your desk. Tracey ±55

  43. I have no idea how those northerners do it. I live in Southern Arizona, USA, and I just shiver and shiver if it is under 80 degrees (they keep the a/c on at 71 so I'm shivering right now). Love the zentangle fruit bowl!

  44. Hello!

    Congratulations on being the first one on WOYW - quite an accomplishment! I love your photo - a true artist's workdesk! Love zentangles and your new creation in progress looks great! Wishing you a happy one!

    Barbara Diane

  45. This is the first time I've popped by your blog- well done on making number one. I love your zentangle, it's so creative,

    Rebecca #146

  46. I take it you mean 18C? 64F? I mean, we get 18F up here in the winter, but I can't imagine it being that cold in the tropics. 64? The 60s and 70s is perfect weather up here. Gets into the 80s and 90s and it's too hot. Been that way lately and I have to be inside with the AC on. On the other hand, 18F--I'd have to think about putting on my winter coat. ;)

    But--my folks retired to Florida and cannot take the "cold" up here anymore. They get chilly when it's in the 50s and 60s now! So, I think it's all relative to what you're used to.

    Love your new colorful little palettes. And--zentangle!! I need to get working on mine for this week. Yours looks super so far as I can see. Very nice!

    Bundle up and stay warm!!

  47. Fabulous zentangle. Happy WOYWW

  48. Woot no 1 gratz.. Love your Zentangle bowl of fruit. I have that poster too says. Keep calm and love owls. Sandy #98

  49. Happy WOYWW. Your zentangle is amazing. 18 degrees in the house - that is a warm day here in the UK! We survive by having heating in the house - set to 25 degrees when we turn it on (which has happened this week for a few hours in the evening/early morning, despite it being 'summer'). We also have drawers full of warm clothing, including thermals, and a lot of coats/hats/scarves etc!! It was 18 degrees here today and I was shopping without a coat on. Ali x #54

  50. Is that 18 degrees Celsius? If so that's about 64 degrees Fahrenheit... not chilly at all! This is coming from someone who lives in northern climes so I won't give you too much hooey about it. :) LOVE the sneak peek a the tangle for APR!! Warmly, Tracy #93

  51. Happy WOYWW! Your desk is amazing! I am going to look around your blog some more!!

  52. glad to see you got a brights wheel... the colours are mazing aren't they and it is still stupidly chilly I think... my fingers are only just warming up now... hate winter... your zentangle looks awesome... mine is rubbish, but you have so much more patience than I do...xx

  53. Love your zentangles and must get round to trying one soon...

    Hugs Emily#90

  54. Hey, Vonny K! Your desk is so much fun!

    I read your chickens tore up your garden--they're naughty like that, we had to put a fence around ours. BUT it's great how they eat the bugs!


  55. Hey, Vonny K! Your desk is so much fun!

    I read your chickens tore up your garden--they're naughty like that, we had to put a fence around ours. BUT it's great how they eat the bugs!


  56. Stay warm! I love that zentangle you're working on :)

    Katie (19)

  57. Congrats on being no 1 on the posting list, how do you do that. I am always waiting to see someone start and wished I could, just don't know how.

    I so love your water droplet painting, brilliant creation and you have captured the droplet perfectly.

    Happy Crafting
    Eliza #50

  58. ohhhh thats a gorgeous little picture! I am running late too

  59. Don't you read too much into what Shaz says - not all houses are built for the cold. I'm (un)lucky enough to live in a 16th Century thatched cottage, and that sucker is COLD to live in. It's a Listed building, which means you have to have special permission to make any changes, so it doesn't have double glazing, and there's no insulation in the walls. It's draughty as heck and though we have oilfired central heating and a log burner, once they shut down for the night, it's a case of as many layers as you can get on and huddle up for warmth!!!

    And it's none too warm in the summer either.... LOL

    Love your water droplet painting - just beautiful...

  60. Although your desk (by your standards) is my eyes it is inviting to come play and create! I'm not a painter or artist but I love the bright colors! I do dabble with Luminarte (H20's) which is a water color with mica with my scrapbooking and cardmaking. It's funny to me how the climate can be so different on the other side of the world. I live in Texas and its summer here...temps in the mid to upper 90's. Won't be long we will be having 100 degree days! Wish I could send you some of our "warmth" your way :) Valerie #144


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