Thursday, 14 June 2012

Artists Playroom ~ Drawing

This weeks theme for the Artist's Playroom
is drawing,
something I love to do
and quite happily started a drawing of 
some tomatoes.

Then came one of "those"
weeks and I had to do half of the drawing in just 
an hour or so.
Not my best effort but quite passable.

I was going really well
and even had a post predone
ready to load when the time came
for my WOYWW post.
Then halfway through dinner (why is it never at the end?)
on Tuesday night, I got a call from my dad.
He was in a right tizz and said
mum is on her way to hospital in an ambulance!!
Well panic set in and off we went to the hospital.

My mum has an unusual heartbeat.
Where you and I have a sort of
easy listening music heart beat,
she has a rock and roll beat.
It seems her heart decided to change to a mix of 
heavy metal and punk,
which is not good at 75 years of age.
To cut a long story short,
she is now on pills that have changed her heartbeat
to easy listening and is home resting.
I spent all of Wednesday
taking her to the doctors and dad
to his appointments
and today was catching
up with what I didn't do yesterday.
Hence the short time to finish
the tomatoes today
as Friday is out for art
as well.

One thing I did want to show you is 
a picture that I found when cleaning up my art room some
time ago.
I drew this foot back in 1979
when I was just 18
(stop doing the math, I'm not that old).

Not bad for a kid that
didn't take art.

I've done some more Egbert Bookman bookmarks
and have a few ideas in my journal
so hope to show them next week.

Here are a few I did on the weekend.

To see some fabulous drawings
pop on over to Jenn's


  1. Oh goodness! I am glad your mom is okay!! That was scary!

    Your tomatoes look good--and so does the foot! If I'm going to make it this week I only have a couple more days to draw. I wish I felt better. Maybe I'll post an old picture, if nothing else.

    So glad your mom is better. Have a really good day tomorrow. :):)

  2. Glad your mum is doing okay and that it is all righting itself... it hasn't stopped you doing a simply gorgeous drawing... it is loose and strong with great light and darks, quite dramatic.... and how good is that foot... you are really very very talented you know... hope the weekend goes smoothly!!!!

  3. I"m sorry but I couldnt help but laugh at your description of heartbeat sounds, very descriptive, I could hear her heart all the way here. Love your drawings, sometimes life gets in the way of art/craft, glad to hear mum is home and well and listening to easy listening heartbeats.
    Bridget #13

  4. Amazing! I love the intricacy of your tomato drawing. My wife is growing tomatoes, and I've been wanting to do asketch too. I hope your mother is doing better. Blessings!

  5. Oh Von, what a week for you!
    I'm happy to hear that your Mum has had help with her heartbeat. What a worry for you all...but look what you've still managed to do with your can you do that? It's amazing.

    I really was going to try to enter the APR challenge this week, but I've ran out of time...I feel so guilty now because my week hasn't been anything like your's and yet you've managed to do an entry.
    That foot shows what potential you had back then...I did the sum's by the way ~ I got married in 1979 aged 19 now you do the sum's! ;D

  6. Prayers for your mom, glad she is resting, and I'm happy that you live close by to your parents that you could be there for your dad! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  7. i hope your mom is doing better! my sister has had that same thing happen a couple times. i know it can be scary.

    i see a lot of detail in your tomatoes. i don't know a thing about the technical side of drawing and sketching - but i really like how this turned out.

  8. hi, thanks for stopping by, re the alcohole inks, im fairly new to them but there are several ways to use them, you can drip them straight onto metal, acetate etc, you can move the colour around with a brush but they dry very very quickly. for the card stock i have used photo card, the stuff with a clay surface to it. you can either use a dabber with felt on or dribble some out on to a non stick craft mat, you can mix colours, you the add some of the adrionik blending solution, just a few drops and then you put the paper glossy side down and run it through and smear it in the ink till its covered. you get a really deep almost demensional effect. you can then stamp with archival ink over the top. the colours out there are amazing. Im not really the best person to ask as Im just finding my way and sorry for the babble.there are vids on tim holtz web site and im sure on you tube. hope it helps. mark x

  9. So glad to hear mom is ok, it's so stressful when parents get ill. Thank god for medications. It's amazing what you did under that kind of pressure, your tomatoes are spectacular, especially that you did them so darkly, it makes them all the more dramatic.
    ...And that foot, just shows when you have it, it starts from birth, lol. Always an artist.


  10. These tomatoes are gorgeous. So much detail in your sketches. Nice work Von, even with a busy and stressful week. You rock! So happy your mom is now fine. Excellent.

  11. Despite your dramatic week (glad to hear your mum is OK and that rock n roll has been resumed!) you've produced a great piece. I really like the strength and form in your drawing. Your foot drawing is fab too - I love finding old work I'd forgotten about!

  12. Love your juicy tomatoes ! good wishes for your mum!

  13. Whew!!! glad to hear your mom is well and "easy listening" now... great sketching of tomatoes....
    I love your little book dude...LOL


  14. OH Vonny, those days are scary (and exhausting!) Hope your mom's medication is effectively keeping her on easy-listening rhythms. Your tomatoes are beautiful. SO round. And that foot is amazing!

  15. Hi Vonny, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  16. Glad your moms punk rocker heart beats have steadied!!Very nice illustration and yes the foot is excellent!!!

    Hugs Giggles


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