Thursday, 21 June 2012

Artists Playroom - cheating a little

I wasn't going to enter
the Artists Playroom this week
as I was so busy
with family life
and finishing a painting
that goes to a show on Saturday.
Hey we all cut it fine from time to time,
I just do it all the time.

I was just sitting and waiting 
for some paint to dry,
you know,
that exciting time,
sitting and waiting,
waiting some more
and then there's the,
I'll just try the next bit
and splodge, it all melts together,
because you didn't wait long enough
and you now have to wait even longer.

So now I am waiting
even longer for the paint to dry
before putting on the final
touches and I decided to rifle
through my books to see
if by some miracle I had actually
done a monochrome painting that you haven't seen yet.

.Okay, so technically it isn't monochrome
but if you think about it
the fish is mainly orange
and orange is made up of red and yellow
so really it is all orange.
All accept for the eye,
but you wouldn't want him to be blind would you.

See, that's orange, no red there, no sir,
just very dark orange and
some very light orange. 

It's called artistic licence
and I'm sticking to it.

I've managed to waste enough time now
and my paint is dry,
so while I go and finish my painting
why don't you go over to Jenns
and see some other fantastic
monochrome pictures.


  1. Don't see any colour there other than orange Von... just light and dark orange... perfectly monochrome... I can't believe the holidays are upon us again, but hopefully you will still squeeze in some time to do some painting and drawing to delight us... will email you tomorrow!!!

  2. Works for me! Very snazzy fish, too! :):)

  3. Beautifully done and there is a sense of movement that is perfect.


  4. I am so thrilled that you did show the fish. I love it. I seem to be on an orange kick as of late. It is just lovely work.

  5. I love the creative license! All I see is shades of orange too. :) I took a wee bit of license and used a black cat for one of my monochrome photogs. If that isn't cheating a bit.. hee hee hee! Your fishes are lovely! Warmly, Tracy

  6. that is definitely an orange fish. And since it's MY play room, I get the last vote. Decenter will be walking the proverbial plank and beaten with a wet noodle!

  7. I'm willing to accept that as monochromatic! No artistic license needed, even. Beautiful and peaceful, that's what fish are. Well, except for the giant ones in my fish tank. They are menacing and going to eat us some day.

  8. hahahaha! and, no, i would not want him to be blind because that would be sad!

  9. Absolutely beautiful ! I love the softness ad blended colors.. and such smooth blissful brushstrokes..gorgeous!!..and the oranges colors are sublime...beautiful!

  10. I'm with everyone else Von...looks perfect to me and I'm so glad you put in his eyes ;D
    I think I may be too late to enter APR again this week.
    Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy! :D

  11. Wow, this is amazing. Stupid I know, but at first I thought it was a photograph! So life like - amazing work! And very orange :0)

  12. I love it, Vonny!! Looks all orange-ish to me, but I "cheated" too... just could not quite live with exclusively intended Payne's Grey this week...

  13. You are such a brilliant drawer Yvonne. The fish has so much movement.
    Keep your eyes open for Mr Postie I am sending you something I saw today and thought of you.
    Lynn x

  14. visiting from Jenn's interview and as I scrolled through past posts, realize i've been here before. now i'm following you so i don't lose you again. am lovin' your work and am amazed by your talent - can see why you and Tracey are friends.


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