Thursday, 7 June 2012

Artist's Playroom no. 12 all tangled up.

No pressure this week
for the Artist's Playroom
just simply
do some altered art, collage or the likes
and add zentangles.
Really Jenn, zentangles
with other things.
It took me right up until Wednesday afternoon
to start and what did I come up with?
Something fabulous?
something spectacular?

a lousy bowl of fruit.

Yes, that's all I could come up with (yawn).

I had this grand plan
to paint some fruit and have it gradually turn into
but that seemed like too much effort,
especially when I only had one afternoon and
today to do it.
So this is all you get.

A lousy bowl of fruit with half zentangled oranges.

I zentangled the basket
and  a bit of the oranges
but they didn't really work out how I wanted them to.
If I had more time and inclination
I would have put heaps of tangles into the fruit
but time is the problem,
that and the fact that it is freezing here
and I can't feel my fingers.

The photos are awful 
as usual.  I really do need 
a decent camera,
this one came with the ark.

It thinks that macro
is a burger and not a close up

and everything is blurry and bitty.

Surely you don't think it's me,
must be the camera.

I swear it takes me longer
to get one good photo
than it takes to paint the darn thing.

This is how bright my wonderful
new paints are.

Can you believe that these
bright colours come from
these two wheels?

The cakes look so dull
but when you add water
magic happens.

I have to thank
the wonderful
for putting me on to these
super bright,
super cool

If you want to see real 
zentangle art,
hop on over to Jenn's
and prepare to be amazed.


  1. glad you love the paints and nice work on the fruit... and the tangles of course... I think we should be given a bit of a break because my fingers are feeling a touch frozen as well.. I am ready for spring aren't you... I an going to have to hunt out the fingerless gloves if this keeps up... now just to remember where I stashed them...xx

  2. Dear Yvonne
    Do not I repeat do not have a downer on your work, it has blown me away. What a talent. Be proud of it, it's amazing.
    Lynn x x
    One I made earlier today

  3. Now Von, are you having a little tizzy fit??? Has someone eaten your secret stash of chocolate? Are you like me and don't function properly and get grumpy when the temperature dips below 16 degrees, because something's not right with you and it's certainly NOT your painting!!!
    It brilliant...I love the basket...its fantastic and the oranges just look as if they are about to burst with all the juiceyness!
    I'm really interested to see those colour wheels. I think I'm going to have to find some ;D
    Hey, you should see my camera...its bottoms hanging (bit like mine ;D) and I have to push and hold it shut to keep the batteries connected, whilst trying to take the photo. So I can relate to your camera woes.
    So wrap up cosy, find that other stash of chocolate and sit back and enjoy your painting because it's stunning :D

  4. I hope my ATC arrives today for you and at least makes you smile, you seem to be in a bad mood. Personally I don't think that bowl of fruit is anything to yawn at, I couldn't even paint that, much less zentangle any of it. I cannot zentangle at all, my contribution was just doodling! lol I have no idea what settings your camera has, but these 3 things help me to get better macro shots since my camera isn't a "big fancy" camera...tripod, low aperature setting like 4.0 and then from a distance of about 5 feet, zoom in. It was something my instructor taught me and works well! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Love the bright colors of your new paints. I was curious how the zentangled bowl of fruit was coming along. I confess I thought the orange looked rather like a ball of yarn in yesterday's photo. Today it looks like some exotic fruit. And the photos came out better than you thought on your blog. Well, wait, I have lousy eyesight, so maybe you oughtn't take my word for it.

  6. Darn, forgot to say, check out Twiglet's blog for an explantion complete with pictures of her dumflings.

  7. that is one cool painting, thanks for risking frostbite on your fingers to do it. I love how all you guys push yourselves to do APR. I so appreciate it. Now, just what kind of paints are those. As Trace knows I love art supplies so spill!

  8. The basket is cool, the oranges look exotic, and the rest of the fruit looks great. Your new paint circle palettes are very colorful. I have a hard time taking pictures of artwork, too. Have to take a bunch of shots and pick the best one. think your shots look good! :)

  9. Cool work and colors! I like the way you zentangled the basket. Amazing!

  10. Well I for one love this lowly basket of fruit! There's no way in hell I could paint such realistic, yummy looking fruit, tangled or otherwise! And your bowl is stunning - a glass art bowl for sure....I'd buy it! Just beautiful work. I'm with Jenn....what ARE those paints?

  11. what are you talking about, that's a lovely bowl of fruit....zentangle with a fruity twist....zing!!!


  12. Hello!

    I love your painting! From the zentangles that you have done, I would love to see it all finished in that technique! Wishing you all good things this weekend!


    Barbara Diane

  13. What a great bowl of fruit! I enjoy the subtle zentangles you have added. Please don't be down on yourself, your painting is wonderful. Happy PPF!

  14. Hi Vonny looks really great - wow!! Shaz in oz.x

  15. As an artist, I know how critical we can be of our work sometimes. However, believe me this is beautiful. Blessings!

  16. Your fruit basket is wonderful! I love the designs on the basket especially, really dynamic. What are those color wheels?

  17. Amazing -as always. IF there is something wrong with your camera, it certainly does not show up on-line... but it must mean your work is even more spectacular in person!


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