Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mess really is more for WOYWW

As the title suggests,
I now have the proof that 
Mess is More
and here it is

That is a photo of our shirts
that we wear to class and
I've added a few more blobs along 
the way.
Keep this in mind when I show my desk
this week as you will see I'm the
'morest' person on the planet.
So to my desk and surrounds
 I'm getting ready to ink a canvas that I've prepped.
Now I'm not a junky, those syringes are for the ink.
Just love squirting that stuff around. 
There are bottles of ink and ink extender,
some pictures with lots of notes for
the canvasses I'm working on at the moment,
and the usual bits and pieces.

WARNING:The following photos could
cause distress to neat and tidy people!
 This mess is to the left of my desk.
 Here's the right hand side
and this mess is behind me.
Every day I wake up and hope that I've been visited
by the tidy fairies
but they never seem to come.
Guess they can't find their way in.

Last week I mentioned a canvas
involving jelly, well here is the start of it

It's going to be a school (or is that a blob?)
of jellyfish.
This is the canvas I'll be inking hopefully
tomorrow  and here's a quick pic
of the bird I inked last week.
I still have quite a lot to do,
like giving the poor bird a head!
I'm working on four canvasses at once
but I've got a lot of photos already
and I don't want to get on Julia's bad side
so that's all for now.

Why am I showing you my mess,
well Julia from The Stamping Ground
asked me and anyone who wants to play to.
Go here to see the other probably tidier desks

Have a great week,
I have some water to draw.


  1. Hullo Vonny, wow!!! what great work is being created in this delightful mess do love your parrot header that is so clever, plus great idea to use syringes like that! happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #47

  2. gorgeous work in progress, Vonny!! Love the shots of your room, I envy you - "mess" or not (I know mess, believe me!) Helen 9

  3. Hi Vonny and thanks for showing us around your busy colourful craft room. Just look the gum blossoms on the bird canvas...I love it and I can see his head taking shape. Can't wait to see it finished and what you do with the jellyfish canvas...soft shades there. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#40

  4. Thanks for calling by already and for your kind comments.
    That's one very busy desk and play room you've got there :-)
    Annie x # 1

  5. Wooooo...four canvases on the go at once! Maybe that's what I need to do...lighten up and get messy! :(
    I must admit that your warning didn't really prepare me for the photo...I had to go and lie down to recover with a cuppa for a little while after seeing it.
    Fantastic creations though that I can't wait to see progress.
    By the way...I'd gladly come and be your tidy up fairy if some of your talent would rub off on me ;D
    Have a great WOYWW xoxo

  6. I think it's a Pulse of Jellyfish! There's a beach in Wales where I used to live and the Atlantic currents used to bring in Jellyfish the size of dustbin lids!! Great rubbery things...interesting but bleurgh too!! I love the background colours of that new painting, all soft and sea like!
    And I think the Tidy Fairies would need hobnailed boots to kick your door down, lol!!
    HUgs. LLJ 8 xx

    So, I admit, this stresses me out and I feel the need to jump on a plane and tidy it for you! That said, this much mess can only mean one thing - a productive studio!! So for that reason I envy you! Awesome work going on there :0)

  8. Too late! I saw the mess, now I'm hyper-ventilating! But I love your canvasses, the new one is really calming! Love the bright headless parrot one too, lol! That tshirt is most apt, lol. Thanks for the sock love, you'd be amazed how many people saw something other than the blue sock, Eliza saw a gourd!! Think I need some of whatever she's drinking, lol!

    Brenda 10

  9. Hi Vonny - you're not messy, you're creative! The paintings are wonderful. Have a great week, Chrysalis 53

  10. Vonny I am equally messy, I think to be creative mess is an inevitable thing, love your paintings this week, looking forward to watching them develop.

  11. Hi Vonny. 4 - at once - and I thought I was busy!!! Amazing wok as usual there in your studio. Mess doesn't bother me so much - although I prefer to work tidily, I hardly ever managed it!
    Thanks for visiting already. I am still on the mock dress - not cut the REAL fabric yet. Have had the bride round this afternoon, and she likes some bits and not others - so back to the sewing machine and seam ripper!

  12. A lovely post as usual, Vonny! So full of interest and inspiration. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - as for my ARTHaven, I think yours is pretty cool too - like mine it has that lovely sweeping work surface going round the room! I am gradually getting mine a bit more organised. It's pretty tidy just now because of my cousin's visit today - I always tidy up if she's coming because I always want to impress the other creative member of our family lol!! I consider myself extremely blessed to have such a lovely room.

    Hop back to my blog and start drooling - we had a lovely lunch party to celebrate Mum's birthday and there are some pics of the food lol lol!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #20

  13. Oh Vonny your last canvas is an explosion of gloriousness! !So few people celebrate colour as you do! Fab!!
    Judy #26

  14. WOW 4 canvases at once, you certainly are productive, wish I could be that driven.
    Happy WOYWW
    Minxy {was #6 now #23}

  15. Thanks for another lovely comment, Von - yes, we had a lovely time celebrating Mum's birthday, and you are right, she doesn't look her age, does she! She looks about 70.


  16. I just love the colorful paintings you create. And please give that poor bird a head. lol April #41

  17. Oh wow, what an amazing space you work in! And I just love that brightly coloured canvas you are about to ink, I can't wait to see how it turns out! Thanks for much for the visit, and for all the inspiration on your blog here - you have such gorgeous paintings!!
    Kate #62

  18. I think julia should adopt mess is more as a WOYWW motto. Lots of loveliness going on the pelican caught my eye but I couldn't see the bird on the last canvas... Great colours though
    Janet @7

  19. Oh I adore the vibrant colours on the bird my sort of thing! Thanks for visiting my desk, and for sharing your space! Lisa :)

  20. I love all that mess. It makes my space seem tidy.

  21. No stress to me...... Love your arty space!
    Sorry for late reply to your visit
    Jackie 5

  22. *thud* four at once :) WOW I am loving the colors on these that are under construction still ~Stacy #99

  23. All that mess, and all those canvasses! Wow! Love your canvasses and your mess! :) thanks for the visit earlier! #44

  24. Yes, mess is more! That's a great tshirt and the more paint blobs the better! your canvasses are looking great, and so is your room!
    Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@19

  25. The colours on your canvas are just so exciting, love it and love your messy room creative. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Dawn #3

  26. Loving your 4 canvasses at once approach! They look fabulous, and I think the tidy fairies must be on holiday as they havent turned up here either!!

    Thanks for visiting my desk already
    kyla #2

  27. Wowzers, what fantastic canvases you have going on there! Yes mes is more :-) Sorry its taken me so long to get around but we sold our house already! Have a great week. #4

  28. Your studio inspires me. As messy as mine but from that mess comes some wild and passionate art! Love it.

  29. Just looks like a busy creative person on board! Love it! (I am more neat and tidy than creative.) :)


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