Friday, 4 April 2014

Inky mess

The day started off well.
I organised my room, took out the other canvasses
that I'm working on (didn't want to splatter them)
covered the floor with plastic and a sheet
and put my table right in the middle 
of my little room.

Canvas has been prepped and ready,
little rolly drawer thingy out just a bit and
ink put into little bowls with 
syringes at the ready.
Take a deep breath and squirt.
That's where it all fell apart.
I had ink going all over the place, propping little bits
to stop the ink running off the canvas and onto the floor.
Then the hard part, using a spray bottle to move the ink
around the canvas.
Not too much water or it will turn into a blobby mess
and not too little or it will just sit there and look terrible.
There I was running round and round the canvas
as if I'm doing some sort of crazy ritual dance
(it's alright the neighbours know I'm nuts)
squirting here and there and all the time 
I could hear my teacher's voice saying
once the water's on leave it for ten minutes, ten minutes!
Yeah right, do you know how long ten minutes is when you're 
in a panic, not a chance of that today lady.
Then the phone rang.. should I answer it??
Can't stand that ringing sound so picked it up
and it's dad.  Can you drop me up the Chinese for lunch?
He doesn't have a licence any more so I had to say yes.
It was a blessing in disguise as I left the canvas alone
for more than ten minutes and it came out fine.
This is it all wet and runny
from up on a chair and
here it is this morning
I don't know what all the panic was about.
This is the background for a jellyfish painting.
If you look closely you can see jellyfish in there now, of course
I planned it that way (cough, cough).
I'm going to bring some jellyfish out with paints and the main 
jellyfish will be made of texture paste and
 anything else I can find to play with.
Now I just have to scrub the floor (sigh)
that stuff splatters further than you think.
It's even out the door and I forgot to put 
my old painting jeans on and the peach coloured
pants I was wearing are now spattered blue.
Guess I've gained a new pair of painting pants,
so it wasn't all bad!
Linking up to PPF for the first time in ages.


  1. ah wodnerful background indeedy, Vonny adore the colours well done!!.. and at least making the mess was worthwhile hope dad enjoyed his lunch, as it made the canvas such a success :D Shaz in oz.x

  2. What a great background, (cough, cough) tee hee. I love how you did this. Can't wait to see the finished piece. Very nice. Happy PPF!

  3. wow, turned out beautifully. Its a perfect background for jelly fish. Can't wait to see how it progresses.

  4. I love your background! Serendipity can certainly be an artist's best friend. Blessings!

  5. Wow,this is wonderful,Love the colors and the way you used flow on paper,i cant wait the progress.
    Happy PPF!

  6. Sounds like in between chinese food and phones you are having a great time and it shows!

  7. That parrot rocks! The ink painting is brilliant!

  8. Haha, very recognizable! love it so far!

  9. I can so relate to the panicing part, isn't that strange how we once in a while can feel the panic coming? Your canvas looks really good and I'm sure you'll turn it into a lovely end product. Good luck and happy PPF.

  10. This is simply gorgeous... You panic too easily... I love those colours and can't wait to see you add a jelly fish... Going to be amazing... Hope you get the chance to work on it over the Easter

  11. wonderful background Vonny and am looking forward to seeing it all complete. Happy PPF, Annette x

  12. This is AWESOME!! I LOVE those colours! What inks do you use? I want some ;0)

  13. Such brilliant gorgeous colours and love how they moved into their special crevices. This is definitely going to be a stunning piece, well worth the mess, the panic and the anticipation!.

    Annabelle : )

  14. This is splendid! Loving the result and can't wait to see it after you bring out the jellyfish!

    (Also, the pic with the syringes is fab. What a cool technique!)

  15. Oh my gosh, I totally giggling at your story. SO funny thinking of you running around in a panic. I've TOTALLY been there too. hahaha AND it's beautiful. I just love how it turned out. Happy accident! Oh wait, that was on purpose.....

    Happy Paint Party Friday!

  16. First, hooray for organizing. It can be very satisfying! Then oh my goodness, it sounds like a little bit of madness! Beautiful colors you chose. And the result is terrific!

  17. You have me cracking up. I too do the crazy art dance. LOL This turned out fantastically. I can see jelly fish floating in this.
    Have a nice day

  18. The mess was totally worth it to reach that fabulous smooshy, splashy, watery background! Just gorgeous - love the color palette!

  19. I just love the way this turned out! Marvelous color and wonderful fluid movement throughout!

  20. What an amazing finish!! Such great colors and movement and awesome.

  21. The effects are beautiful!

  22. Now you sound like you're just having too much fun Vonny ;D
    Those colours are amazing and I love that technique sounds brilliant (all except the cleaning part)
    It's going to be a stunning painting and I for one can't wait to see it's progress.
    Enjoy xoxo

  23. Love that background!! Guess it was a good thing your dad called--LOL! ;)

  24. Hi Vonny...thanks for dropping by to check we were Ok...yes all good here. I don't mind having a working TV at all though hubby will when he is back on Tuesday! I should have the last of washing done today and be able to get arty tonight at last. I just had a long read thru your blog...heck you are so inspiring to me woman. I want to keep trying with my painting last beginners class is this Saturday and then after that I can join drop in sessionms for advanced and beginners with a teacher still on hand to help as need be...I still need LOADS of help but I'm really enjoying trying. Glad you haven't had to use the generator yet there...I was scared to use mine at first so watched a couple of Youtube vids on using them first.


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