Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Slops of brightness for WOYWW

I've done quite a bit 
considering it's school holidays.
Here's a pic of the desk area right now

Just my glasses on the desk but
lots on my easels.
I had a scary but fun time
inking up the blue canvas
you can see my post on it
here, if you want a look,
and here is the one on the table
in quick stages
 Gesso mixed with paint in a mid tone
Slop it anywhere on the canvas,
that bit's easy!
It will be two lorikeets and flowers
(ho hum, not again!).
This is the inky mess up close
It will be the jellyfish one
and I can see jellies in the background already.

Today in class I slopped brightly
coloured texture paste onto my
pelican picture.
Talk about heart attack material.
I was hyperventilating and jumping around,
then next minute I'm holding my head.
It was not a good look for me or the painting.
 This is before attacking it
 here it is slopped and blopped.
I took the photo with my daggy phone 
so the colours are not great.
It's really bright in real life which makes it
even more scary.
I'm doing a practise in tonal painting
so rather than copy the photo's colours
I'm replacing it with colours in the same
tones (well that's what it's meant to be).
  It's soooo hard!!!
Goodness knows what this will end up like
but I'll push on regardless.
Why don't I just stick with what I know??
I must be mad!!
That's my nutter of a desk for this week
now why not pop over to 
and see what the slightly more
sane people have on their desks this week.


  1. Hi Vonny...great pic of your studio this that blue one for the jellyfish and the soft shades on the new one...just slop paint you say!!! And the pelican is looking lovely. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#29

  2. The blue canvas looks fabulous, can't wait to see it when you have done the jelly fish!
    Jackie 26

  3. I know your jellyfish are going to be amazing (!) but I honestly could live with that bluey background just as it is. Gorgeous!! The pelican picture is gonna be bright, but I know you'll have a plan up your sleeve!
    I haven't really been a workaholic this week, the rainbow blanket was a work that took a couple of months to do - I just photographed it before posting! But I haven't watched much telly, have spent all my spare time sewing - when I haven't been in the garden. Oooh, too much choice, not enough time...aaarrrgghhh...... :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 47 xx

  4. Oh! Love your space and love your works in progress, especially the jellyfish one - those beautiful.

    ~Elaine #57

  5. Oooh, I LOVE the blue canvas - so effective!
    Thanks for the visit - and I'm happy to post necklace to Oz - really not that expensive as doesn't weigh much. Other giveaways have gone to Canada (x2), US (x3), Germany (x2), UK (x1)...
    Have a great week x

  6. Oh My , There are all great work you made hugs, Happy WOYWW

    Peggy xxxx

  7. Oh My , There are all great work you made hugs, Happy WOYWW

    Peggy xxxx

  8. Hi Vonny
    just popping by for WOYWW. I'm in far north QLD with a cyclone on the way!....not sure where you are. Vonny your art is divine...truly inspiring to me as I am just doing an intro course to drawing and painting myself. I had been an arty farty person all my life too but just thought I couldn't paint yet I still want to try and shall try! I'll be back to see what yr up too later on for sure!!!

  9. Oh I forgot to say thanks for dropping by my blog too Vonny :) BIG hugs xxx

  10. Well Vonny my dear, you're nothing if not courageous! I love how you think outside the box and are not afraid (at least not TOO afraid lol!) to take a risk. The results are stunning... The colours are so beautifully vibrant. The blue swirly background is just perfect for the jellyfish and I'm so looking forward to seeing that. You are so incredibly talented...

    The knitting is not a quick project by any means, and this particular one has been in progress for two years so high time it was finished! It's a bit frustrating when I have to undo it, as undoing takes far longer than doing, but I'm up to the challenge and so far I like the result. I am keen to get on to another one soon!

    The teabags seem to be an ongoing fixture on my desk at the moment and I've got loads of ideas, some of which are in abeyance at the moment but Watch This Space!

    I'm always amused that it's my hubby the kitties go for, and not me - they know full well what a soft touch he is compared with me lol! They don't waste their energies on me! I have a suspicion that he would have caved in, had I not been in the room. On my Youtube channel (link on my blog) is a hilarous video of Phoebe trying to share my hubby's toast and marmite - it's one of my very first videos which I made years ago, when Phoebe was still slim, and not the fat little Devon dumpling she is now lol!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #12

  11. At first I thought I could see a jelly-fish too... then I realised I was thinking of a Squid - and squid ink!!! Love your inspiring collection!! :0)

  12. Thanks for visiting me early Vonny. I can see Jelly Fish too!! Love the colours. The pelican is cool too, I love Pelicans saw them on my honeymoon - they are HUGE!! Cx #29

  13. Hi there, Vonny. Just read the post about the blue!!! You really have a way with words - had me laughing out loud at your descriptions. I could just imagine you leaping around like a whirling dervish....! But, oh my, the end result is lovely. Can't wait to see the jelly fish go on it.
    Thanks for already visiting - yes, it's exciting - and scary - to think of moving on to the rEAL fabric! John thanks you for your best wishes. I think we may be winning. Saw the specialist yesterday, and he has changed some meds, taken loads of bloods, trying out tests etc seeing if there is an underlying different infection not being touched by these particular anti-biotics. He agreed with me, though, that John should really have been in hospital last week!
    Take care of yourself in your busy life. Trust your dad is going on Ok.
    Margaret #25

  14. Love the blue canvas. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  15. Love the blue canvas already, looks like a home for my mermaids! :) Looks like you have loads of exciting things in the pipeline!!

  16. Your art room looks amazing with those paintings. Gorgeous work! Thanks for stopping by! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #1

  17. You don't stick with what you know because it is more fun to do crazy things like attack pelicans with random colors. I love the look of the blue sloppy painted background that will be for jelly fish. It reminds me of what people do with alcohol inks only on a much larger scale. And it is the perfect background for jelly fish!! Judy #89

  18. Hello, Von! I've missed you! Thank you for popping in to see me. Your works of art are, as always, so marvelous! And you are too funny with your narrative of the process. I applaud you for trying new things and making your ol' ticker bang around in your chest for all it's worth! It's supposed to be good for it!! HAPPY WOYWW! Hugs, Darnell #26

  19. Vonny, thanks for visiting me, Your gesso and paint boards are lovely. Love to see what you are going to do with them.
    Chris #41

  20. Oh Von., don't be scared of the tonal Pelican...I get it, it looks amazing. And the blues background is amazing...can you print me some silk just like it, please!

  21. As always I just love looking at your paintings. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. April #22

  22. Love, love, love the texture (and colour) of the gum blossoms! Wish I could grow one of those flowering gums but they are a bit touchy this further south though :)
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 43

  23. Busy busy ... I love the bird on the water! Have a great week, and show us when he's finished. Chris # 35

  24. You should never be scared vonny your art is stunning.
    Lynn xx

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  26. Wow I'm seriously impressed Von,
    You achieve so put me to shame.
    I adore your blue painting as it is. I think its stunning.
    I so interested to see all of your work's so brilliant that you share it with us all.
    I think it's good to live on the edge with keeps us alive.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend ;D

  27. Fab projects Vonny - I love the colour schemes. x Jo

  28. Wow! Talk about someone pushing themselves out of their comfort zone! And it's looking great! You are so brave. Yes--brave! Being scared and doing it anyways--whoohoo! :)

  29. Oh wow, Vonny! One word:RICH! Scary as they may be to your eye, I find both the pelican and jellies delightful WIP's! Can't wait to see where this takes you...


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