Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ink sploshing and a new camera for WOYWW

My desk is covered with paper today.
I've spent a day or so  playing with ideas
for canvasses.
Not quite there yet but with my 
teachers help they are getting just right.

There is something great on my desk as well

Can you see it??
Right in the front!!!
My new camera arrived, yahoo!!

It has shiny bits and lots of knobs and buttons.
(Note the cool cup!!)

No, I don't know how to use it yet and
you have to download the book.
Now what ever happened to paper books,
you know the kind you can flip through
while holding the camera and using it.
I managed to get the book on to the computer 
but the writing is really small and I can't flip
the computer screen like a book,
just no fun :(
Book problems aside,
I (with a large amount of help from my teacher)
inked my parrot and flower picture that 
I glooped last week.
Here it is just done and all squidgy.

 This is fresh ink and it will be
different again when I get to class next week.
That's why ink scares me so much,
you never know what you'll finish up with
but I like it so far.

Oh, and you're not going mad if you
can't find the birds head.
It's not there yet.
I'm going to paint it in detail
when the background is complete.

I've started my next canvas
but more on that next week.
Just think jelly,
no, not wobbly on a plate 
blobby in the ocean.
Lots and lots of blobby.
Gotta love a lot of blobby.

Now you've seen my craziness 
for Wednesday, hop over to
see what's been happening
on other desks around
this big old blobby world.


  1. Love your new camera, looks like the same model as mine, its a great camera and really easy to use. Your new work is so bright and colourful. love it!!!

  2. What a fantastic canvas, even without a head, a real riot of gorgeous colour (can you tell I like it?).
    Don't you just love techie stuff like cameras. My first 'proper' camera was a Canon SLR, an AE1 that my Dad bought me, different lenses, filters etc that I loved to use. It's in the loft now, overtaken y digital technology but I can't bear to part with it as my Dad is long gone
    Happy Wednesday
    Ann B

  3. I love the bright pink flowers on the canvas....the whole thing is amazing, clever you! All the ideas pics are interesting too. It would be quite different to do a pelican...I remember swimming off a Queensland beach many years ago, completely surrounded by pelicans...fab experience!
    Hugs, LLJ 27 xx

  4. Oooh Vonny how exciting - a new camera!!! Have fun using it! We all need shiny bits once in a while! Your beautiful canvas is coming on apace. I can't get over the beautiful feathers, each one individually painted. You are soooo talented...

    Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the melting stuff. That is such a cool idea, using the holey bits as coral, and like you I love an underwater scene. I had it in mind a while back to create a dimensional piece with tropical fish etc. So many ideas and not enough time or energy to put them all into practice!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #48

  5. Congratulations on the new camera have fun. Love your painting the colours are so wonderful.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy #25

  6. Von, I love seeing how your canvas evolves each week. It is so colourful and happy.
    Have fun with the new camera :)
    Laura x

  7. Wow Vonny, this is coming along beautifully! Stunning colours and composition. Look forward to seeing the finished piece. Good luck with with your new camera.

  8. I still fail to understand why you even need a tutor, your work is so staggeringly beautiful. The colours on that canvas are totally stunning. The new camera looks like fun, amazing how complicated a tiny little thing like that can be!

    Brenda 68

  9. Hi Vonny, must confess I was looking for the parrot head....I JUST love all these colours... just beautiful, can't wait to see your canvas finished. Have a great week Cheers RobynO#78

  10. An untidy desk is a productive one!
    Wow - that painting is AWESOME!!! I love it!!! :0)

  11. Stunning colour choices ! Love them ! I know what you mean about the camera book - I had to print the one for our new camera in the end ! Ali ~30

  12. That is so bright and lovely your painting look forward to seeing what you show next week hugs Nikki 5

  13. Loving the new camera, but couldn't help but notice the Dr. Who Tardis mug sitting behind it. :-) April #14

  14. I'd want a real book, too, that I can hold in my hand!
    Love the bright, deep, juicy colors on that canvas!! Whoohoo!
    Can hardly wait to see the new one you started. :)

  15. Hey there, Vonny - a new camera! Enjoy!! Great to see you painting - that canvas is unbelievable - it's going to look amazing.
    Take care
    Margaret #85

  16. Oh I'm loving your kind of crazy blobby...headless or not the colour that sings of that canvas is just sublime....I adore the hibiscus. Great to see that you're mid way through choosing another thrilling.

  17. How exciting for you to get a new camera and yes, I feel the same way about the manuals nowadays. I still prefer something in my hand.
    Your canvas is amazing! It's not even finished and its already a show stopper!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS @3

  18. I LOVE, love, love that painting! The colours just make me happy! Remember to show us when you are done.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #67


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