Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Not a lot for WOYWW

I just seem to be going around in circles
and getting nothing done,
must be getting close 
to Christmas!!

Here in Australia that means
summer holidays are
getting close,
in fact little miss only has
one more week of school
(boo hoo).
Which means not much art for me
for the next 6 weeks :(
It also means racing to get ready for 

So, to my desk
 Yup, looks like last week
accept I have more cards started.
I decided to have a real go at
actually getting cards done for
Christmas and post them before Easter!!

As you can see I didn't get very far.
In my defence, I am still waiting for the
green and red card paper to arrive
so I can't put them together yet.
I know there is some card in the photo
but it is really wobbly and thin.

Speaking of wobbly, I had a bit of
wobble myself.
 I have a nice little veggie patch which
is fenced to keep the chickens out.
Unfortunately it also keeps me out
and I have to jump and squeeze to get in.
I had my hands full of lettuce leaves the other day 
and when I jumped I missed the step
and someone took the ground away.
I used the arm that wasn't holding the lettuce
to try grab the metal frame but
missed that too and ended up
in a very unlady like position
with my bum squashing some poor lettuce plants.
Hubby thought it was hilarious.
Needless to say
we now have a new fence with a real gate.
That will teach him not to laugh.

Here is my birdie painting
as of today,
 The orange glaze is actually
much more brightly orangey
than the photo, in fact it kind of glows.
Shame I'm such a bad photographer,
I'm sure you would have liked it.

There's still a long way to go
but so far so good.

I'm off to rest my bruises from
the veggie incident,
so why don't you go over to 
and check out the other desks 
around the world
this Wednesday.

P.S. I have been having trouble leaving comments
on people who have Google+.
I apologise if I don't manage to leave a comment
as sometimes I just can't seem to find a way to do it
and I often would like to reply to people who leave me
a comment but can't if they 
have the Google+ and are no reply bloggers.



  1. I've missed coming to visit and it was great to catch up with you, Vonny! Your painting is, as always, brilliant and fascinating!! I'm so, so sorry you took that nasty fall and I hope your bruises heal rapidly. You have six weeks of play ahead of you, LOL!! I love that your hubby marched smartly and got you a proper fence!! Happy WOYWW and take it easy! Hugs, Darnell #17

  2. I absolutely love the colors in the ornaments in your Christmas cards. Enjoy your Australian Summer and enjoy the time with your little miss. Blessings, my friend!

  3. You can only leave a comment on a G+ account if you are a G+ blogger...I tried it once and it was a nightmare...took it off. Love your bird...will I have to wait 6 weeks to see the next step? Great cards, each one is a work of art. #31

  4. Ouch, I feel your pain! Love the look of the cards, they will be fabulous - hope the card arrives soon... Hope you enjoy your summer - no idea why it hadn't sunk in with me that you were in Australia, or perhaps I'd just forgotten.. DOH! this WOYWW brings us so close together it's like we're all next door.... Have a good week. Helen 34

  5. Love the Christmas cards on your desk, they look great, thanks for sharing Donna #44

  6. Vonny that parrot is absolute wonderful. Looks as if he is about to fly off the page. Why do these men never do urgently needed repair jobs until someone's come a cropper, and it is usually us ladies.
    Hope the bruises and the pride are healing quickly. Assume the lettuces were beyond rescue.
    Chris #47

  7. OMGoodness - I hope you didn't hurt yourself too bad ?!!!
    Gorgeous Chrimbo cards and the parrot painting is spectacular :-D

    Happy WOYWW #234

    IKE in Greece xx #57

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  8. Oh blimey girl, falling is not funny....I went a cropper the other day and it really shook me up :-( Perhaps we need to take more water in our whiskey.......!! grin
    Love your parroty painting...the colours are just fab and I imagined that orange being zingy and jumping off the canvas. Gorgeous!
    You are very talented!
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  9. So sorry to hear about your fall! You must have wondered what the **- had happened to the ground beneath your feet! I love those cards you've started. I have to get going on some myself, as I've only done 3 and do have a few more friends than that!!! Loving how the parrot is progressing. Wish I could see that glaze irl! Julie Ann xx #55

  10. Hi there neighbour! Ouch!!! Trust the bruises will soon be a distant memory, and the lettuce plants revive from their accident - but the good thing is you now don't have to do aerobics before lunch!!! That bird painting is stunning - golly, I wish I could paint like that. Thanks for the visit this morning, couldn't sleep, so got up and linked!! The views are pretty good from the window indeed - and as for the stair lift - we know we need one, we know we can't afford one, but we don't know yet whether the social services will consider John a suitable candidate even for a slow one, let alone a turbo boost one!! We await their visit.
    Have a fabulous week with your Christmas cards and paintings.
    Margaret #26

  11. What a gorgeous selection of bauble cards! And that bird is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait to see it finished! How old is Little Miss? Maybe she could paint with you :0)
    I have had to un-link my blog from Google Plus because I always had problems with it! Should all be running smoothly again now :0)

  12. Yes your bauble cards are spectacular ...The parrot is particularly pleasing. Be well Carole #67

  13. I'm not laughing... ahem!
    This parrot is another stunner.
    So good to be back desking this week,

  14. It seems like this healthy eating lark is actually bad for you! Stick to cookies instead, lol! Love the painting and I've been catching up with your posts and the other finished birdie pics too, both stunning. Love the new stamps for your daughter too, I'm a big House Mouse fan and I like the other Stampendous stamps too.

    Brenda 1

  15. Sorry to hear about your tumble, but at least you got improvements to the fence out of it. :-)

    Your painting is lovely, the colors look pretty good from here.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #9

  16. Hope your bumm is doing alright. Your painting is coming along nicely. Sorry the photos don't turn out the way we want for color. Love the cards on your desk. Peg R #83

  17. Ouch! love all the colors of your blog.
    Thanks for stopping by and the snoop around your place!

  18. Love your birdie! Love all the cards on your desk! So sorry you took a tumble, hope you are not feeling it tomorrow!

    Hugs, Robin #87

  19. Nurse your bruises with a scotch or two, you will feel better in no time or nothing at all... My, you are very talented, the vibrant colours are striking and really really draw the eye....Fabulous. Thanks for visiting my blog, have a great week and feel better...Happy crafting DeDe #42

  20. Sorry about the veggie accident, but glad you now have a decent fence and gate. The lorikeet is coming along so beautifully! I'm having the same problem with commenters where I get sent to google+. Stay safe!! :)

  21. your art is so beautiful and full of life!! The parrot is amazing!! Thanks for sharing, Have fun and a Wonderful week! Ginny #19

  22. If you end up with a left over Christmas card - feel free to send me one. ;-) Those cards are gorgeous! Your artwork always makes me smile.

  23. Oh no....what a fall. I was carrying a plant table into my garage which has a step down. I wasn't paying attention...started thinking of other things and... forgot about the step. Down I went. 3 weeks later and my ankle is starting to feel better. Never really hurt too bad to walk on but was very tender. Silly things we do! Love, love your cards in the making. Brigita #82

  24. Vonny, sorry to hear about your veggie garden incident. Your lovely bright birdie is coming along nicely. Thanks for your visit and sorry I'm so late in returning it. Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #77


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