Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Crazy week for WOYWW

This last week has been insanely
busy, alas not with art.

My desk is still strewn
with bits of cards.
They are getting there but very slowly.

 I have put a few together
but I'm thinking these Christmas Cards
may become Easter Cards soon :(

The reason for no art is my parents,
they are getting old and have decided
to move to a retirement village.
My friend and I have spent the last week
cleaning, de-cluttering, cleaning some more
and de-cluttering etc.

My eldest daughter is a Real Estate Agent
and the same day she advertised mum's
house on the internet,
she sold it!!!
Yes, she sold it and for $55,000
more than we needed!!
That's my girl.
They don't have to move until after
Christmas, thankfully,
so we can relax and enjoy
the holidays.

I had my last art class for the year today
and I have started to put in 
some dramatic glazing
on my bird.
 This isn't the prettiest of stages
and there is a long way to go
but it's coming along nicely.

 I'm not sure if I'm brave enough
to finish it by myself
as my teacher gives me great colour
I'll have a break and see if I feel
confident enough.
I've got plenty more canvasses
to play with!!

Little Miss is on summer holidays
from tomorrow, so not sure
how much art will get done.
I am hoping to experiment
with texture paste,
so I might have to share it with her.

That's my little mess for the week,
now hop on over to
and see the other desks 
around the world this 


  1. Well done to your daughter selling the house so quickly and at such a good price. I am going to have to do the same to my mom soon. I de-clutter her when I get a gap on a week-end so that it is not such a huge task when it comes to crunch time. We also go on Summer hols now for 6 weeks...not much will get done here either! Your bird is looking great too. #35

  2. I love your blog, it's so colourful, the bird looks amazing. Can't wait to see the next stage... Thanks for sharing and happy crafting DeDe #8

  3. Oh WOW I love all the bright colors! Awesome! Thanks for the peek this is right up my ally as they say. Roberta 34

  4. What a result with the sale hope your parents settle quickly after the move. Your cards are so bright and cheery, hope you get them done in time! Helen 37

  5. Who's a pretty boy then? As soon as your blog opened it was a feast for the eye's. So vibrant and just what I need on a winter's morning.
    Remind me to contact your daughter when I want to sell a property!
    That surely was good news and such a relief I would imagine.
    It's never easy with parents when the roles reverse!
    Try to enjoy the holidays...there's enough time later to worry about the finer details.
    I'm just impressed that you've managed to keep the artwork going. Your a wonder woman! ;D
    Yet again no WOYW number for me :(

  6. Wow that is a fast sale on a house. Well done to your daughter. We love your bright Christmas cards, and of course we love how your painting is coming along.

    The bears@66

  7. Woot for the house selling so quick.. love your painting the colours are amazing love seeing the progression of your work.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #42

  8. Hi Von, Thanks for stopping by and your encouraging comments. Humanly speaking the chest isn't going to get any better - all down to the Lord for healing I think! Love your work with all those vibrant colours. Congrats to your daughter - she could get a job in Britain any day with marketing success like that! Love and blessings, John W#61

  9. Hello Yvonne. Ooooh, well done to your parents for making a really hard decision to sell up. Having been going through something similar, on and off, for my parents for the last FEW YEARS!!!, your mum and dad have done well. Great sale, great decision, and I trust they will be really happy and settled once they have moved. Don't lose ALL the family treasures when de-cluttering, will you? We have had to go through every single piece of paper - the important ones have been in the middle of the not important!
    Your picture is incredible - looking forward to seeing the next stage. Great cards, coming along nicely - Easter sounds good to me!!
    Have a good week amid the frantic activity - we had a talk at church on Sunday about the meaning of Advent, now we are in the season - all about waiting, not rushing....hard, ain't it??!

  10. It's all obviously meant to be, the house selling so quickly like that. Good luck with the decluttering, I did that this year and it was blooming hard work!
    Wow, those glazes have totally changed your painting of the parrot. It looks full of flight now, if ya know what I mean! Fab!
    HUgs, LLJ 36 xx

  11. WOW!!!!!!! Those brush strokes are so brave and bold! But wow that really do make an impact! I have no doubt you can do anything on your own! Maybe you could complete the fish painting in the holidays... I am dying to see it again :0)

  12. Ooh, I think you'll enjoy texture paste and no doubt little Miss will too! The birds are looking great too. I am confident that the next stage will have them looking fab! Bravo about that house sale: my mum had 24 viewings! And - oh my - I'm still recovering from the major de-cluttering we had, as she had been working in a charity shop and hording like mad! Have a great WOYWW! Julie Ann xx #52

  13. Wow that's fabulous that your parents house sold so fast, and I am loving your bright and colorful Christmas Cards. Have a great week! Danie #25

  14. Hi Vonnie, Happy WOYWW and I am sorry I am so late, I am catching up from last week, actually the last three weeks as I found I had emails not deleted from visitors, so working from the oldest I got to last week now and you. Thanks for visiting, I really hope the little hat fits, will find out this weekend, and I hope he will like it because it is a pup and maybe keep it on! Great news on the house sale, and the good price! Decluttering, I have been doing a bit of that today, my DH made me!
    Your bird is amazing, love the colours so far!
    Cazzy x #73

  15. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Like I said - if you have any Christmas cards that need a home - keep me in mind. Kudos to your daughter on a job well done. :-) April #88

  16. Moving is so time consuming and energy depleting. Be sure and take it easy, too.
    Love all the color and movement in the painting!! Wow!
    My Christmas cards are going slowly. I just can't seem to find my mojo. This cold weather makes me want to just write, read, watch movies and snuggle with Karma--LOL! ;)

  17. You know what, am so glad for you that your parents have reached this decision..mine are struggling in a big old house and because of mum's dementia, they're advised not to move her from her familiar surrounds. It's grim, believe me. So..all the effort will be worth while I promise..but you know that!

  18. Hi Von,

    I think I need someone like your daughter here to help sell my house. Although for the moment I've given up. I know it's down the road though, just a matter of when.

    Your bird painting is so beautiful. I think you can go it alone but can understand wanting that reassurance from your instructor.

    The Christmas cards are amazing -- I still haven't started mine. Yikes!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (12)

  19. Super gorgeous cards..brilliantly beautiful..festive and magical! and wowness..I love your painting..magnificent...always inspiring!
    Happy Creating
    Victoria #92

  20. Absolutely stunning work as usual, Vonny - the bird painting is awesome and I do love those cards which look so 3D! Sorry I missed this last week.

    Sadly my dad died on Friday. We've got a lot on our plate at the moment, as you can imagine. We know all about relocating elderly parents no longer able to cope where they were. We've had over a year of it and it can be very stressful. Hopefully Mum will settle down in the annexe in our new house eventually, but it's been a struggle.

    Wishing you all the best as you embark on this adventure!


  21. I´ve had a look at what I´ve missed out lately. Thinking your card looks pretty cheerful and christmaslike. I like them alot! Wishing you some restful time during christmas holliday.


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