Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Buntingly beautiful desk for WOYWW

Normally I would show
you a picture of my painting
right here in this spot

but yes, there is just a blank bit
because stupid here
forgot to take a photo 
of the painting and it's
still at class drying (doh)!!

Today I have something far better
 than a silly old painting,
Not just any old ordinary bunting
Lunch Lady Jan bunting,
 now that's special.

 Isn't it gorgeous!
I love the little Christmas puddings.
It came all wrapped up in the gold paper
with the Christmas ribbon
and a beautiful card.
How lucky am I???

I still have all the usual junk on my desk,
assorted brushes, paints and
of course my favourite
dalek pencils.
You can even see the bird I started painting
probably months ago,
I'll finish it eventually (cough, cough).

For art class last week
we were supposed to spend 15 minutes 
a day drawing our hand
in different positions
and life is too busy around here
so I only got to do one drawing.
It's not great but very handy
(sorry, I couldn't help myself).

Just so you don't think I'm special,
I'm a leftie, that's how I can draw a right 
hand and yes my nails are that ratty,
must file them when I get some time.

Just to finish off, here's the other
side of my room
I have tried hard to keep it tidy
but the mess up fairies keep
coming in the night.

That's my desk for the week,
now why don't you hop over to
and see heaps of other desks
around the world
this glorious WOYWW.

Thanks again Lunch Lady Jan.



  1. Ah the mess faeries! and the lovely bunting- lucky you!
    I always visit my neighbors first. thanks for the snoop around and hope you find time to stop by my [place.
    Robyn 24

  2. That bunting is just lovely. I like your drawing. #17

  3. I have the same merry band of mess fairies in my studio at home too! Great pic of your hand. I love drawing hands. In my school days you could always tell I had been around as there would be a hand drawn on a scrap piece of paper...#29

  4. Hey I have some of that bunting too, it is awesome isn't it and mine will be going up and staying up all year round. I so love your space, especially the shelves. Those fairies visit you too, nice to know they get around and not just hang out here all the time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 1

  5. Don't you hate the mess up fairies!! Love your bunting, it's beautiful!! the drawing of your hand is excellent. Helen, 7

  6. Yes, the mess-up fairies are pesty little creatures - not helpful like the ice-fairies who brought me my fridge or the kitchen cupboard fairies who seem eventually to have got their magical little bottoms into gear and brought me some cupboards but no handles! That bunting from LLJ is gorgeous - lucky, lucky you! How lovely that Jan wrapped it so festively too! I love your drawing! Very accomplished - and my nails are in terrible shape too - I blame all the crafting! Julie Ann xx #43

  7. Can I come and play in your room Von.

  8. Thanks to your comment today, I know a lot more about your hubby than I did before!! Lol!! No wonder you're such a happy person ;-). Your comment did make me snigger but bum wipes they are not!!!
    Hands are really hard to get right so well done you on getting it spot on. And life is too short for perfectly manicured nails.....
    I'm so glad you liked the bunting....I really did have fun making it. And you are honoured because I don't send out those hare cards often cos they're my favs!
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

  9. Love your room, your hand drawing (that is so good) and the bunting of course. In fact your room is very impressive - but then so is your drawing. Enjoy art and thanks for visiting me when I was still snoozing. Hugs, neet xx 22

  10. What a wonderful much talent! Also I just love your space. I could really have a great time playing in there. Not promising I would clean up either!
    Glenda #67

  11. You could have pretended the blank space was a stare hard enough and you'll see it puzzle. Ooh yes, we see it, what a lovely unicorn you painted, etc!

    We haven't mastered drawing hands yet, in fact, we're still on faces. We tried a poppy but it looked like a slice of bread so we traced one instead.

    The bears #70

  12. I thought the mess up fairies only visited me! The drawing of the hand is fantastic. Missed seeing your painting this week! What a wonderful gift to receive. Hugs. Pam#37

  13. I like your hand drawing...and so lucky to receive the "bunting?" we call them pendants...the other side looks similar to my messy side.
    Carole # 72

  14. What a wonderful job of your hand!!! Such tricky subjects! You 'nailed' it! ;0)

  15. Nice job with the drawing of your hand and your bird in progress looks great. You mentioned that you'd like to learn to emboss -- it's so easy (but looks impressive -- kind of like making lasagna - lol). You just need a sticky clear ink (like Versamark) plus stamps plus embossing powder. Stamp with the sticky ink. Dump on the powder. Shake off the excess. Heat with a heat tool until the powder melts and looks shiny. (I will say that I tried glitter embossing powder a few years ago and didn't have as good luck with that.) Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting! ~ Laura #10

  16. Dang those messy fairies! They always sneak in when you least expect it. I guess we don't get a photo of paint drying today but definitely seeing LLJ's bunting was a treat. It will make your place look so festive. I'm impressed with the drawing of your hand. It looks like it belongs to a nice person I'd like to know. Very life like!

  17. Hi Von,

    GREAT bunting! LLJ is such a wonderful seamstress.

    O.k. that hand drawing is AMAZING. I'm afraid I may not show my little doodles, ever! tee hee

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (5)

  18. Happy WOYWW. Love the bunting. Gives me inspiration for a Xmas card. Ali x #55

  19. Fabby post Von, the hand drawing is brilliant and your bunting from LLJ is beautiful and cheery, mine would never have those lovely pointy triangle bits! LOL Annette #14

  20. Great bunting - have fun putting it in just the right place! Great drawing of your own hand - and just in passing - of course you are special! You are unique - made just how God wanted you made!!
    Thanks for your visit earlier - John isn't really feeling any better, but has managed a bit of pyrography yesterday - which is good.
    Enjoy your week.
    Margaret #49

  21. Oh wow how lucky you are to receive such beautiful bunting from LLJ, I love your drawing, it's so detailed, and your craft room looks fab too :D
    Take care & Happy Crafting
    Ann #104 xx

  22. LOL! I always forget pictures when I'm not at home.
    I had to google "bunting" (very pretty).
    Nails always grow. Hands that are worn in any way have been used. Lovely hand drawing. :)

  23. Whoohoo Von I'm here at last ;D
    Ah so you're keeping us in suspense with the painting eh? You little tinker ;D
    What a lucky girl you are to have such a fabulous pressie. I have to agree the little puds are so cute.
    You've also drawn your hand brilliantly...and if you think those nails are bad you should see mine!
    Great to take a peek into your room and is that a Union Jack tea cosy by any chance?
    Have a great productive week...that I can only wish for :D
    Toodleloo for now xoxo

  24. I know how it is! The mess-up-fairy comes to me too every night... ;)
    Nice Christmas banner!
    I wish you a great weekend!
    Susan nr 101 woyww


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