Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Swooshing paint for WOYWW

Boy have I had fun this week.
I painted my birds eyes, beaks
and feet. 
I couldn't see the birds feet in the photo
so I used the next best thing,
a live model
 and here he is.
My Charlie was very obliging and held
his little tootsies up everytime I needed them.
He wasn't too sure about the large birds
behind him.

I'm really pleased with how the
feet and

 faces turned out.
Here's the overall this morning
before class.
Thanks for your help with the comments
on red blobs in the background
I took them on board and 
didn't go with them.
Next came the glazing in class,
boy that was fun and scary
all at once.
 I had to leave my canvas at class
as the glaze was still wet
so these pictures were taken on my 
phone camera.
The fact you are about to see these
pictures is a miracle in itself.
I spent ages and lots of swearing,
tongue poking and yelling
but I managed to get the pictures from 
my phone to the computer.
Then it took me an hour to find where
the pictures were on the computer
but finally here they are..

This doubles as a picture of my desk,
it's at class but I forgot to take a photo
of the one at home before I actually 
cleaned it up, yep, I actually
cleaned up a bit.
I can't show a photo of a tidy desk,
that would ruin my reputation!!

The phone doesn't capture
the colours well, it's 
really bright and wonderful.
I still have more glazing to go.
My teacher said I need to do a purple layer
and I want to fix up the big wing,
it looks a bit too blobby.
 All in all I'm liking this more
and more.

Well, that's my sorta desk
for this week.
 Hop on over to 
and see other desks 
around the world
this wednesday.

P.S:  I hope all in the UK and Europe are okay after that
nasty looking storm this week.


  1. Wow, that's a bright and gorgeous pop of colour on this dull Autumn morning...the swishes of back ground glaze are lovely and really emphasise the parrots. The feet are a triumph!
    You are very talented!!
    Hugs, LLJ 35 xx

  2. Happy WOYWW. Such amazing talent. I love the colours. Thanks for sharing. Ali x #36

  3. That must have been so scary to put the glaze on after all that work! The end result is fantastic. But you did have a great model!! Hugs. Pam#39

  4. Oh that is just wonderful. So full of life and colour! And I love the faces. A beautiful work of art and what talent you have. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Karen no.51 x

  5. Wow! This is such a grrreatt work of art, Vonny! Love the live model too! It's really good these photos saw the light of day after all the trouble you had! Thanks for sharing such colour and life! Julie Ann xx #20

  6. Oh my! Amazing!!! They look like they are flying clean off the canvas!! Stunning work Vonny! :0)

  7. Wow, that is a stunning picture, very realistic. We are in awe of your artistic talents.

    The bears # 62

  8. Absolutely stunning painting and Charlie is super handsome.
    Sandra @65

  9. Wow Vonny, love your parrots, such a lot of movement and colour and how obliging of the lovely Charlie to be such a good model!! Annette #11

  10. Vibrant and exciting color and movement. I love seeing the stages. Happy snooping Carole #65

  11. LOL! How wonderful that you had a live model there to work with. I'm sure Charlie gave you a discount on his modeling fee. There is a lot of motion in your painting. The glaze is so interesting and fun. What a HUGE canvas that is.

  12. awww, there's our boy charlie, what good model he is. You did great with the feet. The color looks spectacular too. Hey, maybe we should paint up charlie for Halloween, he could go as a colorful bird, hehehe.

  13. So this class has just been a mass of learning for you? it has been for me! the glazing...never heard of it! your pic is just amazing, so vibrant and dynamic. Your art is amazing gal.

  14. stunning painting, so vibrant, thanks for sharing Donna #32

  15. Wow WOW Wow WOW Wow, Stunning!

    Robin 74

  16. I love your color choices, they are beautiful.
    My comments on Blogger seem to be tied to my Google+ account. click here for my blog WOYWW #70

  17. Thanks for a quick look into your craft room where all that beauty is displayed. I love this painting! Stunning!
    Glenda #52

  18. Oh I so much love your painting!!! It´s so full of colour and "speed"!

  19. Oh Wow! This is really exciting and I can't wait to see more of the glazing technique. I love the feet and their faces are beautiful. Very late WOYWW #85


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