Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Birds are appearing for WOYWW

I've been busy, busy
but not with art,
hence no post last week.

I have done a little in class 
and today, so here is my progress so far.

You may remember my splodges
from a few weeks ago,
here they are.

Now don't tell me you still can't see the two lorikeets,
you really should get your glasses checked!!

Okay, for those of you who are not versed in 
the art of splodges, here are the painted
 Of course they are still in the very early stages.
I'm working on the eyes, beaks and feet
at the moment.  

The paint is very loose, so that when I
glaze over the birds the colour will fill
in between the painted bits
and hopefully give it a three dimensional 
look, fingers are crossed!

This photo will give you an idea of the size
 of the canvas, it's 30" x 36", so not small. 

My desk is the usual mess

with bits plonked everywhere.
I honestly don't know how I manage
 to find the paint some days.

These are the faces so far,
I'm still tweeking them but happy 
how they are turning out.

One bird is has just taken off and the other
is hanging onto a branch,
which I still haven't painted,
and is about to fly off.

I'm thinking of glazing bright red into
the background to represent
bottle brush flowers but I'm not sure if that
will detract from the birds.
Anyone have any suggestions???

Well, I'd better fly
(excuse the pun), you know the drill,
dinner to make, animals kids to feed,
plus the pets.

Now you've seen mine why not
hop on over to 
and see all the other desks around the world
this workdesk wednesday.



  1. Hi Vonny. Great parakeets - but have I missed the fish??? Did you get them finished to your satisfaction? I shall go hunting for them..
    Have finished the advent calendar whilst on our holiday - all up on the site now!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #64

  2. Ok - so I have been hunt about - and found your fish. They are stunning, but I'm sorry you are still not happy. Have to say, the chandelier is definitely the version to stick with!! Hope your back is better now - even with the trip around Ikea.
    Margaret #64

  3. Wow, your birds are stunning, although we quite liked the unfinished abstract version too, it was like a hidden object painting. Stare for long enough and the birds appear :)

    Bears #79

  4. Wow! So vibrant!! And already brilliant!
    So are these the type of everyday birds that you get in your ozzy garden then? We get nothing like so spectacular here! All of our birds seem so dull in comparison!

  5. Those lorikeets are looking good! I like the faces - good expressions. Mmnn, not sure about the background. I can see that you wouldn't want to detract from the birdies. However, what you propose does sound interesting and 'right'. Oh dear, not much help, am I? Thanks for the visit earlier. Julie Ann xx #28

  6. Wow, your canvas is lovely! The expressions on the birds are GREAT! Love the vibrant colors and the fun backgrounds and how the streaks really show movement in the piece. Awesome! Winnie#73

  7. Goodness but you've got the knack of capturing birds in really do catch their look and movement! I like the background as it is actually, it makes the birds pop out of the to speak!
    You probably didn't see my post last week but you won a string of bunting! All you have to do now (pretty please) is email me your snail mail address. My email is on my sidebar!
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  8. I would love to see you paint...I find this fascinating..splodges. Beautiful birds...lovely work. Thanks for sharing. Be well Carole #91

  9. Stunning art work as usual, Von - this one so full of movement and colour! Just gorgeous.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. It's an uphill struggle trying to get Mum settled in as she's not the easiest... Still lots to sort in the house and ARTHaven but we'll get there in the end - in the meantime, not being too well atm, I've got to rest a lot too.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #65

  10. You mean they aren't finished? AWESOME work! They are amazing. Happy WOYWW Cindy #30

  11. Hey Von my glasses are new this week but I didn't see the lorikeet's coming. But when they nearly knocked me out with those vibrant colours! They are so alive that I can almost hear them.

    You do know that you are amazingly talented don't you? ;D

    Have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend.
    No WOYWW for me this week but then nothing new there eh? :(

  12. Your artwork is gorgeous! I love all those bright colors of your birds. And I can see the birds now. :-) April #29

  13. I have been out photographing these fine feathered friends just this morning as they were feeding on our hedge, you have captured their colors so beautifully with this painting Vonny. I just love all that splodging too! Yet another of your artworks I can't wait to see when finished. Just beautiful. Have a great week! Danie #25

  14. Thank you for my happy birthday wishes yesterday...I felt so special having so many lovely messages.
    Your painting is amazing...what talent. :-)
    A x #62

  15. A great vibrant painting - lovely parakeets. Never would have thought it was so huge at first picture but can see when it is on your easel. Wow, that is some painting. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for visiting me yesterday - sorry I am a bit behind. Hugs, Neet 24 xx
    ps the blades in the pasta machine are very sharp underneath as they need to slice through the dough, or in my case clay.

  16. Hi Von
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love seeing how your parakeets are developing and how they grew from those splodges. I bet one of the pretty things you've been hoarding would look brilliant on there. Something shiny hanging from the beak? A bit of texture on your yet to paint tree. This painting is already worthy of one of your special things and it's not even finished yet.
    Have an inspiring week!
    Gillian #69

  17. Your paintings are always so full of life and colors. I don't know if the red would be too much or not, but I would trust your instincts. Blessings, my friend!

  18. Hi Vonny, I have enjoyed your little story about the process of the lorikeets picture. It is awesome and wonderful colorful! (Both, your picture and your story :)
    I am currently attending an acrylic painting class as well and I very often think of you and also of your gorgeous fishies as I love them too.

  19. It's really fun to watch your birds 'fly out' of that background. It is looking good. personally i would go easy on the red in the background, but that's just me. Kate x #61

  20. The birds are amazing, love the vibrancy. You really are such a talented artist. Hugs. Pam#38

  21. Happy Belated WOYWW. Amazing birds. Such lovely bright colours Ali × # 49.

  22. hi vonny i dont think i have seen your splodges befolre .... shouldd have gone to specsavers hehe
    anyway love them so colourfxul not sure you shZould use red to fill in .... but what do i know eh ,maybe yellow would be a better background colour.... only an idea

  23. Beautiful Von, they really fly off the canvas, no pun intended! Not sure about the red either, it might be too much. We're only slightly on the wrong side of zero at night, won't be long before we're into the minus double digits!!

    Brenda 1

  24. Lorikeets are just dazzling and you are capturing them beautifully. I don't know this technique so want to hear all about it and can offer no advice. :)

  25. LOVE, love your birds - they're so free and loose and the splotches are totally perfect! It's hard for me to visualize your concept of the bottlebrush red or where you'd put it. I actually really like it as is with the splats and splashes that seem to embody the sense of movement and flight. I'm sure whichever way you go will be great - you'll find a way to make your vision work. Can't wait to see...

  26. That is looking amazing... love the free-ness of it, but it still looks like you... love the splatters xx

  27. Hello Vonny, I have just discovered your beautiful vibrant blog. These parrots are stunning - I think the painting looks fantastic as it is. It's so nice to stumble across another Aussie art blogger!!


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