Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Having one of those weeks.

I'm having one of those weeks!
This will be short and sweet 
as I've put my back out,
gee, I must be getting old (eeek!!).

Sitting here in agonotitis (that's nutter talk for pain!)

No art done this week,
I hope normal service will be resumed next week!!
Well, that's as normal as I can be,
which isn't all that normal really,
so maybe I should just say,
I will be posting abnormally next week.

Wow, I'm not even on pain killers
and I sound more spaced out than normal!

You never know, I might do some art on thursday 
and post about it, but then maybe not.

Okay, okay, I'm going now.
So I'll post when I can
hopefully with some art to show.

Bummer, I can't put on my 'Egbert writing' picture
as I'm on the laptop and not my computer
 and it hurts to get up,
so you'll have to tune in for the next post
 to see Egbert.

This just isn't my day!


  1. Oh my you sound delirious with pain Vonny, poor you :(
    Well I suppose if you insist on dancing on table tops what can you expect sweetie!
    You've got to slow things down a wee bitee but I suppose you realise that by now.
    Take care and rest up...I think you should start on the pain killers asap :$
    Missing your art and Egbert but I know you'll be back! (oops sorry about the pun...I really didn't mean that one).
    Chat soon but in the meantime just concentrate on getting better

  2. Oh No! Owie! Owie! I hope your back shifts and recovers soon. What a bummer. Our bodies run the show more and more over time, I guess. But it still sucks! ;) Love and hugs!

  3. Oh dear - poor you! I hope you are up and about again really soon :0)

  4. Oh dang, you and your agonotitis!! That's some serious stuff. Hopefully it won't be fatal. I feel your pain! Well, maybe that's just my own pain I feel--stitches in the side. They are not good for one's well-being.

  5. So sorry to hear you are suffering, Vonny, and hope you are now on the mend. Thank you for your lovely comment and sorry it's taken me so long to reply - we were back on the Internet a week after the move but it's been all go here, with the builders still here after 3 weeks since the move - the work is all but complete but they have certainly impeded progress and I'm only now beginning to clean up a bit. Mum arrives on Wednesday, and still lots to do! I haven't had much time for the computer even though we've been back on the Internet for a fortnight!

    Hope you've been having a great time with your friend!


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