Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Back to normal abnormal for WOYWW

I was awol last week 
as I hurt my back.
Now it would be great if I could say that I 
pulled a muscle while
swinging from a chandelier in
in my bedroom 
but unfortunately
it was rather more boring than that.
I sat in my car and twisted around to get something
from the back seat and pulled a muscle,
yawn, how boring is that.
I think I'll go with the chandelier story
makes life sound much more exciting :)
I couldn't move on tuesday and wednesday
and my rotten family made me 
wander around Ikea all day thursday.
I got even, I bought lots of goodies.

My desk is also a bore this week,
still that rotten fish painting.

Here's my desk this week.
I have very gloopy glaze in the white pots.
I wasn't happy with the white reflections on the water
so I took to it with a wet cloth and rubbed it all off,
only trouble was, half the underpainting came off as well.
So I had to repaint half of it and today I reglazed
the green and white.

I'm still not happy with it
but I'm sick of the site of it,
so it's been unceremoniously
dumped sideways up on the wall to dry.

I just hope the pond water doesn't drip on my floor!!

Now I look at it, the darn thing looks
better from this angle,
I could call it fish swimming up hill.

Well, I hope things will be more exciting next week
as I've been playing with the birds in class,
of course I forgot my camera, so no photo.
Next week I'll take a photo
and possibly I'll do some drawing,
I feel the need, the need to scribble.

If you're still awake,
sorry it was boring this week,
hop on over to Julia's
and find some exciting things
on desks around the world
this wednesday.




  1. Sorry to hear you dont like your fish I think its awesome you did make me LOL re the chandelier but pleased to hear your back is better now have a good week and hope your next project is not as frustrating hugs Andrea #47

  2. Sorry to hear about your back! Even if you got it doing something exciting it would still hurt, but I suppose that's not much comfort! Well, I've always liked what you now call 'the rotten fish painting' - funny idea that painting rotten fish! I like the idea of them swimming uphill! I can't wait to see the birdies! Good luck with the scribbling! Julie Ann xx #38

  3. Woww the fish is awsome, colours are so vibirant, I absolutely love it to bits. Couldn't help myself I just had to feed your fish!!!! I will have to have a look at the rest of your posts to see what else you have been up to. Haven;t seen your blog before but love it.
    Give away on my blog post if you are interested.
    Have a great week XXJulie (paperpathway) 59

  4. Your art space looks really lovely and although your not happy with the fish from where I am sat they look great!
    Jackie 40

  5. Thank you for such a fun post. I could see you swinging there! haha
    I think your fishpainting is awsome!! What is it that you don´t like? I LOVE it!

  6. Your fish are still looking mighty fine to us, although we do hope you don't have a nasty pond stain on the floor now! The words ' rotten fish' made us think of a really stinky painting, hee hee.
    The bears no. 83

  7. Sorry to hear about your back, but glad to hear its a bit better. I really love your fish, the water looks amazing and 3d and so realistic - I even made my husband look too and we both think it brilliant. Have a lovely day...Gill x

  8. That is nice to see the working place of another painter. What an amazing beautiful fish and seaworld you are creating.
    I was smiling reading you are not satisfied with your painting, I understand you very well and I know the feeling.
    Any way, I think it is great what you are making. Greetings from Geri

  9. Too critical of your own work...give thanks for well being and the talent you have...gratitude expands and returns.Happy day... Carole #93

  10. Hope you back feels better soon! Your fish are fabulous! You've really captured the ripples in the water, it's beautiful! Maybe taking a break from it will make you appreciate it more :)
    Happy WOYWW! Kate #54

  11. If you have to have pulled a muscle, then the chandelier scenario would have been so much more satisfying (so to speak!!!!). Poor you, hope it's getting better now.
    I think you have to 'Step Away from the Painting' now!! Put it somewhere where you can't see it and come back to it in six months time. You might find you're not so grrrrrr with it. As I said before, you don't need classes, your natural talent is awesome!
    Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

  12. Sorry to hear about your back worries Vonny and hope you are back to normal soon. I did a similar thing a while back turning to see that I wasn't hitting anything when reversing and was out of action for a few weeks. I am loving your fish pond painting, I think it looks great either way and can't wait to see what birds you are doing in class. Have a great week! Happy WOYWW! Danie #16

  13. We are our own worst critics. I love the painting. I wish I had half your talent. Happy crafting #4

  14. I could stare at that fish painting all day long. I LOVE it. April #21

  15. I had a good snoop around your walls and shelves while you were bemoaning the wonderful fish Von. Next time I will be going through your drawers haha.
    Lynn xx

  16. sorry to hear about your back I hope it is on the mend, well done on getting back at your family with all the shopping.
    I think you are being too hard on yourself with the fish painting, I think it looks really stunning and should be give proper wall hanging space
    Happy WOYWW and wishing you a great week
    Ria #50

  17. Good to see the fish are on the wall ...maybe they have been a bit of a back burden. Let them hang for awhile and see how they look in week.
    Sandra @63

  18. Sometimes we have to take a step back before we can take two forwards - but it is SO frustrating isn't it?? Mind you - I thought it was stunning as it was and certainly not rotten! I think it is going to be gorgeous... just step away for a while and look again in a couple of weeks. Then I am certain you will see how lovely it is :0)

  19. I still think the fish picture is fantastic! Hope the back is less painful now and it serves the family right if you did buy thinks at Ikea! I always get lost when I go there!! Hugs. Pam#37

  20. Don't you just want to chuck that fish painting out of the window some days? Or better yet, in the pool, they are fish after all! I still like it though, no matter the angle. Hope the back has healed somewhat, having been born with an almost straight spine I know all too well what back pain feels like!

    Brenda 1

  21. Hope your back is better by now... but I love your fish painting,how can you not like it? Well I know the answer, I think we are often our own worst critics. Have a great week. Helen 20

  22. Sorry you have hurt your back, swinging from chandeliers will do that to you! LOL I still think the fish painting is totally awesome, so don't give up on it just yet!! Annette #7

  23. I hope your back stops being a pain real soon! I twisted the other day and hurt my side -- now why does that happen? Drats.

    I love your fish painting. The water effect looks VERY cool!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (19)

  24. A smile to my face on seeing your fish painting hanging and then a loud laugh about it dripping on the floor!! Hope you are on to something you REALLY enjoy. I thought "Fish" was exciting and I love it, great colors and looks like real ACTIVITY or MOVEMENT as you look at it. On your back muscle...I get more muscle problems in and out of cars, I manage my SUV and his BIG truck better than the car. Usually only Advil and wet heat help it and keeping my back warm. I wish you well. Have a good weekend ..Running late helping in the transport of hubby with field equipment etc. Hoping our nice weather holds til harvest is done. And I am anxious to get back to creating.

  25. Boring?! No way! Hope the aack is doing better. I agree with Sykvia above, heat and Advil. Love the fish hanging on the wall. They do look better that way. :) Keep a towel on the floor to catch those pesky drips! LOL hugs and a very late Happy WOYWW! Nan G #14

  26. I'm so late Von I'm nearly into next week! ;D
    Swinging from the chandeliers well really jumping off the wardrobe I find is far safer!
    Listen to me as if I would know AND it's Sunday! Tut tut

    I think your fish painting is fantastic. The water looks so cool.
    But I supoose if you're not happy with it...then that's what counts. We'll just look on in wonder.
    Hope your back is better soon but make sure you get that sympathy sorted. They should all be waiting on you hand and foot!
    Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful weekend :D
    Neesie no number yet again!

  27. i love your fish painting but i understand what you mean about hating it because it isnt goingnthe way you want it. i still love it though, whichever way you hang it.
    sorry for my lateness famfa 2


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