Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Still going on the fish painting (darn it) for WOYWW

I'm sorry to say
the fish painting is still going.
We had a good look at it in class today 
and decided it needed more 
glazing to get the look of water right.

The glaze is still a little wet and I hope it will
calm down a bit more.
It's so scary when you put it on as it's really white
and I was sure I'd messed it up.

This was taken a bit earlier and
you can see how white it looked.
I still have to tone down the eyes,
they look like cartoons at the moment
and I will add more white in some areas to
make the ripples stand out more.

My desk this week was outside
and this is why
Apart from the fact that it's been
30 plus degrees this week,
Don't you just love the bird poop on the chair, that's my magpie friend!

I had to prepare a new canvas for class.
You can see my fan brushes with pots of
very watered down paint.
I use these to spatter the canvas
and boy did I make a mess, it went everywhere.
Yes, my glasses got the treatment as well.
Puts a whole new meaning to spots before your eyes!

Of course you can see exactly what 
the painting is going to be,
what, you can't see it??
Well you're just not using your imagination,
there are two Lorikeets (small parrots),
one is flying off and the other is about to.
Now do you see it?  I thought not.
You'll just have to wait until next week.
I drew the birds on in class and then really spattered
it but couldn't bring it home as it was too wet.

So, it's just going to have to be a Picasso 
until next week!

That's all for me,
the little bird from last week
still looks exactly the same,
school holidays are a bummer.

Why not hop over to Julia's 
and see what is on work desks
 around the world,
this glorious wednesday,
have fun.



  1. Your fish painting is wonderful.....what will you do with it when you've finished? Sometimes when you've worked so hard on something, you get a bit past it...or is that just me??
    I love your splattered background, just waiting for the lorikeets to fly back in to shot!
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  2. Those fish are looking pretty darn good to me. I don't think you could ruin them as they look better each week. I am still trying to find the lorikeets. Imagine what summer is going to be like! have a lovely week.
    Sandra @12

  3. Oh Vonny, this is just beautiful! What a gorgeous koi painting, so vivid in color!

    Our pool is still open for business here with our ridiculously hot Miami weather :)

    ~Kelly #43

  4. The fish painting is looking so fabulous.... you should be thrilled with how it's turning out. Love the splatters - certainly an outside job! Have a great week. Helen 14

  5. Hi there, your fish looks amazing! Thanks for popping by my place already and to answer your question, yes, most of the ink work on the journal page is hand done (There is a bit of Tissue tape around the flap!)

  6. You beauty! (see I've still got it hehe)
    The fish painting is exquisite Von, the water looks so real I could just dip my hand in. You must be thrilled now surely after all of your earlier worries?
    Are you up for a gold star from teacher by any chance? ;D
    Glad you gave us the clues on your next mind was running riot there for a minute.
    Can't wait to see the lorikeets...I miss them but I'm happy having my resident robin serenading me every day.
    Enjoy WOYWW...I'm playing hooky today. Nothing to show on my desk but I'll take some time to visit others.
    Have a great week and chat soon

  7. The fish painting is just beautiful, Vonny. Well done. Love the spatter painting - you could just leave it like that and earn thousands from it by calling it something outrageous like "babes in the wood" and folk all over the world would come to your exhibition and "ooh" and "ahhh"!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret - #56

  8. Wow! Those fishes and the water look amazing! I wish I had your level of skill. Wow! Just wow! Uniflame - 71

  9. Love your fishy painting. The water effect is amazing. Happy WOYWW

  10. The fish painting is wonderful - such a glorious colourful piece :-)
    LUV the bird poop :-) Hahaha LoL


    IKE in Greece #75 xxxx

  11. Thanks for leaving a comment Von; I'll certainly give Margaret a hug from you. Those fishes are fabulous, and the water so wet. You have a real talent with painting. We are now in the 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' with temperatures dropping from the mid twenties to between 15 and 19 centigrade. All the seasons have their own beauty though. Kind regards, John W #63.

  12. Oh, moments of tension when you put the glaze on! Your heart must have been in your mouth after all that work you've put into it. I think it is just amazingly lovely! How can you say I'm clever when you are an artistic genius! Can't wait to see the parakeets more clearly! Thanks for the visit - oh yes and sorry one of my relatives was so anti-social on your sun-lounger!!! Julie Ann xx #35

  13. Oh yes, definitely parrots there! (Erm). Your fish are still fab but we can imagine the panic adding the white layer, a bit like adding glass bead gel to a finished journal page then worrying it won't dry clear.

    The bears no. 79

  14. I am so in awe of that fish painting! It is all manner of awesome and I want to paint one! And it's a brave thing to be bold - something I am not good at being! Um.... Parrots.....? Hmmm... Okay - will take your word for it, haha! ;0)

  15. Great job with the painting, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!! Thanks for stopping by, Kinda fallish here too, ruffling of leaves and those cool nights. Enjoy the week

  16. So many layers on your fish it gets better and better every week you are doing such a wonderful job of it..
    Sandy :) #29

  17. I love how the glazing has dried on your, I can't see the birds...not for not looking you understand!

  18. I'm curious to see the birds next week as I don't see them on your canvas now... enjoy the weather (too hot for me though - I like the late-Summer-early-Autumn weather we have in the Netherlands right now!) Happy woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #76

  19. What I want to know is how do you know when that fish painting is finally done? Looks great to me and the changes you're now making are very small! 30+C! Did you miss out Spring over there, that sounds more like high summer! Great splattered painting, I'll trust your vision though!

  20. The fish look amazing with the glaze! What beautiful work!

    Can't wait to see the birds next week!

    Hope your Wednesday is absolutely wonderful!!

    Lynn #20

  21. An entertaining post, as always, Vonny! The fishies are coming along swimmingly (sorry, couldn't resist!)! It's great to see the long view of the pool where dear Trevor lives! I will be excited to see your birds come to life through the splatters! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week! Thanks for the visit to me! Darnell #22

  22. The glaze on the fish painting is the perfect touch for it. You are convinced you'll get wet if you touched it (not because it is wet, shhh.... we'll pretend it is dry already). I totally could see the two birds in the splattered canvas. Are you sure they haven't run into a plane propeller though?

  23. Loved watching the fish canvas evolve, looking forward to seeing the parakeets come to life
    Laura 102

  24. I love seeing your work it is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  25. The fish canvass is amazing and I love the way you had so much fun with the paint glasses always end up covered too! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#68)

  26. those fish are looking spectacular my friend!!

  27. Yeah, did that, spots all over my glasses... puts the world in a whole other light =)
    Your fishes are beautiful, I can see how it would be scary to put the glaze on...
    happy WOYWW
    xx Monique #94

  28. How amazing is that fish picture!! Beautiful work. Happy WOYWW, Cindy #70

  29. I just love your fish painting. The water swirl is so realistic. Sorry to say - I didn't see 2 lorikeets. :-( April #21

  30. The fish painting is totally stunning. Looking forward to seeing the Lorikeets. I get the same glasses wipeout effect with misting sprays (usually when I've pointed the nozzle in the wrong direction) Hugs. Pam#34

  31. Ah Vonny, you stand so close to your work tha tyou don't see the's just amazing. I can hardly wait to see the Lorikeets...

  32. Oh gosh! I read this and then didn't comment. My bad.
    I have my fingers crossed that the fish painting will turn out like you want it to!! :)


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