Wednesday, 7 August 2013

We have fish in the pond for WOYWW, well kinda.

It's been a bits n pieces week
as I was in an out 
of my room all week.

Here is what's on my desk right now.

Not much really.
I am almost finished a card
that I promised Neesie from Neesie Natters ages ago
when she moved back to the UK
from here in Aus.

You can just see a little bit poking out from the paper I put over it,
I have to wait until Neesie gets it before it can be shown
and then she might not let me show it 
(let's just say I had a little fun with it mwa ha ha).

I made a cute polymer clay chameleon, called Bruce.
I wish I could say I made him up but
I bought a project book and copied from there.

At the back of my desk is the photo
that I'm using to paint my fishpond for art class.

Last week it looked like this

Then I started the painful bit of sectioning,
drawing and then rubbing out,
and drawing and rubbing out,
you get the picture??

This took forever and I'm sure my teachers ears were burning.
I've always used pencil and drawn nice and neat
but this is just plain painful.
Apart from the charcoal, getting into places
where I'm sure it shouldn't get, it's really hard
  to do.  But I got there eventually.

I got to class this morning, she was happy with what I'd done
and then she said now rub it off!
I nearly died. She must have seen the look of sheer horror on my face
and then explained that she meant for me to rub it off lightly
and remove the excess charcoal (phew).

Now I'm just putting in the clear colours, loosely,
to form the shape of the fish.

Would you believe that's two hours work just there!!
Geez I'm slow!!!

It's a public holiday here next wednesday,
so no classes and only a tiny bit of homework,
so if all goes well, I might have a go at 
another inky messy canvas.

Let's hope the inky mess makes it to the canvas
and not all over me, or the floor, or the desk..!

That's my desk goings on for the week,
now why not hop on over to 
has been happening on other desks 
around the world.




  1. Bruce turned out great, he's so cool. I loved seeing the steps in creating that painting. Happy crafting #1

  2. Vonny, thank you for taking pictures and sharing the process of the painting. It's really stunning how you do that! I nearly died WITH you, reading your story! But it is so pretty; it's obvious that there is a lot of work involved. And Bruce is adorable!! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week! Thanks for the visit to me! Darnell #12

  3. Only 2 hours work? Looks like you have done a lot then. I paint so I know how long it takes. You are doing a fab job here. Wish we lived closer, we could paint together. #43

  4. Wow! That fish painting is absolutely fabulous! I would hang it on my wall - no hesitation! Poor you when the teacher told you to rub it out!!! I love Bruce too! Julie Ann xx #41

  5. Wow, it is looking good so far - I knew it would! Have a great week. Helen 6

  6. Your fish look lovely and floaty, like they are moving.The charcoal is messy, but it does free up one's drawing. When I went to Art School, many years ago, we had to do Very Big drawings.Cover paper with charcoal rubbed in, then remove the drawing with an eraser, sort of sculpting the drawing.A fascinating process. The eraser made the whites.
    judy #32

  7. Ohhh Vonny, it must of been priceless to have seen your face when she said rub it off! Your fish are coming along beautifully. Can't wait to see the progress. You are fab if that is what you created in 2 hours it will be amazing by the end.

    Sandra @ 46

  8. The fishy pic is looking really good but this week our furry eyes are on Bruce, we love him. How cute

    Love from the bears @#84

  9. I thought the chameleon was great, even with the aid of a book mine would have looked like an alien being.

    and I LOVE the canvas, the fish are looking amazing coloured - cant wait to see it all finished.

    Lynda #82

  10. Love the chameleon and the artwork is fab.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #63

  11. Vonny, your desk is always a delight - full of colour and interest. Your fish have turned out exactly how I envisioned them on that fabulous background! I love love love that painting!!! And I adore little steampunk Brucie - he's adorable!! (Can you make a platypus? Lol!!)

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #75

  12. Just gorgeous, Vonny! And Shoshi has an idea there with the platypus . . . ;)

    Happy woyww to you!
    #17 this week

  13. Gorgeous creative ideas, photos and Art, its Lovely seeing your projects in progress x
    Have a Beautiful week Heather #103

  14. Oh you minx Von...I've turned my laptop every which way but still can't see what you've got up your sleeve for me! ;D
    You really didn't need to but now I'll be watching for Postman Pats van coming up the lane. Well not just yet obviously. The Mmmmwwwwhhhhhaaaa sort of gives me a clue it'll be something to make me giggle.
    I'm loving the process of seeing your fish come's truly fascinating and very generous of you to share it with everyone.
    I can just imagine your face at the teachers comment...I can also imagine you back at school having that same look on your face LOL
    I also had to look long and hard to see Bruce there...he's one clever chameleon. He blends in so well.
    Enjoy WOYWW and I'll chat again soon
    Neesie #71 xoxo

  15. Wow your koi are looking fabulous. I can't wait to see the finished canvas and Bruce is just adorable. Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

  16. Your art is gorgeous Von, thanks for sharing the process and I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished, Bruce is cute too....Cheers RobynO#52

  17. Love Bruce! ;)
    I am very slow with almost any art or crafts I do, so I understand. It looked like a couple hours of work to me! I am glad you are sharing this because it is a very different way of going about this painting and I am fascinated by the process.
    Enjoy your week off from class! :)

  18. Aaaaw Von, Bruce is fabbydoozy! OK... I have a thing for lizard type animals but how clever are you?? And I couldn't see fish last week but i sure can now! That is really coming together beautifully! Happy WOYWW Annette #5

  19. Bruce is bonza!, seriously, I love him....that what's I like about your blog, you never know what's going to turn up!
    And your fish are fab can already see the water above them that isn't know what I mean..that is skill. I was looking at a Gainsborough portrait in a stately home in holiday. From a distance, the lace cuffs looked so intricate but when you looked closely, all it was was quite blobby little blobs! Genius :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 57 xx

  20. Vonny I love your fish, they are so beautiful and did it really only take you 2 hours? I couldn't produce anything that gorgeous in 20 hours. The fish look ready to swim off the canvas, so realistic and Bruce looks as if he is going to crawl away.
    So clever.
    Chris # 66

  21. So glad you found your fish, Vonny. But to be told to rub them out - I think it may have been the teacher who died - not me...!!! Well done. It's looking great. Have fun putting in the bottom of the pond/stream. It's going to be fabulous. That chameleon is fun.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Have a great week in your art room.
    Margaret #68

  22. Wow! Your fish pond is looking beautiful. The contrast between the background and the goldfish is spectacular. I'm very slow with painting too, that's why I don't do it often. Blessings!

  23. Good on you for sticking with it and pushing through. It's progressing so nicely and I'm just in awe that you can turn that "painterly mess" into such loveliness. Thanks so much for sharing your steps and feelings about trying something's never easy and it's always tempting to go back to our "old way"...but then we don't grow. I'm eager to see more next week!

  24. Thanks for your lovely comments, Vonny, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the extremely belated blog post about last year's ATC swap. Zentangle is highly addictive, and it has the advantage that you can do it anywhere, i.e. away from your studio! I'm feeling fine cystitis-wise - the antibiotics kicked in immediately. I'm still on them for another few days but very pleased to be better. Like you, I only go on antibiotics when I absolutely have to - which amounts to about 3 times in my whole life! Glad you like my new shabby chic unit and yes, I can't wait to start displaying stuff on it.

    Shoshi #75

  25. I think Bruce is awesome, I wish I could do stuff like that. Your Koi pond painting is looking amazing. I can't draw well, so i'd probably have fallen out of my shoes if I heard "Now Rub It Off". How long did it take to put your heart back in your chest after that?? I think you are very talented.!! I'd hang one of your paintings on my livingroom wall proudly. Have agreat weekend. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #4

  26. WOW Bruce is really cool and that Koi pond is awesome! I look forward to seeing it done. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I am so late getting around this week but I am making it around finally! Hope you had a great weekend! Vickie #36


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