Wednesday, 28 August 2013

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You can't see it but there is a huge grin 
on my face. Spring has come early,
it's 28 deg and I have bare arms!!!
Ooh, I'm loving lettin the skin hang out,
not in a rude way but a kinda lettin it breathe 
sorta way.
I've been playing on a few desks this week.
This is my dining table where I drew up 
a backdrop for my Little Misses' class speech today.
They had to write a story about the Aussie Outback
and this is of a naughty emu who stole someones Akubra hat.
It's yellow because I took the photo last night and forgot
to turn on the flash.  It's not finished in this photo
but Little Miss took it this morning and I forgot to take another photo first (oops). The other picture I drew was of a dunny (outdoor loo for those who don't know) and yes, I forgot to take a photo of that too.
This is the mess I'm making on one of my other desks.
You can see my bottle of clear gel medium, that's what I mix 
with the paint to form the glaze that I used in class today.
I'm winning the war with my painting, so what more
 could I ask for.  I wasn't happy with the fish painting last
 week.  I did my homework yesterday, that involved
 spattering over the rocks.  It's easy to spatter in a large
 classroom but you try in a small little room filled with
 junk and  other paintings. I covered the floor with
 plastic and  half the things around it, loaded up
 my fan brush with  sloshy paint and had to be
 careful not to just  swoosh it like in class but
 be more dainty (ha that's a joke for me)
 and just lightly shake. Obviously that was just too
 much for my little blonde brain to comprehend as
 when I gently shook the brush the paint went upwards 
all over me instead of downwards onto the canvas. 
Just proves that gently is not my style.
After a lot of swearing and getting splattered
(a piece of advice, keep your mouth closed when doing
 this as it don't taste nice!!!), I got some on the canvas.
Here is where I left my canvas before class this morning.
Still a bit blah!
But then my teacher showed me how to glaze
and this is the under glazing so far.

 It is really starting to look like they are under the water.

 Here you can see the swirls in the actual glaze.
You paint the glaze on and then use a plastic comb
 to give  the direction wanted. In this case the
 swirling water. The light is shining on this 
picture so it looks more white than it is.
There's no class next week, so I might
 get some more of my inking done.
That's my fun for the week, sorry it's so long Julia, 
please don't yell at me :)
How about you go to Julia's Stamping Ground
and see what everyone has on their desks
this beautiful, sunny, warm wednesday.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week.


  1. Hello, it's me again :-) and look at you with the new one. ok I have to say I cant wait to see this one when your done with it. Im off to make a few fast peeks. . Thanks for the peek and bright blessings to you. Roberta # 40

  2. I think your canvas is coming along just great - but I can sympathise with the splattering in a small space..... my rug is testament to that! Have a great week. Helen 23

  3. Following your progress on this canvas has been fascinating Von,
    It's really coming together but as I've said before I love the way you paint already Especially your fish!

    But now I see your Emu and he's just adorable. Oh how I wish I could draw like that. Just look at his eyes!

    Oops nearly forgot to say...I've posted on WOYWW this week (Yay) and linked to you showing my gorgeous card that you sent me. I hope I've done it justice and I even waited for the sun to shine to take the photo. I know how important it is to you! LOL
    24 degrees isn't spring lady...that's positively tropical here!
    Enjoy WOYWW Neesie #45

  4. Your fish are coming along beautifully and the glaze and comb technique is amazing.
    Have a lovely week.
    Sandra @34

  5. That emu is fabulous! So much character in his face! Your painting of the fish is now looking so fantastic I'm in awe. It's been terrific following your progress with it and seeing all the stages! Thank you so much for sharing the odyssey! I did laugh at the spattering fiasco! Glad I'm not the only person who manages to decorate myself and everything in sight! Julie Ann xx #42

  6. love your emu :) but you really 'know' fish - they are always so incredible when you paint/draw them!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 38

  7. Your art skills are amazing! Love the emu and the fish. We of course are entering autumn soon. In summer, from our art space windows, the sun sets over the sea. In winter, over the mountains. It has already moved a long way toward its winter position. It's still nice and sunny though today.

    Hope your prize arrives soon!!!!!!! Kind regards, John-W #35

  8. Laughed out loud at the description of splatter painting!! Sorry, Vonny, most rude of me - but the description was so brilliant - I could see it all! That fish painting is so different this week - it's getting more like how you like it?? Loved the emu - he's great and VERY full of mischief.
    Have a lovely warm, spring, week.
    Margaret #37

  9. Oh my, we absolutely love the emu with his stolen hat, what fun. Your fishy painting is coming on a treat.

    The bears @#90

  10. I know it was balmy and warm here today too so unusual.. Love your painting it is really coming along lol at the mouth open taste of paint yuck, so would be something I would do..
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #54

  11. Why on earth do you of all people need a painting class! I'm shocked at that, lol!! I like the fishy painting, and the crazy emu! Glad you're letting it all hang out in the warm weather too and belated birthday wishes for last week.

    Brenda 7

  12. Gosh Vonny those fish just get better and better. When are they going to swim off the page, and I love your emu, he is just such fun.
    I think 28 degrees would be too warm for me, even at 24 we start complaining, but you sould as if you are enjoying yourself.
    Chris no 69

  13. I think your fish look great and they are definitely swimming under the water! I wish I could paint even half as well. The emu is fun. 28º is just perfect. we are nearly down to that this week after a couple of months in the upper thirties, and today I am quite comfortable! Enjoy your springtime. Kate x #61

  14. I love your fish painting. They certainly do look like they are under water. That emu sure has some personality as well.

  15. Happy WOYWW! I love the gold fish!!! You're very talented!
    -Tera #111

  16. Love the fish, and love the Emu, your desk looks very interesting and busy, thank you and happy WOYWW Avril#52

  17. All fabulous. Happy WOYWW Anne x #71

  18. I just had to stop by again before bedtime to say - Oh my - I'd forgotten 'Same Bat time, Same Bat place!' How could I?
    You really jogged my memory about that one! Actually about 25 years ago Hubby and I went to a fancy dress party as Batman and Robin! I was Robin!!! Maybe I should dig out the pictures...maybe not!!! Julie Annxx

  19. He-he! I am still online! I will try to find them for next week. They only exist as prints so I think I'll have to scan them! Julie Ann xx

  20. The canvas is amazing, you're right, they do look underwater. I love the picture of the emu, he looks so cheeky. Hugs. Pam#36

  21. Wonderful paintings to see and to enjoy. Your fishes are fantastic and the sketch is just perfect. Love to see your works.

  22. Hi Von, another lovely warm day here in Bsiz! Your fishes are looking really great now... I keep looking at the painting each week and I would have settled for it being finished weeks ago and yet each time, you add a little and it just gets better! Annette #9

  23. Wow, Von, it's looking fab post underglaze
    And yep, plenty of plastic sheeting, aprons, swearing and wiping with damp cloths, painty hair... never got any in my mouth though :)
    Happy WOYWW

  24. I have splattered in my mouth, too--LOL!
    The glazing is changing the look!
    I LOVE the emu!! ;)

  25. ROFL Vonny - I really did laugh out loud at your paint spattering exploits! Whatever you do to your gorgeous fishy painting, I continue to love love love it - from the beginning I always thought they looked as if they were under the water. I love the emu - what funny faces they have! - he is utterly adorable. You are soooo talented...

    Thanks for your lovely comment, and I am glad you are enjoying following the adventure of our new house, and especially the banana boys and the wheelbarrow! We've had such laughs all the way through. As for my sink, I've been hankering after a sink in my studio for years, and I keep having to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming, as everything is so wonderful. We are so busy now, with the move not far off, so much so that I completely forgot about WOYWW this week!

    Have a happy belated one, anyway.

  26. Wow Vonny your koi fish are coming along fabulously and I can't believe the transition between your two photos, that glazing looks wonderful. I am loving your emu in the akubra hat too......I bet it is a hit with all the class. Isn't this warm weather delightful and it looks like its here to stay, we will be pushing 30 here in Northern NSW this weekend. Have a great week! Danie #62

  27. So great to see the progression of your painting I think the Koi look fabulous - but I am presuming you will add "fine" detail to their eyes later? Hope you post a finished version... hugs - Thanks for popping by Happy WOYWW Mxx #48

  28. I love, love, love your whimsical ostrich drawing, and the fish pond looks great. Blessings!

  29. I just came over to say thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog and also to be nosy and check out yours! Being a very keen scuba-diver and a lover of all things that live in the sea - how could I not be blown away by your blog banner painting!! Wowza!!! Anyway - you have found a brand new fan! Love your blog :0)

  30. What a beautiful picture of those fish. They definitely look as though they are under the water. You are so right, I really love the Gelli plate and can't wait to get right back to it tomorrow. xx Maggie #12

  31. Vonny your artistic talent continues to leave me awe-inspired. The fish look like they are going to come right out of the painting. The Emu drawing is really fabulous as well. I had a paint explosion of my own recently. I was trying to get my paint dabber to dab paint. Appearently it was plugged cuz when I squeezed the bottle the top popped off and copper metallic paint went literally EVERYWHERE!!!! Including in my mouth, up my ose, in my hair, all over my sweatshirt, my carpet, couch, EVERYWHERE!!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #1

  32. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your heading picture - did you paint that? And your koi - I assume they are koi - I thought looked great, but when you added that swirl with the glaze - WOW! It just really pops now. April #24

  33. Mummy the fishy painting is getting boring. Why don't you paint Trevor? You can even do his fart bubbles ;) can you please bring me up some toast? <3


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