Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Best laid plans, seem to go astray. WOYWW

I was quite excited about this week
as it is a public holiday in Brisbane
and I don't have an art class this week
which meant I could start an ink canvas.

Well in typical style, that didn't happen
as my last Gift Certificate for a Pet Portrait came in.
Of course I had to give that priority.

To be honest I'm not really happy with it.
The colour is too pale but it just doesn't want to darken.
The doggy photo I was given was taken at night 
which really messes with the colours
so I was guessing quite a bit and I prefer to just do the face
as a character portrait but they insisted that
 they wanted a full body.
I think that's what threw me.
I just hope they like it as they paid $50 for the gift certificate.

I've decided not to do any more gift certificates as 
I get quite stressed if the painting isn't working perfectly 
and you can't time when they come in for painting.

Since I didn't get to show all brightly coloured ink splodges,
I thought I would show you my splodgy room instead.

Here's my desk with the painting nearly done.

 This is to the left, oh yes not too bad you say.
Now it's starting to get there, you might be able to see
 the white sheet behind my easel, 
that is hiding a heap of half done canvasses
up against the wall, yeh, I'll get to them one day.
To the left of picture is my pile of junk that I have to squish
 each time I need to get into the cupboard, yeh,
 I'm gonna clean it up one day.

This is the one area I'm reasonably happy with
 as it is sort of tidy.
Well, that's if you don't look on the floor and oops,
 I didn't get that in the shot :)

This is the painful spot, I can't move for mess
and it's even up the wall and I have to dump all
of the papers on the printer on to the floor
each time I want to scan something.
Yeh, yeh, I'll clean it up one day.

So there you have the mess in the surround.
I often wonder how I manage to get anything done at all. 

Speaking of which, I may not get much done
from the middle of September as my girlfriend in Essex
has sold her house and is emigrating to Aus.
My girlfriend will be staying with us until she buys a house.
It will be shopping, coffee and cakes all the way for a while,
mwa ha ha.
Hey, maybe she will tidy up the art room (he he).
Nah, cake sounds better.

That's my desk this week and Julia hasn't posted
for this week yet, so I might get to play
with my inky mess yet.

Well you've seen mine, why not hop on over to Julia's,
I'm sure she will have WOYWW 
on her Stamping Ground by now
and you can see all the other desks 
around the world.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the room in surround. it put it in perspective. And if I could draw half as well as you, I'd be delighted with that dog. But I can see that it's a bit light once you did the overall shot. Still, I think it's fantastic.

    Happy WOYWW from #1.

  2. Your paints are amazing. I wish I had half your talent. happy crafting #2

  3. You have an amazing ability to be able to draw and paint never doubt yourself, especially this particular picture of the dog, it looks perfect from here and I am sure the people purchasing will be delighted. Great tour of the art room, you have a brilliant space to work it.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 14

  4. The doggy portrait looks fabulous! I can't imagine that they wouldn't be happy with it! But I'm with you about the stress of "painting to order"!! (or any other sort of "art/craft" to order).
    Terrific art room too!
    Rosa # 29

  5. Oh, my heaven's, Vonny, you are MUCH too hard on yourself, both in terms of the painting and in terms of the mess! I think the owners will be gobsmacked by the painting, truly! You have perfectly captured the essence of their beloved pet and the coloring looks great from my monitor!

    And, wow, have I seen messier messes! Now having said that, I like things tidy myself, so I'll come stay with you and clean it up for cake! Soon as I get mine done! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week! Darnell #19

  6. Painting is another thing as an art teacher at a small school should love to do, NOT. I have a paint phobia. But I do envy those who can DO. Enjoy your friend's visit. Kim 26

  7. Love your paintings. I've always dreamed but just ain't got it!!! Thanks for sharing your crafty space. Always fun to snoop! Have a great week, enjoy WOYWW #30 this week and glad to be back.

  8. I think the doggie portrait looks great, but I can see where you're coming from with the stress! Love the tour round your space - can relate to the mess that's for sure... have a lovely week. Helen 21

  9. I just pull my scanner out from under the mess...put it on top and away we go! Us arty types know where everything is in our piles...what ever you do, don't tidy up. You will never find a thing! Ask me... Enjoy your time with your friend. #46

  10. Wow! That doggy portrait looks just amazing! You are such a perfectionist! Where does mess come from, I wonder! It's upon you in no time! I know because I craft in the living room and have to clear up after each session and after an hour - well - you'd think I'd been crafting in there non-stop for a week! If I had a craft room you probably wouldn't be able to open the door to get in! So all in all I don't think you're doing too badly! Julie Ann xx #39

  11. That pooch picture is perfect...and precise..and other words that begin with P!! Seriously, you have caught that doggy's personality (oh, there's another P!) so don't worry.
    And I'll come and tidy up for you,......I'm very good at it ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 60 xx

  12. They'll love that poochie! Would find your studio very easy to work in.Nice space.
    Judy #40

  13. Now seriously Von,
    Come on...that painting is fantastic!
    If by chance the owners of the pooch don't like it then there's something wrong with them. They can always just put the photo on the wall!
    You're a brilliant painter and don't you forget it! Animals and especially dogs are so difficult to draw never mind paint, so pat yourself on the back and enjoy all the praise. You deserve it.

    I loved the panoramic view of your room and if the 'mess' really gets to you then just pay for my flight and I'll nip over to help tidy it. I would luuuuuuuuve to mooch about in your supplies.
    Does that sound a little me it didn't in my head.
    Anyway thanks for sharing it all with us and enjoy your friend coming to stay. I'll be able to hear your giggles from here no doubt!

    Enjoy your desk hopping xoxo
    Neesie No Number! :(

  14. Hi Vonny, I'm overlooking any mess, (and isn't there a saying "messiness is in the eye of the beholder" - or did I get that wrong?) and just enjoying being super nosy round your studio. I LIKE!!! I think your pooch portrait looks great and I'm sure the lucky recipient will be thrilled. Have a great week - do some stuff you WANT to do. MMx #83

  15. Hi Vonny, on this muggy warm evening, great to have the all over shots of your crafty space and I think the owners of said pooch will be thrilled with it but I know what you mean... I used to do design team work and I hated 'having' to do certain stuff because it was Halloween or something and it just sucked the joy out of playing... so now I suit myself which works for me! :) Annette #9

  16. Sure the client will love her little dog, will look superb matted and in a large frame. Your studio is fabulous, and I am wondering if someone in WOYWW should design a t-shirt for us all 'I'll tidy up one day' (or at least for some of us, myself included), but its far more fun to paint and create than to tidy up, blueghhhhh.

    Lynda #89

  17. I think the dog is lovely, I feel I could just reach out and sink my fingers in the lovely curly coat.
    The shelves are lovely, I wish! But the piles everywhere are much more like my room.
    Happy Woyww
    Chris No 51

  18. Hi again, Tombows are just a brand name for a type of double ended felt pen. (They have been around for ages.) They have a fine tipped end and a brush marker end. Copics are all the rage now, though.
    RosA # 29

  19. Hi Vonny
    I think you have done an amazing job on the painting and I would say they will be more than pleased with it.
    It sounds like you get stressed when you look at areas in your craft room that you feel are messy. They do say a clear and clean working area makes for a clear head so maybe a bit of clearing might help you feel less stressed

    Enjoy WOYWW today and have a great week
    Hugs Ria #43

  20. Oh - I really enjoyed looking round your creative 'mess' - fabulous :-D
    The dog portrait is divine - don't knock yourself on this one ... they will love it :-)

    Thanks for letting me visit

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xxx #99

  21. I enjoyed my little rummage around your studio. They are not meant to be tidy! Love that doggie portrait but the star has to be the fishie one! Wowzer.
    xx 50

  22. Wow wow wow, I bet they're thrilled with it, we think you are too hard on yourself.

    The bears @#93

  23. I'd be more than happy with the dog portrait if it was for me. I love the fish picture....amazing colours.
    Hugs. Pam#33

  24. Happy WOYWW Vonny! Oh as you go round the room it sounds so much like mine!

    Love the dog, I hope you get it how you want it. Maybe you could scan the photo into photoshop or something, and play about with it, change the lighting from night to day and see what comes out!

    Love the fish in your header and on the easel!

    Cazzy x #103

  25. I think the doggie portrait turned out great! But that being said--you don't need to be doing things that stress you out if you can avoid them. ;) And you will be having great times with your dear friend soon!! I know I wouldn't be getting anything done--LOL! enjoy! enjoy!! :) WOYWW #100

  26. Vonny I loved seeing your wonderful workspace today, it looks like you have lots of supplies, space and great light. Your painting of your dog is fabulous and I am sure they will love it, and I am excited for you having your friend move to Australia. Happy WOYWW! Danie (a very late #133)

  27. love your studio and all your projects in the works. It sounds like you have a sound plan for when your friend shows up in Aus! I wish my BFF would move back to Oklahoma! Thanks for stopping by my desk! I goofed up and had the wrong blog URL on my linky originally was #107 now I am... Vickie #134

  28. Your painting is fab. What an absolute prize they get for $50 gift voucher and your fish are swimming along beautifully. Have a lovely time with your friend.
    Sandra @108

  29. I know that people have commented what a tidy desk I have when I'm doing pyrography, mainly preservation - you can't go burning through the electric cable!!!!!!!!!! BUT you should see my mess if I'm doing any oil painting - well, no perhaps you shouldn't!
    Anyway, love the dog, and wish I could draw as well as that. I do know what you mean about the amount and direction of light affecting the colours and hues 'though.
    Great work as usual, and thanks for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments, kind regards, John-W #67.

  30. Hi Von,

    The dog portrait looks great! I'm sure the people will love it. You are so talented, being able to draw and paint - with all kinds of medium. Is the dog a watercolor? I've always been drawn to watercolors but haven't really tried. I'm just going to jump in, I'm afraid!

    Thank you for visiting me already. I knew it probably wouldn't be until today that I managed time to get around to desks.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (23)

  31. The picture of that little dog is just great - I'm sure they will love it. Your room looks good, too. Not untidy - just used and lived-in. Your little prize will soon be in the post - sorry it is taking a bit of time - life keeps getting in the way!!!
    have a great week.
    Margaret #69

  32. Stunning picture of your puppy and an artist always has a reason for a messy space .. cleaning cuts into my creativity time lol or at least thats what I say when I make a mess :) hugs Nikki 10 thanks for the visit

  33. You always make me laugh, Von, by your comments about how dissatisfied you are with your art - such a perfectionist lol lol - I am always blown away by your talent and go oooh aaah at all the things you find fault with ROFL!! Love your creative space, and it looks lovely and light to me, but perhaps in the evenings it's not so good. I am thrilled to have such lovely lights in my new room. LEDs are brilliant (in both senses of the word!) - they are expensive to set up initially, but oh so cheap to run, and the bulbs last ages, so swings and roundabouts really. So glad you are so excited about my room - it's fabulous, isn't it. Also, Mum's shower looks great, doesn't it. I have got a free-standing shower stool for mine (it will be a wet room when complete) because it will be useful to be able to move it about. The fold-down seats are good because if you don't need it, it's not in the way.

    Mum's stuff is being moved in on Friday - carpet being laid in her sitting room on Thurs. We are now hoping for a moving date on 16th Sept., with Mum coming down from my sister's a week or two after that, depending on how settled in we are, and how much energy I've got left!!!

    Thanks for your visit. Sorry to be so long replying but I've been having awful problems with not being able to comment on quite a few blogs. I'm now trying Google Chrome and so far so good.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #87


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