Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Spots before my eyes for WOYWW

I'm not sure what to think
after my first real art lesson.
I trust the art teacher implicitely 
as her work is fantastic
but I fail to see how this
splotty, splodgy, spotty thing
is going to turn out to be 
a fish pond with three gold fish.

I can show this as a desk for this week
as it looks like my desk after I've been painting
but I'm afraid I don't see the fishpond.
My teacher said that's because I haven't painted the fish yet,
makes sense, I guess.

Here is my desk in a box
It's still full of all the goodies I took to class
and is still where I dumped it.
It's mainly paints, brushes and splodgy stuff.

You may remember that last week I was playing
with charcoal and making a huge mess.
Well that's about to happen again 
as I have to use charcoal to draw the fish in before class
next week.
I can see a completely black canvas going to class next week!!
I have to park a long way from the class,
so I bet I'm all black by the time
I get it to the class too.
I did sort of finish my ink painting of Charlie

He's certainly bright.
I don't like the way his feet are on the rock,
so I might do some shading around there
to make his feet look more like they are sitting on the rock.

I have done a little more to my undersea ink painting
but I still think it is a bit dark overall.

They were my first attempts 
into the canvas inking area
so I look forward to playing some more.

After all the info that was pushed into my poor little brain
at class this morning, I'm pooped,
so no more art for me today.
Think I'll make a coffee and head on over to 
 to see the other desks
around the world this wednesday.


  1. I love hearing about all your art learning and I loved those charcoal drawings last week. Can't wait to see how the fish pond develops. Intriguing! Julie Ann #12

  2. have you ever thought of fabric designing?!! Your art works are gorgeous.I adore you rich colours.
    After feeling ill, and just working all week with black and white, your paintings are sooo refreshing.
    I have put away all that dull fabric, and my table has bright fabnric all over it, and I can't wait for a colourful next week.
    Judy #55

  3. Your work is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing the fish pond complete with fish!!! Happy WOYWW Anne x #24

  4. I just adore that fishy painting.... utterly gorgeous and not too dark for me :-D

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE in Greece #58

  5. Wow, I just love your artwork! The colours are amazing. I can see the fish almost in the pond you're working on. It looks just like water in sunlight, so I can see them in my head. Wonderful. ♥ Karen ♥ 56 x

  6. It's interesting when you say that your underwater painting is too dark when it's almost exactly the same tones as your blog header!! I love it, personally :-)
    I guess if you're going to be painting over the charcoal then you can't use it's going to have to be a bin liner cover to transport it!! I want to see a pic of you with charcoal covered face!!
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  7. How fab, an art class, we love what you've done so far and are in awe of your talent. We tried charcoal and only got as far as taking one out of the box before we were covered!

    Hugs from the bears @#78

  8. Truly Vonny, your paintings are stunning you should be giving the class. Can't wait to see how the fish turn out and to hear what colour you turn. Have a lovely week.

    Sandra @69

  9. Vonny, I don't see a fishpond either but looking at your other stuff I am sure I will when I visit next week! Love the bird one and the fish one... you are one very talented lady! Annette #1 for the first time in 4 years!

  10. Well I didn't see anything either but your other paintngs are amazing!! I love the texture you have got and that fish looks like he's swimming out the page. Can't wait to see how you get on. Cindy #45

  11. Look forward to seeing how you get on with the charcoal and final painting. I'm sure it's going to look fab! Kind regards, john-w #23

  12. love your paintings. Now, this new one looks just like an outdoor pond to me, with the sun on the top, if it had lilly pads too it would look just like my friends pond.

    look forward to your new fish added.

    Lynda #52

  13. Tose paintings a gorgeous. I'm sure you will find the three goldfish. Love the underwater one - looks like he is going into a cave with the light from the surface to the back left. Are you sure they are paint? look like silk painting.
    Great work - well done.
    Have a good week.
    Margaret #9

  14. Sorry - didn't spell check. Should read ... Those paintings are gorgeous !!!!!

  15. I don't think you have anything to worry about - your first one looks great - I can see how it will turn into a fish pond... as for the others they are fab too. Have a great week. Helen 6

  16. Beautiful, beautiful paintings, Vonny. Wow. And I love your desk in a box! hee :)

  17. Wow Vonny all your paintings are looking fabulous I can't wait to see your finished fish pond and Charlie is looking wonderful now you have touched up the black. The ginger on your sidebar has really caught my attention too, I may just have to raid my piggy bank and go shopping. Have a great WOYWW! Danie #25

  18. did I already say how impressed I am that you're taking a course? if I could paint like you, I would assume I knew it all. for sure. do you normally add the fish as you mark out draw and paint then, rather than doing all the background work and then adding the fish on top like you are at the class? Cant necessarily see pond water, but can believe it will be!

  19. Oh wow! I can hardly wait to see what happens with the charcoal fish.
    Charlie looks great! And the under the sea painting--I like it dark like that because you have to kind of go inside the painting and up close to find all the fish--like you would under water.
    Fun trying new mediums! :) :)

  20. Your artwork is amazing, thanks for sharing aboutyour classes and your insecurities. #114 Ann

  21. I guess you just have to have faith Von,
    It will all come together I'm sure.
    Remember teacher knows best! ;D
    But really I love the way you paint so can't see why you would need a class although it is fun to explore other ideas and techniques.
    I'm tempted to sign up for a class too.
    Have fun with the charcoal! LOL

  22. I like both your fish, but the painting of Charlie is my absolute favorite. I'll be interested to see your fish pond when it's finished. Blessings!

  23. Vonny, your work is always just so juicy - I love it, love it, love it!!! I can see that as a fish pond, no probelm - it's very Japanese looking and just gorgeous - love "splodgy stuff" - great technical term! All your work gets my creative juices flowing and I can't wait to get splodging again myself.

    Thanks for your really fun comment and I'm so glad you enjoyed the bath antics! I keep going back to those pics too - I showed Wonderwoman yesterday (she's Andy the builder's partner, and my home help) and she loved them - I love it that Andy is roaring with laughter!

    Funnily enough, he's already said that they are all going to move in - in the massive loft space that he has been twisting our arms to allow him to convert! Trouble is, we really don't need the space as the house is already so spacious, and it would cost more than we've got. Our budget is covering the present work but we can't realy do more. He's usually so deadpan (real comedy straight man lol) but when he saw that loft, his face lit up like a little boy in a toy shop at Christmas and it was all we could do to stop him taking residence up there straight away!!

    We are having Such Fun with all this.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #66

  24. Thanks for your lovely comments! I think that your painting is amazing. I love the red rose. Only burned my fingers a couple of times over many years of doing pyrography, but I have to admit it has been a close thing many times. Particularly when doing some very fine, intricate work - the temptation is to hold the 'pen' closer to the hot end the more detailed the design. Worth it the long run though, kind regards, john-w #23

  25. I can see Picasso in the making here girl, you rock!!
    Bridget #63

  26. Wow Vonny! Your ink paintings are awesome, bright, beautiful and YOU are taking an art class? I agree with some of the other WOYWWers should be teaching the class. I would take one from you! Can't wait to cisit next week and see the fish in the pond!! Have a great rest of the week. Rasz #142


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