Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Same painting but a new friend for WOYWW

My desk is quite boring lately
just the same old fishy painting
and still not much to show.
This week in class I started to refine my painting
and my poor teacher must be pulling her hair out with me.
I'm getting so frustrated with myself 
because I want to finish each piece off 
and that's not how it's done.
My mind is sort of willing but my hands say no.

Hence, I didn't get much done today.
I'm a little dib, little dab kind of person and I'm
trying to learn to be a bold, put it on there kind of person.
So far, not so good but I'm determined to keep trying.
My teacher got me to put those really bold white strokes
on the tails and I have to tell you, I was having heart
 palpitations and my hand kept saying no, 
but looking at the photo now they actually look okay.
I still have a long way to go, just hope 
the old ticker can hold out!!

Last week, just when everything was going crazy
(isn't that always the way), our automatic pool cleaner
decided to give up the ghost.
After a lot of very strong words, I gave in and went 
to the pool shop.
Our pool cleaners never last long and I was shown
 the latest toy  robotic cleaner.

Now I'm a sucker for anything cute and different,
 so $1100 later we have a new pet, 
Trevor the Turtle cleaner.

 How gorgeous is this little fellow.  He swims and turns 
and scrubs his way around the pool and in three hours,
the pool is sparkling.  Not only that but he is very entertaining.
You can't see it in these pictures but he has a fan where his bottom would be and if he gets too much air in him he farts and swims down!!! 
Sorry, but who doesn't laugh at a good fart.

Okay, I'll lift the tone of the post now.
I received a beautiful gift from Margaret 
It's a Christmas cracker and so intricate.

The card is beautiful and Margaret sent it to me
 in a container that is just perfect.
I will keep the cracker in this and bring it out every Christmas.
Thanks so much Margaret, I will treasure it.

Well, I've waffled on again, sorry Julia.
Now you've seen mine, why not hop 
and see what's on desks from around the world,
this glorious springtime wednesday.



  1. Hi Vonny, love the pool pet and I think your fish painting is coming along beautifully. I only wish I could paint! Your gift is truly special, love all the detail she has added and what a miracle to have come through the mail unscathed. Have a lovely week.
    Sandra @22

  2. Hi Vonny! I missed you last week: were you around and I just didn't see? I posted the dreaded Batman pics on the blog last week btw! Arrghh! Anyway, you have a pool - wow! We couldn't fit a goldfish bowl into our tiny, little garden here in the UK and we'd probably freeze our big toes off most of the year if we dipped them in! Love the turtle cleaner, though! I think that fishy painting is just wonderful. Loving that cracker!lucky you! Julie Ann 42 xx

  3. I think your fish are coming along just nicely. I find that taking a photo of your painting always helps. Somehow it shows up the areas that need work and gives you a good perspective on what you have done. Hope your Ticker holds out on this one as it is going to be a STUNNER!

  4. Oh, my goodness, you had me hiccupping with laughter at your farting turtle, Vonny! For $1100, the least he can does is a good fart!! Your painting is coming along brilliantly and the cracker is awesome! Enjoy the week! Darnell #24

  5. What could be better than a farting robotic turtle?!!
    Happy Wednesday

  6. Oh Vonny - I am sitting here laughing out loud at the thought of a farting turtle!!! Fantastic - trust he keeps farting for you all, as he was a very expensive pet!
    Your fish painting is lovely - keep at it - hoping the ticker keeps going!!
    No post this week, as I have been away, leaving poor hubby to fend for himself. Only got back last night. Do hope mum is feeling better.
    Love n hugs

  7. What a rude turtle, he does sound rather hamdy tho. Your fishy painting is really coming to life, we are in awe.

    The bears @#82

  8. Hope the tears stop running down my cheeks long enough for me to write this - a farting robotic turtle is just splendid! So glad the cracker arrived safely. We have had some mail damaged recently, and it is so disappointing when you think of the time and love poured into something, that is then destroyed in transit. I think your artwork is very special, and your latest piece is just stunning. Happy WOYWW, kind regards, John-W #58.

  9. Only you would spend a small fortune on a farting turtle... but at least it keeps the pool clean and amuses you... worth every cent! LOL I love seeing how your painting changes when I think it is finished... and then amazed as it looks even better! Happy WOYWW Annette #2

  10. Lol ol, only on WOYWW could we read about Tommy the Farting Turtle...hahahahahaha :-) I wouldn't get any work done at all if he was at my house, I'd just lie on my tummy and watch him gas his way around the pool. Shows how infantile my sense of humour is!
    Your fish painting is incredibly 3D, I love the way you've captured the water. But don't be bullied by the teacher..if your gut instinct is telling you not to do something, then don't do it!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 54 xx

  11. Love your fish painting, it is amazing. You are very talented. Very funny story about your pool machine.
    Famfa 14

  12. Fab post, your painting is just brilliant. Had a good chuckle at Trevor and wondering if he has any bath sized relatives LOL Gill x #96

  13. Happy WOYWW again! I bet yout other friend will love the painting too! you are amazing!
    -Tera #3

  14. Mummy seeing as your email alert for this post woke me up I figure it means you have to bring me breakfast? Love you. Toast please :)

  15. Vonny your Painting is coming along beautifully, so my words are don't be so hard on yourself about it.....I love it! Trevor is adorable and I can honestly say I haven't seen a cleaner like it and your gift from Margaret is exquisite. I am sure it will gain lots of comments from your family and friends at Christmas. Have a great week!
    Danie #48

  16. I think your fish painting is coming along fabulously!
    A good friend of mine specialises in parchment craft (like your Christmas cracker) - I can't believe that came safely through the mail!
    Have a good week,
    Rosa # 86

  17. The fish painting does look like it is coming together quite nicely and I do like the white on the tails. I bet you're going to be relieved when this class is over, though--LOL! Getting out of our comfort zone is stressful, to be sure.

    I LOVE the swimming, farting Trevor!!! He is adorable!!

    I don't know what a Christmas cracker is, but it looks gorgeous. :)

  18. Who would have know that farts were so expensive! lol

  19. ha! My mum and dad have a pool cleaner called farting myrtle...must be the same family!!! loving reading about your doesn't matter if you drive the teacher nuts...he/she is there to stretch you and it sounds as if that's happening..well done you for being flexible. Your painting by the way, is amazing!

  20. Wow! I LOVE your fish painting! If this were mine I would be THRILLED! Like you, I battle with myself and find it SO hard to be bold. I wish I had someone standing over my shoulder telling me to just do it! This is fantastic already :0)

  21. The realism of your painting blows me away. All your work has obviously paid off. Congratulations on the purchase of your new pool pet. We have a Polaris, but he is several generations older than his Australian cousin. Blessings, my friend!

  22. Brilliant! I love your new friend and would no doubt be entertained for hours by the farting! Beautiful gift from Margaret it really is pretty. Still love the painting and will never tire of it and I still think you're being far too hard on yourself.

  23. hi unusual new pet but know what you mean about farts !...the painting looks fab they are very realistic fish... keep going with the flow and remember to breath!!!..have great week,thanks for sharing a fab post Andrea#44

  24. I nearly got one of those pets Von, when we lived in Melbourne but Muffy would have dived into the pool to play...which would have been a worry because she swims like a stone! ^..^
    Your fish painting is coming on and it's fascinating to hear about the trials and tribulations of trying different techniques.
    Take deep! hehe

    A beautiful cracker and will look wonderful on display.

  25. Your painting is fantastic - I love the flashes of white ! The farting turtle pool cleaner tickled me too! What infantile humour we all have! Helen 19

  26. Hi Vonny I've popped over from Neesie on account of you being another (I was going to call you Lady, but now I'm not so sure - on account of your turtle, te he!!)who loves crumble.
    Well this blog page certainly has something for everyone and you do describe yourself on your home page as arty-farty. So very nice to meet you Lady!!;)

  27. Just realized in my hurry to be funny on my earlier post, I forgot to say how wonderful your painting is! Loving the white on the fish!

  28. Just realized in my hurry to be funny on my earlier post, I forgot to say how wonderful your painting is! Loving the white on the fish!

  29. Well, I guess I was hoping for a real turtle..... oh, but that might make the pool more dirty!


  30. I had to come by to check out Trevor. I've seen those things before since we live in pool country. We have an old fashioned pool boy who speaks no English for the pool where we live. And the Christmas cracker made me smile. This is not the first blog I've encountered it on. I've never seen one so intricate.


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