Friday, 21 June 2013

Rain rain go away

I can't paint today,
it's pouring with rain and way too dark.
I will invest on a daylight lamp one day.

Today is our winter solstace,
the shortest day of the year,
and it is cold as well as wet.

It's so bad that my chooks are sitting at the back door
and everytime I open it 
they try to come in.

Now my chooks don't have good manners,
when they come in they refuse to wipe their
muddy feet and head straight to my parrot,
Charlie's cage to harass him and eat his seed.
 Plus there is the little matter of the ''presents''
they leave behind (ick).

I painted one of our three little devils a while ago.

She looks so innocent, hah, looks can be deceiving.

I did play with my new inks this week
and I painted the same fish I did in my bright watercolours
and was very surprised at the difference in brightness.

I had trouble taking a photo in the darkness
but you can see the difference.
The top one is with watercolours and the ink is below.

The orange on the watercolour seemed really bright
until I did the ink painting, surprising isn't it.

Don't you just love the squidgeyness of the inks.
I dripped the ink onto a wet surface and got this.

Here is my teapot that I painted with the inks too.

The post about it is here, if you're interested.

As well as painting I love to play with polymer clay
and here is a little fishy that I'm playing with.

He is in the very early stages and the colour
is a bit boring but it is an experiment to see if he will cook properly in my oven, so I didn't want to waste the good colours. The tail and fins will have lots of beads and dangley, twirly bits.
That's when my fingers thaw out enough to work the clay!

The best thing is that this being the winter solstace
means that the days will get longer and it is getting closer to spring.

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Rain, rain go away........ 


  1. I am with you with rain thing! Fun clay work!! xo L.

  2. I have that very same Britto tea pot a few mugs, a spoon his work!! Your replica is beautiful, so is all your other work... gorgeous!! Fun sculpture! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. You've been having fun with all kind of media. The inks really did make a big difference in the brightness of the finished piece and that clay fish is looking good. However, my favorite this week is your "sweet" looking chicken. Blessings!

  4. Vonny, I am not sure I have visited here before. I love your style of painting. Your chicken is awesome. I love seeing ink used with paint. Beautiful fish.

  5. Fun paintings and sculpture!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. OK, my new favorite word is "squidgeyness", and yes, I do love the squidgeyness of the inks:-) BEAUTIFUL effect. Sending some heat your way - we have more than we use!

  7. Your chicken is really lovely - I laughed at the idea of them trying to get inside the house because of the rain! Your fish is gorgeous in both mediums but I see what you mean about the vibrancy of the inks - what kind are they - I love the blooms you get when you added them to a wet page. Your tea pot is gorgeous - super funky!

  8. strange to think you are having your shortest day while we are having our longest up here in the north! I love your hen, she looks so inquisitive and a bit of a character! :)

  9. There is a lot of creative love on this page. So fun to see all that you do. I have teapot envy - that's a beauty!

  10. Love all your creative pieces this week! HPPF!

  11. Wow you've been very busy! Love the hen, love the fishies and the teapot! Amazing the difference between the watercolours and the inks (are they Dylusions??) Glad your days will get longer now (while they get shorter up here!)
    Zoe @ Top Floor Treasures

  12. I just love the shapes and colors of fish and yours are wonderful. Love that polymer clay fish. You've gotten a lot done this week. Love the hen painting as well and your post about the chooks HPPF

  13. today is just such a perfect painting day after the horror of yesterday... and love the inks... did you get them at that store on Tingal Road... I am going to take Phantom in there this week I think... glad you are getting back to it...xx

  14. Lots of wonderful work. your inks have a beautiful vibrant colour. your chicken looks very cheeky!

  15. Fabulous creations, love the chicken - so much character and the ink fish, lovely! <3

  16. Chickens would be quite messy house guests--LOL!
    The difference between the watercolors and the inks--wow! I had the same effect with watercolors and watercolors glazed with Silks. Eye popping difference! I love the teapot, BTW.
    If the fish is solid clay it will be hard to bake completely without burning, I'd imagine. But it you put something inside the fish body (foil, foam, etc) besides clay it should bake just fine. I hope it works because it is quite cute. :)

  17. That's an amazing difference between the watercolors and the inks. I do prefer the brightness of the inks. Your fish is so wonderful, can't wait to see him finished ....

  18. Your wish for better weather came true over the weekend. It was wonderful to have the sun out, even if it was a touch cold. You have been super productive with your art, well done, it's great to see you back into it. The Chicken painting looks excellent, and what a huge difference the ink makes, they are very bright and intense in comparison to the water colours.

  19. Perfect combination of fun and creativity :)

  20. Vonny, I am so surprised at the difference in the two mediums. I thought nothing could beat watercolor, but the inks definitely have a more vivid and a sharper color. Next week please tell what the inks were (ink pads or bottles? brand name? where to get them? do you use your regular brushes? etc.) I would love to create such bright paintings.

  21. PS. I got so carried away about the inks, I forgot to tell you that your chicken painting is gorgeous.


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