Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bright pot for WOYWW

It's been a tad nippy around here,
well actually it's down right freezing!

I really thought my little miss might get to see Jack Frost
for the first time ever today.
It didn't happen but it sure felt cold enough,
even the chickens didn't want to get up this morning.
I woke up with in the night and my face was so cold it hurt.
I had to wriggle down under the blankets to warm my nose up.
Thank heavens hubby didn't fluff 
or I would have been a gonna for sure.

I have moved my art room into the family room
as the sun shines in there during winter.

At the moment I'm sitting huddled up on the couch,
with three jumpers and a blanket on and the laptop on my knees.

I just hope my fingers don't snap off while typing!!

My desk for winter is on wheels and I just wheel
it into the family room each day, along with my drawers on wheels
and away I go.

I have my inks and some watercolours out to paint
something special.

When my wonderful girlfriend was visiting from England,
she bought me a beautiful coffee pot
and I've been wanting to paint it for some time
but needed the nice bright colours to do so.

My new inks are just perfect for this
and here it is up close.

How cool is this pot, it's me all over.

I also got some other beautiful goodies.
Here are some ATC's I received.

This is from my * person Caro Staton

 and these were from Elaine (Eels)
I sent her my ATC and she sent these gorgeous things back.

Good to see she had my sense of humour!!
Last but by no means least,
the lovely Bella Basson
saw that I was admiring her typewriters that
she had made and she sent me some.

I'm going to have heaps of fun with these.

Thanks so much to all of you,
nothing nicer than getting little pressies in the mail,
it sure beats bills.

I'm still battling this awful
mouse but I have found a pen
at last and hope to have it by next week,
yay, I can use one hand again!!
(if you are wondering, see last weeks post)

School holidays start this friday.
I love the three week winter holiday,
because I get to lay in until 7am instead of up at 5.30am
and I don't freeze quite as much.
It's just a shame that winter isn't only for three weeks.

Well that's my desk for the week, now hop on over to
Julias Stamping Ground and see what's on the other desks
this freezing cold wednesday.
(It's only 17 deg and it's daytime, brrr)

I'm going to make a cup of tea
just so I can hold the hot cup in my hands.



  1. Hi Vonny,

    I have to smile when Qlders say they are so cold :) Although looking at today's temps maybe it really is colder there ?
    Love, love, love that teapot! Reminds me of things we used to make in ceramics classes years ago.
    RosA # 24

  2. So I don't know what a"Qlder" is but I feel for ya being cold. That's why I live in Florida USA, and I'm in the middle of the state to try and stay as far away from winter as I can. :) beautiful ATCs and gifts. Love love the quirky teapot! Your painting of it is absolutely fab! Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3

  3. Hi Von, nice to see all the goodies on display lol. When my daughter visits from Melb she always says it's a heatwave here ha ha but it's climatisation isn't it!
    I agree, it's jolly cold right now.
    Cheers, Elaine

  4. Cold in Oz can't believe that, however we all seem to be having strange weather this year!. Your teapot looks fab, lovethe colours. Francesca #44

  5. Haha! We had friends from Brisbane visit us in France a couple of weeks was a cold spring but we were in thin jumpers and they were wrapped up under a duvet with a log fire burning! Beautiful artwork, I envy being able to paint like you. If you get a chance I would love your advice and help with my WOYWW entry this week...I don't know how to paint! Thanks!
    Anne #40

  6. LOL Von, I am bloomin' freezing too but after I moaned and groaned about the cold in Calgary at -28 I have had to keep very quiet about it here in QLD!! LOL I think its because the houses are built for the heat... so they are open plan and single glazed windows (well, the one I decided to rent is)! The poor cats sit about with their noses in their tails asking for wheatbags to warmed up... LOL
    Love, love, love that coffee pot, what a fabulous shape and geoometric pattern with vibrant colours and your painting is fabulous!! Happy WOYWW from Annette #9

  7. Now that's a pot! But could it be a teapot?? It's wonderfully wacky, and you've painted it beautifully :)
    Happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 32

  8. Love the pot!! I'd say it was for tea, but am sure coffee goes just as well in it. it certainly looks fabulous. Hope you warm up soon. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the tag book. Helen 31

  9. That pot is terrific. I want one like that! Your table on wheels is a fab idea too! I want one of those as well!!! Julie Ann #65 xxx

  10. That teapot is awesome I love the colours and your painting of it is wonderful. Wonderful ATC's you have there WOYWW people are such a talented lot.
    Sandy :) #59

  11. What a gorgeous coffee pot and your painting is superb. You're right those new inks were perfect - I've only ever seen them used as spray inks for backgrounds so it is really great to see them used for "painting". Sending warm thoughts MMx #70

  12. Ooh I LOVE that teapot - it's so fabulous, and your painting of it is wonderful. I love the idea of just wheeling my studio wherever I want around the house - sometimes I feel a bit isolated from the family stuck upstairs in the spare room - your trolley is fab!
    Hope you warm up soon!
    Diana #81

  13. A wheely desk for winter sounds like a good idea. We need one here as our bear craft space is c c cold. We often make hot drinks just to hug the cup too!

    Waving hi from the bears @#102 this week

  14. We're hoping to get a summer very soon in the UK! The winter went on for ages and I've never seen so much snow. The teapot is awesome...I love the colours and it's almost Art Deco in its shape. Great painting of it as well. Hugs. Pam#38

  15. Seventeen degress here too - and I'm in a tshirt, thinking if the sun breaks through the cloud it might be quite nice! You are a southern hemisphere woosie!!
    Love the idea of you chasing the sun round with your wheelie desk, brilliant strategy. Love the teapot too - if it's you all over, it had better be shareable, coz it's me all over too!

  16. Hi Vonny - I thought that was a photo of the pot sitting in front of it - but its your work - fantastic... so bright and full of colour... would look right at home here... Happy WOYWW... Mxx #110

  17. I love coffee but I am loving your coffee pot even more that is one very amazing coffee pot and you have done a fantastic job painting it. Sorry to hear you are getting so cold now we have just started to get some warmer weather which helps my health no end.
    Keep warm
    Have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #47

  18. Wow that sure is some bright pot. It looks so cute and happy.

    Have wonderful week, Happy WOYWW. xx

  19. Stunning pot.
    Happy Wednesday, Karin #137

  20. Hi Von,

    Wow! Love your pot AND your painting of it! So very cool

    I'm not participating this week but wanted to pop in to visit.

    Happy WOYWW

  21. OK, I got cold just reading about you! Love the rolling art cart on wheels, that's clever! The tea pot is exceptional! Thank you so much for visiting my "floor of shame today", lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  22. Gorgeous teapot! Your painting has caught the wackiness of the design perfectly. But it is 17 degrees here too and it's a nice British summery day here!!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  23. Happy WOYWW!
    Brrr you made me shiver and it is the hottest day here since Sept at 26 degrees celcius! It is due to change tomorrow, it is the first day I have felt warm all day!
    I love the teapot, the finished painted one looks just like the china that my Mum wanted for Christmas and I can't remember the name of it right now. (Maybe it all originates with you?).
    Sounds like the hand is getting a bit better.

    Cazzy x #147

  24. That is just the coolest pot!! I'd want it out, too, so I could look at it all the time. You did an excellent job painting it with your new inks, too--wow!
    Cold is relative. I hope you warm up down there. ;)

  25. I'll gladly send you some of our unseasonably HOT weather down your way. It's almost as hot as that incredible tea pot. I love those bright and beautiful colors. Have a super WOYWW from #17

  26. What a cool coffee pot! Love the bright colors. And your painting of it is just as great!! Stay warm...Brigita #147

  27. Beautiful teapot, it is nearly to good to use. Thanks for visiting

    Eliza & Yoda

  28. That really is a whimsical and fantastic pot, Vonny, and brilliant paint job! Have fun on your time off and we careful not to freeze!! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week! Darnell #20

  29. If a QLD says it is cold it must be freezing everywhere else. Love the teapot and you have captured it beautifully.Have a lovely week and I hope your move to the family room keeps you warm.

  30. The teapot is fabulous and it has been so cold that I am impressed you got your fingers to work... and hope holidays don't dent your painting time too much...xx


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