Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Blurry Eyes for WOYWW

Glasses, glasses,
where fore art thou glasses?

Ooh this is sad,
I am waiting for my new glasses to arrive
and now my blurred vision has gone to my brain.

I keep going in verse!

I want to paint,
I want to draw,
but my sore eyes
 are hanging on the floor.

Oh, there I go again.

Quick, here's my desk today,
before I rhyme again.

Not a lot happening,
just a lot of work pending.
Still waiting for three pairs of glasses,
which can be a pain in the a.....

Since mines a little boring 
why not go over to the Stamping Ground,
Where lots of interesting desks are sure to be found.

I'm stopping while I can!!

If you're wondering what's happened to my eyes have a look here,
(but only if you want to)


it tells a sorry tale of woe.
 Here's hoping my glasses turn up soon,
cos I'm feeling like quite a baffoon!



  1. poor baby, never knew lack of sight caused rhyming! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥ #12

  2. You seem to be having no fun
    keeping your glasses on the run
    may they come back to you
    before you go koo koo lol
    hugs Nikki #2

  3. Well I did read below, and perhaps it's best to have a bit of a holiday until you get all those new glasses, just to be on the safe side :)
    RosA # 19

  4. Hope your glasses soon arrive
    So your crafting mojo will come alive!
    Hugs. Pam#9

  5. Good luck is all I can say! #38

  6. oh dear, I shouldn't smile.... hope you find your glasses! Helen 5

  7. oh no I really feel for you having the problem with your eyes. I think that for most of us that would be our worst nightmare. I do hope the glasses turn up very soon but please do keep up with the rhyming
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #40

  8. Poor Von's glasses have gone!
    She's looked high and low but where did they go?
    She wants to paint and create her art...but without her glasses she's lost all heart,
    She's due new pairs...which will make her smile...and help her go that extra mile,
    We'll hold our breath and wait to see...the wonderful work there's bound to be,
    So chin up Von, they'll soon be here...then we will see your work we hold so dear!

    As you can see I've lost my glasses too :(

  9. Hi there,
    Just popping in briefly, I'm supposed to be mowing the lawn!
    Still, this is a better way to spend the morning in my opinion.
    Great verse too and I hope your glasses get sorted soon
    Hope you have a great week.

  10. haha, not being able to see, has never caused me to rhyme, but you do it very well =). Hope your glasses arrive soon!
    Have a wonderful week xx

  11. Yes, glasses are an awful pain, my hubby once dropped his down a drain (yes, really, it's not just there to rhyme) Let's hope the new ones are not late so you can merrily create! xxx Sorry!!! Julie Ann #59

  12. We stopped at your desk for a time
    And really enjoyed your rhyme
    We hope your glasses arrive with no trouble
    So you can craft and stop seeing double.

    Waving hi from the bears @#85 this week

  13. ah yes Vonny waiting for new glasses can be a pain in the "toosh" as my friend says!!

    ... but hey! we are very blessed, at least we can get new ones.
    I was shocked when read how ling since you had updated have one long sighted and one shortsighted too but not sure if cataracts are now done they are that way?? as apparently new lens change shape of eye as had astigmatisms too in both eyes..

    happy WOYWW and thanks for popping over, Shaz in Oz.x #7

  14. Hi Vonny - know how you feel - I have a pair for reading, a pair for the computer at work, a pair for distance and then there are sunglasses... whew!! If I forget and wear the wrong pair for the wrong thing I get headaches... Happy WOYWW... Mxx #98

  15. Hope they arrive must be so frustrating for you.

  16. Looks like you'll be ready to go as soon as they arrive Vonny, hope they get there soon. I've been saying it for months but I really need an eye test too, stuff's getting a bit blurry!!

    Brenda 96

  17. Well, I enjoyed the rhyme and the peek at your desk, hope you glasses arrive soon!

    Debbie #101

  18. I have had to wear glasses and now contact lenses since I was nine....and now I'm an old bag, I have to wear reading glasses over my lenses at band!! Blinking heck, I'm falling apart..... So I hope your new specs will bring your world into Hi Def!!!
    Btw, loved the poetry :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  19. Your verses make me smile, just think of all the ideas you will have stored in your head when your glasses arrive!
    Karen #38

  20. Poor Vonny, I hope you find your glasses soon, it is a pity having a workspace next to window and you can't enjoy it.
    Gabriele 58

  21. I've been MIA for awhile and I come back to visit and you have .... blurry eyes!? I know how hard it is for me to function w/o mine, so I can only imagine the frustration! Maybe your art would take on a new, impressionistic style if you painted w/o them.... :)Hope they arrive TODAY! (putting out a little positive energy!)

  22. I hope you get your new glasses soon - I can't imagine life without mine!

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #64

  23. I hope they come really soon. Your desk looks all waiting and ready to go as soon as your new eyes arrive--LOL! ;)

  24. *teehee* enjoy the clear sight through the new glasses... I know the feeling ;) Happy ~ belated ~ woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #70

  25. Hi Vonny, thanks for visiting and I do sympathise about the glasses. I have just got my new pair of multifocals!!!! Yikes that's what oldies wear but then I tried them on and I can see upclose and far away. So now I realise I am an oldie!! Your artwork is always stunning.
    Sandra @53

  26. Happy WOYWW! What a revelation, so glad you found out and the glasses painting is amazing, you could be like Monet!

    I have to be tested yearly, I was asked which sort of glasses I wanted this time, they didn't even tell me it had changed so I said whoa! Do I really need to change my glasses because they seem fine to me? Oh it has only changed a little bit, you could see how it goes (geddit see how it goes - jokes at the opticians), so as I am not working and couldn't afford several hundreds of pounds for new glasses I said I would leave it for now.

    I moved away from the good old SS to an independent optician after good ole SS messed up my glasses and test and wouldn't admit it, 6 months later unable to use the new glasses and in pain I went elsewhere - but the glasses are so much more expensive, and a lot better quality I believe!

    So when I start spouting poetry I will know I need to get those glasses!

    Cazzy x #147

  27. Oh I sympathize. I never needed glasses until I hit 40 and then I kept forgetting that I needed them to see things like prices. Fingers crossed the new ones come soon and the missing surface ASAP. Happy WOYWW (belated). #108

  28. Shame... hopefully they will drop on your doormat very soon and then you will be brand new again! I always take my glasses off to work or play on the computer but recently I am struggling to thread the sewing machine needle... I swear they have made those holes smaller!! Annette #8

  29. Hope they arrive soon and you get your creativity flowing again!
    debs #74

  30. You are quite the poet, Vonny. I need reading glasses for almost everything I do, so I can relate to your grief. Blessings!


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