Friday, 7 June 2013

Havin' a cuppa for APR

I've been away from the Artists Playroom for a while
as I thought I had lost my artist mojo.

It turned out that it wasn't my mojo
that was broken,
it was my eyes!!

The whole sorry tale is here
if you want to see what happened,
but for now, I can see with my new glasses
and so I decided to play this week.

The theme for the Artists Playroom is to paint a cup or mug
and when I saw that I started to get excited.
 I love cups, big, little, silly, ornate, no matter
what it looks like I just love to have it.

I have cupboards full of them and glass cabinets
to show off others,
so I painted one special one 
and a few everyday cups.

This cup and saucer is part of a full set with coffee pot, sugar and creamer still in tact and it was bought when we were on holidays in Wales (before I became an Aussie), in the early 1960's (I was only little).  
It's not the prettiest of sets but it has great memories
of summer holiday camping trips.

I can tell you that painting this, even with my new glasses,
really did my head in.  I used the gloopy stuff on the rings,
thinking that it would be easy to rub off and
 I would have lovely straight rings (you know what I mean).

Well, when I peeled it off, it was all over the place,
all wibbly, wobbly and
I had to sit there and try to straighten 
(or is that benden) the rings by hand.
My new glasses have changed so much that my eyes and brain
don't seem to be on the same page.
I would put the brush where I thought it should be 
and I would get a line over to the side of it,
 boy are these glasses going to take 
some getting used to. 

As long as you don't look too closely, it looks alright.

I also did some quickies in my journal this afternoon.

I usually paint onto dry paper
but I thought I would try slopping water on first 
and then dropping the paint in.
It worked pretty well but it's hard to get the lights and darks where you want them.
 This cup is from Stefans, a big hairdresser here in Australia.
I have to fight little miss for this as she says it makes her 
hot chocolate taste better.

This cup I don't use as much,
I'm sure you can see why.

It says Greedy Little Devil
and my cheeky hubby bought it for me.

Personally I think it looks more like him than me!!!

If you want to see the best ever cup in the whole
It's my latest aquisition...
eat your heart out people.

 Well that's it for me, now why not
go on over to Jenns Artist Playroom
and check out some more 
wonderful cups.


  1. I like all three of your mugs, and do admire your ability to just knock off a couple of sketches so quickly and beautifully.
    The first one is clearly Portmerion pottery, and so well painted that it was instantly recognisable. I can't see anything wrong with it. Hope eyes and specs get co-ordinated soon!

  2. Your 1960s cup is very of its time, I think it looks fab! I love wiggly lines anyway, I think its the way my brain is wired :)

  3. I'd be fighting you for the rainbow heart cup, too! :)
    These are all great. I hope your eyes get used to the new glasses, soon.

  4. Never mind your hubby Von, I think that little devil more resembles Peter...just look at those horns your cups!!

  5. Ps...I think your lines have a fun hand painted whimsical look and look much better than a mechanical 'perfect' looking line would

  6. they are all pretty awesome... and new glasses do play havoc with our work for a while... I am dreading getting new glasses for that very reason...xx

  7. oh I LOVE LOVE THEM! wonderful!!!! I love the first one! Dark and mysterious! Love the heart one! full of fun and love! :D

  8. These are wonderful, that first one is awesome, I am sure I remember a teaset like that from somewwhere. Oops I have a tan version in the cupboard! I got new glasses in February, takes a few weeks to get used to them and then its like you wonder how you coped before!

  9. glorious!! you are simply amazing, Von!! love your paintings and your story-telling is first-rate!!

  10. I like your posts so much! Your paintings are wonderful and your humour is so much heartwarming! I receive your posts regularly via email and they always make me happy!

  11. Green cup and saucer- wonderful!

  12. So glad you can see again - as evidenced by these lovely mugs - even the devilish one! :) I have a case of mug envy.....


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