Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Grey skies and bright inky colours for WOYWW

We have yet another grey, rainy old day
here in Brissie but that worked in my favour today.

I couldn't paint so I did what any normal female would do,
I went shopping!
Not your normal boring shoes and handbag type shopping
but art supply shopping and boy did I have fun.

Here are some of the things I bought.

Four nice big water colour brushes,
(no more nancy little paintings for me)
some bright inks, and some paints, 
a pipette, a scratchy-ink thingy (no idea what I will use it for)
 and a few other goodies.

I haven't been home long but I've had a quick play to see 
what the inks do

They are really bright, you just can't see that in the photo,
cos it pouring outside (sigh).
I can't wait to do a painting with them, hopefully tomorrow,
if the stinking rain will go away.  

The bad thing to happen this week,
is that my computer pen has died (boo hoo)

You see, I have a real problem with using a mouse.
I'm blonde and left handed, which is trouble in itself
but when I try to use a mouse, disaster happens.
I can't use it in my right hand or left hand
 and when I want it to move the cursor up,
my hands move down.
I sort of drive it with both hands,
trying to steady it and press the clicker with whatever is closest to the button,
which is often my nose.
My husband just shakes his head and walks away.
Hence, the need for the wonderful pen you see in the picture.

It's just like using a normal pen only it's a mouse,
works for me and has for around ten years.
Until yesterday, when it took it's last breath and just wouldn't
click anything.  
So I'm moving in slow motion,
swearing a lot and trying to find a replacement pen
on the internet, which may take a while,
the way I drive that silly mouse.

If you're wondering what on earth WOYWW is,
and you will find desks from all over the world
on this rainy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.


  1. Ooo, lovely art supplies! Much more interesting than clothes shopping! Have fun with them!
    (BTW, I'm right handed but broke my (right) wrist seven years ago. Have used mouse in left hand ever since, and even though I could use right hand if I wanted, have just become very comfortable with using left hand.)
    Happy WOYWW,
    RosA # 11

  2. Woo Hoo my kind of shopper. I can go shopping for clothes and come home naked but when I got for art supplies I need a wagon to drag them in! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #26

  3. Oh you have me in a fit of giggles...have an image of you with your nose on the mouse, trying to make it do what you want it the bright colours...#43

  4. Hope you find a new pen super-quick! I can't use a mouse either, hence I adore my laptop and its wee scroll pad!
    And what goodies to brought home - who wants shoes and bags when you can have brushes and paint!
    Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week :)
    no. 3

  5. Oh wow, I had never given it any thought to the problems "lefties" may have with a mouse... I do love your shopping though - much my preferred kind too, I hate any other kind. Have a good week. Helen 13

  6. Haha haha haha oh Yvonne you made me laugh with your mouse story. I can't say a lot as I'm left handed and blonde ( well at least my highlights are)
    Lynn 67

  7. What a great stash of goodies! That paint's brightness just shines through the rain! Have fun playing! #57 Julie Ann xxx

  8. Hi Vonny
    you really did go art shopping didn't you loving those brushes and my daughter would love them even more.
    I have never seen a pen mouse but can understand how you are feeling without it
    Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #44

  9. Drool at art supply shopping :) our favourite hobby.

    The mouse pen is cool, we are left pawed too but somehow manage a mouse in a convoluted fashion.

    Waving hi from the bears @#71 this week

  10. Hi Vonny - love fresh ink on white paper - always so fresh - good luck with the mouse pen search... Happy WOYWW... Mxx #25

  11. A very creative desk & lovely bright colours . happy woyww Jill #30

  12. Always a good thing to go crafty shopping when the weather is miserable! Love the Dylusion Inks, just started playing with them. Hope you find a new mouse pen soon but you did make me laugh (I am also computer challenged!) Hugs. Pam#26

  13. Rofl @ the mouse story. I was like that at Christmas, when I fractured my right shoulderblade. had my arm in a splint and had to move my mouse to the left side of my desk, I was so not left-handed. 8 weeks made a bit of a difference to that though. Funny thing is, shoulders all healed, mouse is still being used left handed, it felt weird when I tried going back to right handed use. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #36 xxxr

  14. Wow, look at those chubby brushes, how fab are they?? Bet they feel great in the hand...I love the blues and greens you kicked off with, my favourite colour.
    My DH swears by those pens too..he uses his with a graphics tablet, wouldn't use anything else now. Hope you get a new one soon!
    Btw, I don't do normal woman shopping either..I love yarn and fabric pic shops...yum yum x
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  15. I apologise for giggling about the mouse. Hope you find a new pen.
    I love Dylusions too. Have fun.

  16. Oh yes, it's very cool and clever that you went shopping for art supplies on a rainy day. I wish I could have come along with you! The brushes look very professional! And don't give up your mouse training ;) I hope you'll find a new pen very soon!

  17. Isn't it great to play around with inks? :) I love it myself :) Thanks for visiting me! Uniflame - 71

  18. I love new art supplies - my favourite type of shopping too. All these goodies look great and I love those bright inks - very vibrant - I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with all your new bits and bobs. Thanks for stopping by my desk, hope you have a great week.

  19. Aw Von how funny - you have control and mastery of the brush but not the mouse - there's hope for us yet! Hope you get the pen sorted - I know how frustrating it is. Oh y word those ink colours are absolutely lovely.

  20. I LOVE shopping for art supplies too, but mostly have to do it online, because we don't have an art supply store in town. You got some great buys, especially those brushes. Sorry to hear about your pen, but hope you find an even better one soon.

  21. Hi Vonny - R.I.P your trusty pen - I know a bit how you feel - I resurrected my whole laptop from the grave but now most of the punctuation keys are mixed up so I'm having to type shift 2 for @ and Shift 3 for # - heaven knows where the pound sign has gone! If you like colour you will LOVE your Dylusions inks - Bubblegum Pink and Squeezed Orange are my favourite combo. Hope the sun shines and you can get properly arty (raining here too). Thanks for your visit MMx

  22. Vonny, I like how the Dylusions look when applied with a brush -- I'll have to try that! Glad you had fun shopping and that you shared a picture of your goodies with the WOYWW crew. ~ Laura (a/k/a Bookworm) #101

  23. I have never seen a mouse pen--cool! I hope you find a replacement for it. Love all your goodies. Those inks are spandangly and the big brushes look enticing. Have fun!! I hope you get some sun. :)

  24. Vonny, Your artwork is gorgeous! Have fun with your new supplies...they are a lot better than shoes and purses...;)))Your pen mouse is very intriguing! Hope you find a replacement for it since it worked so well for you.

  25. You are too funny, Vonny! I mean, I'm sorry you can't use a mouse in the normal way, but you did write about it in an amusing way. Seriously though, I do hope you find another pen mouse. That would such a nuisance, I wouldn't have the patience to do anything on the computer. Your wonky brain may not let you drive a mouse, but it certainly lets you create brilliant art!! I'm delighted you got all those fun new toys!

    Have a wonderful week! Happy WOYWW! Darnell #61

  26. Wow, what fabulous colours, am looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
    Sorry about the pen dying and the problem you have with a mouse.
    And sorry I am so late - life just got in the way.
    Hugs and thanks for visiting me earlier, Neet xx 27

  27. Hi Vonny, you look like you have some lovely new stash to play with and such a shame about the mouse stick... hope you find a replacement!
    I am amazed at how many woyww-ers there are in Brisbane! Where are you? I am in Tarragindi... in the suburbs south of the CBD. annette#7

  28. Oh Lordy Von...those brushes and paints look amazing! I think your art suppliers must be much better than mine.
    I'm virtually hyperventilating looking at them...which is always a good sign when shopping. You know you've got something special when that happens. ;D

    I had to laugh at your mouse antics...sorry. I just thought what a skill it must be to be able to use both hands and your nose!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend and fun with your new stash...I wish I could pop around to play too :D

  29. you are having a run with the technology thing... and the weather was bloody awful... felt like we were living in melbourne or something... except that it wasn't freezing... now of course we have sun but it is cold... nice for painting though so hope you got some time to work today...xx

  30. Ohhh, you bought dylusions spray ink? I LOVE the bright colors! Do you know they blend with water and all??? Here's a video-tutorial - see the founder (Dyan) in action with the stuff - start looking from approximately 3.00 min.

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and happy ~ much belated ~ woyww to you. Hug from HOlland, Marit #85

  31. Hi Von,

    There is nothing quite like craft shopping! I'd pass on shoes and clothes too!! tee hee.

    The mouse story is so dang funny. I was trying to picture you using both hands and imagine the "tug of war" that must have caused....

    Thank you for visiting me. I can't believe it's Monday and I'm still trying to visit desks....

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (93)


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