Friday, 12 October 2012

Masquerade for APR

This weeks theme for The Artist's Playroom
is masquerade and I have made it 
by the skin of my teeth.

I think in my case the masquerade is that I am a housewife,
my husband says I never do any housework.
It's not that I don't want to do it,
it's just that other more important things keep cropping up,
like art and more art and a bit more art.

I really did have good intentions of doing the housework today
and then the pool was full of leaves (from my neighbours tree, grr)
and I had to clean them out, 
then the nice lady, who I'm doing a pet portrait for rang
and I entered the art room to discuss the portrait and never left.
It's not really my fault.

Of course while I was in here
I decided that I would quickly do something
for APR, that quickly turned into an hour
and now I have to do this post, then it will be school pick up time.

Housework nil, art wins again!!

You'd think my husband would
 hire a house cleaner,
it would make my life easier!

I had intended to make the eyes scary
but they turned out feminine
and then I was going to leave them pencil,
but they were too pale,
so I inked them
but they were too dark,
so I coloured them blue
and that's the end of that!

The school holidays are over
and let's hope
life returns to normal next week.

I can take off my mummy mask
and put on my artist mask,
(notice I didn't say housewife).

Ah, the masquerade.

Well that's me, so why don't you
hop on over to Jen's
and see what the others have done
for masquerade.


  1. I can totally relate to your post! :-) Very beautiful mask you've drawn!

  2. Housework!??!!? Never heard of it Von! ;D

    Wow your mask is fantastic Von...I love the colours and detail.
    As for those eyes...they are incredible!
    I'd like to see the rest of her and her costume now please. :D

    Have fun settling back into the groove next week. ;D

    p.s. I fed your fish (in the sidebar) so that's another job off your chores list! Greedy little buggers aren't they?

  3. Very very beautiful. The eyes are incredible. Bravo!
    Crafting always wins hands down in this house too. It just has to in my book :0)

  4. I think it does have a feminine and eerie quality all at the same time since the drawing has no head. It is kinda like the housewife looking out through the artist mask! lol I love it, and glad to hear that artistry wins out over housework! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. I do housework the same way you do ...when there's nothing else to do (and luckily there's always SOMEthing else to do!) - oh, and when it reaches the point where I really MUST do something, I rope Dan in to help - give him assignments of the stuff I don't like and I do the easy stuff :) Great mask ...hope I can get mine done today....

  6. I am also easily distracted from boring things like housework. ;)
    Love the mask...and the eyes! :)

  7. Housework for me means Gracie's at her Spa Day and I take the Wee Cottage apart and clean it from one end to the other, then put each thing back in its spot. It is very tiny here and I actually live in my studio!! Fortunately Gracie doesn't mind her hair everywhere and I don't feel so compelled to clean as I once did. It's nice for her to have her little day of pampering so I can take it all apart and put it back like new. 300 square feet is just perfect for us...

    Anyhow, I find art wins over just about anything. But this morning I spent several good hours out pulling up all the weeds along the walkway back to the Wee Cottage. Gracie helped and rewarded me by laying happily in the weedless dirt. After I finished I gave her a bath [shower outside] and she spent another hour in the sun drying whilst I scrubbed at the patio. We've had so much rain here and it's yucky out there. I am sore tonight. VERY SORE. But happy, too.

    And, least I forget my purpose here, I love this mask. And the eyes, wow, somewhat scary and then just mysterious. I guess it is too late for me to BE on here and I might just have to call it a day.

    Gorgeous work, Von, really.

  8. Love your mask and it's colors(which are Koi & water colors!) My favorite colors, too. Housework is just not what it is cracked up to be! Although I must say, when it is let go too long, I can't seem to find anything!

  9. So beautiful!! I love the colors you chose..really striking and a magical combo...truly stunning! and the eyes are fabulous! I would totally wear that mask!

  10. Art beats housework any day. Great mask, the colors are striking.


  11. Housework scmousework... who needs it... much more fun to paint the week away... now if only we could move that pesky school pick up back and hour or two... that would be something wouldn't it...xx

  12. thanks for entering sweetie, I know you've been crazy busy so thanks for taking the time. I'm loving those eyes in the mask by the way!

  13. I love your mask, VonnyK. That shade of blue you chose along with the gold look perfect together. Blessings!

  14. Good to hear the art is winning.

  15. This is such a beautiful mask painted in beautiful colors! And I love the colors of your garden pots too!!!! Your blog is a great inspiration! Many thanks!


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