Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Celestial mess for WOYWW

I'm having a spot of bother this week.

I can't seem to drip, drop or splosh
water colour paint around
like I want to.

I wet the paper and wiggled the paint 
around in an attempt to paint
a sort of star nebula
for this weeks APR theme of star gazing/celestial.

I can see it in my head but it won't 
drop out onto the paper,
I even shook my head but it won't come out.

I have a book that shows how to make cute squiggly things
with salt.

Looks easy til you try it.

Not a lot happening here.

 This is where I put the table salt
and this is where it is staying.
The book said let it dry and brush it off,
mine is stuck fast.
Looks really purty when the lights shine on it,
so I might keep it there anyway.


I have sea salt on there now,
goodness knows what will happen when that dries.

Might have to rethink the theme a little
and try something else.

It was fun though.

I did finish my first commissioned pet portrait
this week.  I can't put it on the blog until
the owner picks it up from the store
as she should be the first to see it.

Will show it next week.

Now you've seen the mess I've created,
hop on over to Julia's 
Stamping Ground and see what others
have on their desks,
this WOYWW wednesday.

I hope you noticed that it was short and sweet this week Julia.

It doesn't happen very often!!!


  1. Good luck with your salt - I have read about this technique but not tried it so am unable to offer any advice, useful or otherwise!! Happy WOYWW, Helen, 4

  2. My salt pieces never come out as I expect them too either - still great fun though! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57

  3. Wouldn't it be great if we could shake ideas out of our heads onto the page? We think your page is fab by the way,what a lovely background.

  4. Hi Vonny, Great pictures! I've tried this too, and I had the same results!! Ginny #46

  5. Hi Vonny, whether it worked or not it looks amazing. Love the gorgeous colours you have used too. I love the bit about shaking your head..... if Happy WOYWW, Anne x #41 and thanks for your visit already.

  6. Oooooo, pretty colors, all smooshed around! Too bad about the salt, but experimenting is always fun. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #23

  7. Vonny, If you can find rock or chunky kosher salt, I find they work the best. And the secret is to put it on when the paint/ink is applied. The wetter the ink, the better the salt absorbs it. dani #132

  8. Hi Vonny, your background looks fab, have a great week. Happy WOYWW! Gillian #70

  9. I think it actually looks very pretty!
    One of my recent projects didn't work the way I wanted it to either.
    I used white mist on chipboard snowflakes and then sprinkled on the glitter. I mean the glitter should have stuck to the wet surface right? I am sure I have done it before.
    But all the glitter kept sliding off after it dried.
    Oh well :)

    Can't wait to see your new pet portrait :)
    Mary Jo #115

  10. I haven't gotten the results I want from the salt technique either, I love the colored sea salt after it dries, and figured it would be good to have in one of the small bottles for a project. If you figure it out, let me know! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  11. Isn't it interesting what effect the salt has on the paint? I wonder why that happens? Love the rainbowiness of it all :)
    Hugs, LLJ 56 xx

  12. we used to experiment with salt at school,that seems ages ago
    have a fab woyww
    kay #53

  13. Love the colours you are using and the effect - hope you get it work as you want - thanks for sharing have a good week - Nicky ~49

  14. Well salt technique or not...that is a pretty page so far!

  15. Apparently Sea Salt doesn't work well.You need Rock Salt (not sure why).My dad used it on his silk painting dyes, and it made fabulous patterns!
    Judy #10

  16. It wasn't short and sweet it was short and salty!! Pretty colours though, hope you get it worked out, the technique in the book looks fab. Well done on the pet portrait too, look forward to seeing that next week.

    Brenda 3

  17. Your star nebula is gorgeous - maybe all that is missing is the stars? Some white spots? It's a lovely background, nonetheless!

    Thanks for stopping by.....

    (PS Maybe you guys in Australia can organise your own WOYWW fest?)

  18. I love that sparkly salt effect - we do it on silk paints sometimes. I have seen your latest post too - its stunning. x Jo

  19. I find it is rare to try a new technique and have it come out exactly as planned or even close to what was expected . . . but you almost always get something useful out of it. A background for something else, more knowledge about your supplies . . . The colors are lovely. Happy WOYWW from Laura #153

  20. I have tried the salt technique and had the same thing happen to me. I was told it was because I had too much water and that allowed the salt to melt and fuse. SO...I tried less water and it crumbled off the paper okay but left very little color when it went! I think there has to be a happy medium but I got frustrated and quit! Me bad! I don't handle frustration well! Congrats on the commission! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Glad you stopped by my blog! Vickie #71

  21. Love the finished result of this in the next pretty.
    Hope your parrot makes a good speedy recovery...for your sake as well as his :-)
    A x #62

  22. I love the bright colors and swirls from the salt.
    Saw the pet portrait and it was magnificent! :)

  23. Hi Vonny, I've had a crack at the salt thing with silk and it works a treat, but paper is harder in my experience. Love the bright colours.
    Thanks for your comment - great to hear from you, and I think the next lot of mushies would be good with egg. Got my taste buds around it.
    Ros. #38

  24. Salty experiments look fascinating - haven't tried it, so can't help, but I look forward to more results from the front line! Can't wait to see the finished portrait - I think your pet paintings are just wonderful. Belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  25. You are so brave tackling this salt method. I've never got it to work properly - guess you must have to have the perfect paper and salt?! The colours are fab though. Have a great weekend, hugs Buttons #119

    1. I think the colours are very beautyful! About the salt; I have noticed when I use salt in my paintings, that if I put a lot of pigment in the water the salt gets stuck and don´t melt that much. I seems as if the salt need a lot of water to be able to melt. And each pigment makes the salt melt differently.

  26. Ah ha! The starry nebulous sky's beginning. I still like it. Personally, I can never get the drips, drops, splashes, sprays, and splotches to look like what I see in my head. My head has grandiose ideas that I can't reproduce.

    Thank you for the kind words about my kitty, Fido. He is gone but not forgotten. For one thing, his hair still finds its way up our nose (we always said Fido should be in charge of national defense; he can launch a cat hair up into your nostril from across town, now we now he can do it from the beyond!)


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