Thursday, 25 October 2012

A pair of ballet shoes for APR

I'm in doggy mode at the moment.
I'm half way through a dog portrait 
and I have another waiting to be 
done, so I have to go down my 
drawers to find an old piece of art that can fit
this weeks APR theme of Pairs.

I think I did quite well with this pair of ballet shoes
in oil pastels.


Now a ballet dancer I certainly am not,
nor will ever be.
I am the true meaning of fairy elephant.

I was sporty in my younger days,
playing tennis, squash, volleyball
and roller skating but ladylike
and a delicate ballet type
I was not.

When I jumped for a ball or hit a tennis ball,
my legs would go in all directions and bodyparts
would fly and collect any poor soul who was brave enough to
stand next to me.
Don't get me wrong, I was really good at sport,
I just had (as my PE teacher called it)
a very unusual style.
Which I think meant klutz.

I have a friend who was a professional ballerina.
She was so dainty and still is, then there was me,
arms and legs everywhere.

So I guess the best I can do is draw those ballerina shoes
cos I'm never going to be
a dainty ballerina,
just daggy old me.
And I'm happy with that.

Because I'm a fishy person at heart,
I just had to add one more 'pair'.

A pair of angel fish in water colour pencil.

I'm going back to my doggy painting,
so why no hop on over to Jenn's
and see what other pairs
are there.



  1. OOh, I'm loving your pairs. I always wished I could have toe shoes but alas, not to be. They're sooo puurrrty though, the pink silk. And those angel fish are adorable, makes me smile.
    Much love,

  2. Oh you made my heart skip a beat! I adore those shoes. I adore ballet. Thoroughly enjoyed it as a child and dreamt of being in Swan Lake, but alas, when we moved house there were no classes nearby for me to continue, so my dreams were all I had left. *deep sigh*
    However, your fish make me smile too, and all is right in the world :0) x

  3. No ballerina here either...All elbows and knees, me. Hopeless at all sports too!
    Ah well, that goodness I liked crafts better.
    Your ballerina slippers are just fab.

  4. I was never the sporty type, more likely to have hammer and nails in my hands.
    You have a fabulous talent Yvonne, thank you for sharing it.
    Lynn x

  5. I was booted out of dance class for taking a big red rubber ball and putting it inside my, are you ready, BLOOMERS, and dancing on my bum!!!

    the fishies are wondrous, of course, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see more of your underwater fishies art!!

  6. I lover both your pairs! I was never graceful or sporty. ;) Love fish, though!

  7. Gorgeous!! I love the ballet elegant and the colors are sublime! your fish are fantastic!

  8. Hi VonnyK -- I love pastels and ballet so you've captured my heart. Did you get your message from me, you are one of the winners in the challeges at Morning Dewdrops. Go to
    Share if you like so we can spread the word about BCAM -- Also please see private message and needed info from you. Blessings Terri and congrats

  9. The ballet slippers are perfect, evoke the mood of ballet for me. Of course I love the pair of fish as well.


  10. both drawings are lovely and I am with you on the fairy elephant thing... though fairy might be pushing it a bit... more elephant than fairy... the shoes are really lovely though...xx

  11. Oh, I especially love the fish! I took ballet and thought I wanted to be a prima. My teacher told my mother that i didn't have the figure for it. I am too short and compact, and with a "pair"(hehe)shape!

    I am sorry I am so late to comment this week. I just posted my entry this morning!


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