Friday, 9 December 2011

What's in my Christmas Ball on IA

This weeks challenge on Inspiration Avenue is

What's in your Christmas Ball.

I had a good think about this and then, while drinking a coffee,

I looked up and there was Bubbles

with his light up Christmas tree and light up presents.

Bubbles is Audreys' pet siamese fighting fish and

a very spoilt one at that, I mean how many fish have their own 

Christmas tree.

Getting back to the bauble thing...

I thought of Bubbles in a bauble and so 

here is my Christmas ball

and to show you the real Bubbles ..

Not a great photo but you can see his light up tree and presents.

Hope the weather isn't too bad up in the northern hemisphere, 

ours is getting back to normal

after having the coldest December day in 100 years! 

It went down to 21 here and only 19 in Brisbane,

see my last post.

Don't forget it's summer here.

Have a great week and thanks for visiting

I really appreciate your wonderful comments.

I have to go and play with Audrey now, 

don't you just love school holidays....


  1. I love your fishy bauble - lovely painting and a wonderful quirky idea! Bubbles is beautiful. You weren't joking about him having his own tree were you!?

  2. Beautiful painting--you captured the essence of Bubbles. He is one lucky fishy to have his own tree!

  3. I would be shocked that the fish is so spoilt if I didn't know just how spoilt all the other pets are!!! Great bauble and lovely painting as always... you just get better and better... hope the storms are staying away and that they are letting you peek at your new printer at least !!!

  4. Wow! That fish has it made!
    I think your christmas ball is beautiful♥♥♥

  5. Very cool interpretation of IA theme and hope you have a Happy Holiday.

  6. I love your Christmas ball!!! That definitely is something very different, and that is exactly what I like. Very well done!


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